I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 422 Montage D. Dorag Sa Bo Shang, Dan! (Fourth!)

The land of the warship is within the dungeon.

Dan Dan is in a short time.

In addition to the original navigation, she has never seen anyone, this is a place for a thief, and it is the most important place to sleep, and I don't know where these people want to send her. .

"Ms. Dan."

Shangji opened the key to open the key, whispered: "The other two adults on the boat I put on the supplies on the ship, I have asked you to take a ship."

After that, after I finished, I went to the eyes of Dan Dan, whispered: "When we leave their sight after the boat, I will sneak you, because I promised the Luffy and Maceno boss."

"Is it a friend of the boy and Macano?"

After the heart of Dan Dan, I quickly asked: "What do you do after I leave? Do you not pay attention to your guy? Although I am a thief, I am very clear that the rules of the hundred pirates are clear. "

"it's OK."

Shangji shook his head and whispered: "Originally, they wanted to reach Ms. Dan to exchange the bounty, but recently the Navy suddenly burst into the Baroque Tourism, they didn't dare to take risks, I plan to kill you in these days ... "


The eyes of Dan Dan suddenly beaten.

At the last navigation, she looked at her frightened expression, and quickly stunned her emotion: "Anyway, your bounty is only 7.8 million peel, which has no threat to the Baroque Total.

Even if you ran away, it doesn't matter. I can say that I have killed you or yourself, they should not pay attention to this problem. "

After that, after I finished, I gradually relax again, and I was so loudly, and I went to the way: "After a while, I will not show any flaws. After we leave, you will find a way to return the windmill ..."


The face of Dan Dan flashed a touch, she smeared: "Lu Fei's feather kid is really a good friend!"

Shangyuan Nai's face revealed a touch and good smile: "No, it should be said that I am grateful to him, it is he let me wake up ..."

this moment…

Shangyuan Nai is like a person.

No matter who is picking out something.

at dusk.

Inside the moon village.

A big ship hanging on the faucet parked on the pier.

A personal shadow quickly rushed to handle food, and these people were revolutionary, they had to move well before night, and then waited until the sky left here.

When they saw a warship, the face was shocked, and some people rushed to a road to Yueyue Village and reported to their leaders.

They are revolutionary army, determine the existence of the world government, the Navy is the first dog leg of the world government, and the two are definitely incompatible!

At the time of these revolutionary soldiers, it was found that the people in this warship did not seem to be a navy. He was just a young woman and a long-awaited woman. There is also a fierce fish and a good life on board. woman.

"That is the people of the Baroque"! "

The team of the revolutionary army suddenly turned out.

As long as you pay attention to the news of the sea, you will not pay attention to this situation. They will soon recognize the original navigas, the mortar ghosts and Nici Robin!

"Mr. Shangyuan, you don't seem to have to prepare the material!"

The mortal ghost stands on the ship's bow, looking down on the faucet big boat, grinning: "We grabbed this boat ... Not good?"

"Mr. Ghost, let me see it!"

Shangyuan Na's face flashed a slightly hesitation, he shaken his head: "Maybe some drinks on board, this boat looks just a general fortune ship ..."

"Then let's go first!"

The roof ghosts nodded, looked at the original Needle and Date walked away, waving the muscles in the hand jumped on the leading big boat, showing your full shark!

"Hey, we are the agent of the Baroque Tourism, now put all the materials on your boat to our boat!"

This scene is staged in accordance with the expected, a Baroque Try Anti-robbery is officially started!

Nicole Robin looked at this scene, sighed in a sigh, in accordance with the current situation, Crowd Darie really can have a place?


Revolutionary army ...

Powerful one ...

Baroque Total is full of death!

This is the original naval, is it really wanting to live a life of Klockdal?

Frost moon village road.

Shangjan has been in the face of two people, and the two people wearing a cloak, and wearing a hood on the head. It is rushing to the revolutionary army of the port.

Monchi D · Dorag, Seventeen Sa Bo.

Because Sa Bo is seventeen, Dorag as a teacher of Saab, decided to let him start to contact the revolutionary thing, which naturally includes the grain transport station of Yueyue Village.

"and many more!"

Shangqi Nai Lu stretched them, whispered to ask: "Do you have a person in the village? When will this village have a sea boat to the Kingdom of Colia?"

"we are not…"

After Sa Bo explained a sentence, he seems to have reacted it, and smashed his forehead low voice: "Wait ... Coagan kingdom ... this place ..."

Because of a disaster, Sa Bo lost.

Now I suddenly hear a familiar place name, and Saab's head is a bit faint.

"If you can't think of it, don't think about it."

Dorage pressed the head of Sa Bo, and after the whisper appeaseed with Sa Bo, his eyes passed through the original navigation, staying in the body of Dan: "Is it a Dan Dan, Gorbury, Gola ? "

Dorag is the existence of Dan Dan.

Alternatively, Dorag is unilaterally met.

Because Montage D · Dorag is the father of Munqi D · Luffy, naturally, I also know that Dan Dan is the mother of Lu Fei, this looks at the people who grew up by Lu Fei.

"you know me?"

Dan Dan's face was vigilant.

People who generally know her are for the 7.8 million Penel!

The Shangqi Na's face was also vigilant, he screamed: "We are the people of the Baroque Tourism ... Don't provoke people don't provoke!"

"I didn't mean that."

Dorage shakes his head, and there is a smile in his mouth: "I just heard you, and our boat often travels from this sea area, just take a brother of the windmill village in the Koagan Kingdom, maybe it can take you a way "

"Do you go to the windmill village?"

At the last time, I watched an eye, and my face revealed a lot. "Hey? If this is the case, Date can directly see Lu Fei and the Margo boss, remember to bring me to help them ..."

"Your guy!"

The forehead of Dan Dan couldn't help but jumped, Shen Sheng said: "Don't be infected by Lu Fei, you will be infected with others ... I doubt that he is for a reward ... I am a thief who is hidden for many years ..."

To be honest, Date is not believed.

After all, someone suddenly told you that they just want to go to your destination, and by the way, you can take you, how do you want to be a liar!

Dorage opened his hand, whispered: "Sorry, I can guarantee that I will definitely don't deceive you. If it is for reward, I should take this Mr. Nairo ..."

"Mr. Dora ..."

Next to Sa Bo in the headache, I slowly looked up and looked at Date. His face didn't even suffer: "I remembered, Munqi D · Lufei ... Maceno sister ... Dan Dan ... ... Windmill Village ... Gorbill Mountain ... "

Because no one has mentioned these in front of Sa Bo.

Even if it is Dorag, it is rarely mentioned his son and family before the part, after all, their identity is embarrassing.

Today, Sa Bo still heard the familiar names for many years, and he finally gradually recalling things that occurred in the past.

Saab's eyes were watching Date, and the face gradually revealed, and there were more people in the eyes, and his body suddenly rushed into the arms of Date!

"Dan Dan ... I am Sa Bo!"


Dad Dan bowed to Saab, her face still did not dare to confuse: "The little ghost that smashed ... Sa Bo ... Are you dead?"

"I was saved by Mr. Dorage."

Sa Bo slowly released Dan Dan, and smiled and asked: "Sorry, because he has lost his memory until he heard the name of Lu Fei and Maceno, we also agreed to find onePiece. Maceno sister! "

"Hey Hey hey…"

Dan Dan couldn't hold his head, full of face: "You don't eat less in my family! Why is only given Macino ..."

If it is Lu Fei and Ece, they will definitely refute, because the food of Dan Dan is able to improve the prey.

But Sa Bo will not.

He now becomes more and more polite.

When Saab's face was slightly embarrassed, Dad suddenly hugged Sa Bo, tears slowly flowed back: "Little ghost, you still live well ... If Lu Fei and Ece, they know, will definitely be happy. "


Sa Bo has nodded slowly, and the sound is also a little caught in the joy: "I am also very happy, I can still see them."

Just two times they recognize.

Dan Dan is introduced to the original navigation, and he emphasizes Sa Bo: "Shangyuan is a friend of Lu Fei. Fortunately, he saved me is a good person hidden in the evil crime of the Baroque Take the evil crime."

"Thank you for your original."

After Sa Bo smiled, he continued to talk to the Luffy on Luffy and Judan, just concealed himself to join the revolutionary army.

When they are talking about them.

The atmosphere between Shangyuan Needle and Dorag is slightly embarrassed.

Munqi D · Dorag looks at the original navigation, and there is a smile in the mouth: "It's really interesting. I heard that the Baroque Job Railing the Windmill Village, it seems that you took the time. Women want to secretly change the gold? "

Shangyuan Nair is slow, whispered: "Our company has regulations, caught the people with rewards to find ways to reward, avoid waste ..."

The Dorage is looking at the original navigation, continuing to open: "But now the sea is tight, the Baroque Tourism has been encircled by the Navy, and the risk of the bounty is too big. Should you plan to kill the Ms. Date?"


The expression of Shangyuan Nae has changed.

Shangyuan slowly lifted his head and looked at Dorag. It flashed a disturbance in his eyes: "How can you know our thoughts ... Who is it ...?"

"I am just an ordinary person."

Dorag's eyes are still a smile, but the sound is gradually a confusion: "Mr. Shangyuan put the Ms. Dan, but it is a kind person! Why is a kind person to stay in Baroque Total? Crime company ... "


Shangyuan Na will be silent.