I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 426, Mr. Dofun, Surprise?

"Before you inform him, I will see him in private!"

Shangji is unhappy to continue to open: "If it is ran to see him, there is no one to have a rider, at least let him know me first!"

"Is it a boring prank?"

The corners look at the phone hanging in the hand.

In accordance with the situation of the original navigation, the Shangyuan should be a small person to see the Duran Ming Ge, feel the arrogant attitude of the Francience ...

Then expose your true identity, with Duran Ming Ge's reason for yourself enough, this kind of thing is so interesting?

Isn't this bully?

For this leader, the corner is still aware of some, if you are not very happy, it means that he is very unhappy.

Because I am not happy ...

Randomly extract a king's seven Wuhai play?

In the corner, it seems that the luck today is not very good today.


During the Francience, he thinks it is good.

Perhaps because of the previously learned from Unecheo, his luck came back, and the business began to gradually get better.

Arms business is not bad.

Drescent is also reconstructed in stability.

Justucto Franmino is sitting in the pool, looking at the news on the sea, especially the recent heart is a strong Baroque, I can't help but use a trace of interest.

Just at this time, someone came to tell the staff of the Baroque Workshop to see him, a hundred thief who rewards 60 million Bailei.

"Is a little role also want to see me?"

Dofontech couldn't help but laughed, let him send him out: "This little role can't do the master, at least let the deputy chief of the Baroque Total, Nicole Robin and Let me talk! "

Dofran Ming brothers understand that it is a business.

After all, the Baroque Tourism has been so big, it is certainly impossible to only have three two kittens, should still be a business of arms.

This kind of business is naturally a person who is looking for the same level.


When the person who came to report it, his expression suddenly became a bit down: "The guy is cheating Baby5 money, Baby5's idiot woman is also in the same, the people who are working with the family will borrow money!"


After a second after a second, Dofonteo has slowly lifted his head: "Where is the person, take him with him to see me!"

After you have seen it ...

He kills the guy who deceives Baby5!

Baby5 is the maid and killer of Don Quixote family.

Because this woman has received the psychological trauma abandoned by her family, she has become a desire for useful, and people needed by others.

Even if it was adopted by the Quixote family, her mental trauma was not cured, but it was more and more serious, and she won't refuse to decline whether others marriage or borrowing money.


Baby5, Baby5 came to Baby5, who owed tens of millions of Bailei's debts, and she was married by many slag men, more than a few fiance, of course, these fiancers were killed by Duran Mingo helped her.

to be frank…

Baby5 has been doing the work in these years, which is not to reach the pile of Francience to help her, and the Francium can only be a heart-tired old father, regarding Baby5 as an idiot daughter.

If it is someone else, it is estimated that it has been greatly unloaded.

However, Baby5 is a family of Quixote's family, and is also a core member of Don Quixote family. It is also seen by Duran Mingge to look at his own relatives.

This is also fortunate that Dogran Mingge strength is strong enough to earn money, can you always raise Baby5 this defeated place ...

Front of the Drazs Rosa King Palace.

The Shangyuan Na is arrived here through the unlimited transmission of destiny, just seeks Duran Ming Ge with the identity of the Baroque Try, I want to see the arrogant attitude of Duran Ming Ge, so I can find a suitable for a while. The reason for hit him.

Just just arrived here, I just met the heterogeneous of Baby5, Quixote's family, and the original Nairou simply took some money here.


Baby5 wearing red maid, after the Don Quixote family borrowed a circle, the money in the hand wandered in front of the original Needle: "Only Bavaro lend me, but his minus money is only Tens of thousands of Bailei ... "

Because Bavaro is Baby5 from a small growing friend.

Others know that Baby5 is bonded, and it is all borrowed by her, and only the friends who are still in Bavaro is still willing to borrow him.

"Hey, I feel that I have a little sin in my heart!"

Shang Nai was shot and shook his head and sighed, reached out to Baby5 hand in the hands of the pockets, whispered to the mouth: "I still need someone to take me to see Dofun, Can you take me to see him? "

"Can you? Do you really need me?"

Baby5 has a nodded, pulling the original Nairi's palm into the Drazsa King Palace. When he met the guards to block, her legs turned into a robot, and she fate. Go out.

It's really violent!

Shangyuan Nai couldn't help but remembered the Petion of Shurandao.

To be honest, Shangyuan Na will not help but have a little sympathetic Franmin, after all, the companion of this enemy, I don't reliably.

Perhaps only in a small number of cases, Baby5 is actually very reliable, but unfortunately, her strength is not strong enough.

Drazs Royal Palace.

On the edge of a luxurious pool, this is the first construction completed when the King Palace of Dresros, because During the Franmino likes it.

As a demon fruit power, Dofonteo can't go to the water, he just likes to sit on the swimming pool, and then look at a group of beautiful women play in the pool ...

This life is really sin.

When Shangyuan Na is coming in, I feel that my life has a born. In theory, everyone is a black hand behind, why is the life of his and Dofran Mingge so big?

Look at the Dolomy's Dark World's Dark Big Big Big Did, there is a princess girl Loli everywhere, every day, how do you not do anything about Duran Mingge, and people will make him not Money account!

Shangyuan Needan and thought about his days, and there was a group of people who had a person who had a person, the money on the hand relied on the beauty, deceiving Maceno and others ...

It looks like it's a lot ...

Mom, it's just that people think about it!

Shangyuan Na's fingers can't stand it, how can Dofran Mingo live more than him?

" ..."

When Dogran Ming Ge came in, his mouth couldn't help it, showing a smile.

Because Dofonteo is very concerned about the news of the big sea, naturally understand the original navigation, the rewards arrived at 60 million, one has been followed by the Baroque Deputy Society, Robin, the small pirates, who kills It doesn't matter ...

"The Baroque Total has been active in the first half of the great route."

Dofran Mingge grinned, slowly, and his legs were ridiculous: "There should never be anything between us."

"Maybe there will be it later."

Shangji opened his palm to open his palm, and explained in calmly: "I represented the President of our Baroque Tourism, come to invite Mr. Draming Brother to participate in the king of the fishman is is very flat ! "


Dofran Mingge's brow shook slightly, his face returned to the smile: " ... then you have a mistake, the same is one of the seven Wuhai, very flat, but my colleague and friends what!"

"Can add money."

Shangyuan Needs to speak some straightforward.

How much is added ... "

Dofontech interrupted his own words.

This big night's nightfork, I can't help but shake, I just feel that I am in a good place!

What is added!

Add a ghost money!

This is called the original naval small pirates, is it unrequited things, can the king's Qi Wuhai can solve it with add money?

What's more, Dofonte brothers have received news, and the Navy's Marshal wants to take the opportunity to defeat Sasuke, and let the title of Qi Wuhai, and fortunately this proposal is rejected by the World Government ...

This time is really less suitable for trouble.

However, the original Na will look at the Francumbi, a sentence, let Don Mingo's dangerous merits: "A traitor of the Quixote family ... Is this enough?"


Dofontech has grown his wine glass with hard work.

Shangqi Nairou slowly opened, full of lingering is just Zhangkou: "We have recently found a trace of surgical fruit power, originally want to pull him to join Baroque Takes a job ...

But later, I found that he was a traitor of the Quixote family. As long as Mr. Duran Ming Ge promised the league, we will send the traitor to your face! "


Dofran Ming brother slammed the cup and nodded slowly, Shen Sheng: "As long as you are willing to send the traitor, I will promise your request!"

The Baroque Try does not look at a good allies, and privately can be colluded, and it must not be revealed in it ...

The most important thing, or the traitor!

No, or is the surgical fruit capability of the traitor!

That is the fruit that gives people eternal life, I didn't expect the Baroque to find this news. This job is really a bit meant!

" ..."

The smile on the Francam's face suddenly retrafigured, and he raised his woman with a woman who he handed a glass of wine, looked at the original navigation: "Look at you, bring me a good news. On this time I don't kill you ... "

Dofonteo also raised his hands in his hands, slowly drinked, smiled: "I wish our two cooperation ..."

"Happy cooperation."

Shangyuan never smiles his eyes.

After the end of their negotiation, I arrived at the King Palace of Drazs Lasa, and the smile in the mouth of Duran Ming brothers did not disappear.


Eternal life is waving to him!

As long as the Baroque Total sent the traitor who took the surgical fruit, he could get an unprecedented eternal life!

Just at this time, the voice of the phone interrupted the delusion of Duran Mingge, so that his expression was boring.

Because people who come to the phone are corners.

"Du Francumbi, that person wants to see you ... pick a suitable place!"

" ..."

Perhaps because of the possibility of eternal life, the laughter of Dofran Mingge is a little arrogant. He smiled and said: "The big man will take the initiative to see me? I thought I would let me visit him like this!" "

This sounds some ironic.

"He won't care too much about these stupid rituals."

The corner ignores the Zhangcourse of Duran Mingge, the open mouth: "Pick a time today, and a hidden location."

" ..."

The laughter of Dofran Mingge is still a bit arrogant: "Today, I have to see me? But I am in a good mood today, what time does it seem to smoke?"

Because today I saw a member of the Baroque Total, I just reached a deal of the transaction, and even more powerful allies, Dofonteo was still very happy.

"It is best not to violate his will."

The sound of the corner is still indifferent, but there are more warnings: "Yuxi Bozuo helps the kind of little devil dares to violate his will ..."

After mentioning the name of Unecho Sasuke, Dofontech is silent for a while, apparent that the lesson is really profound.

Dofran Ming Ge thought for a while, whispered: "Time will be on an hour, the small islands, I, I am looking forward to seeing the big figure!"

after an hour.

Draza in the desert island in the sea outside Drescent.

Dofonteo involved the white clouds of the sky with their own line, flying to the island, and his heart faintly.

Some expectations ...

One side is a little nervous ...

And this person suddenly came to see him after he just got the capacity of the surgical fruit power, would it be the opportunity to win his eternal life?

A person who can make the monsters like Suzhi Sasuo, even even the thoughts have not, one behind the scenes ... Can he have the opportunity to fight his will?

"526,800 Bailer ..."

"526,900 Peil ..."

After the Franmino just stepped on this island, I found that when I met the location, he suddenly heard a number of voices.

This voice is a bit familiar ...

He seems to have just seen it?

The little pirate of the Baroque Takeshop!

The little pirate called Shang Nai, is not a mentally disabled. There are hundreds of thousands of Bailei in the district, and this matter will not anger that big man?

"Hey, Dofunan ..."

Just when the Franmin brother is still suspicious, he heard the voice of the original Needle: "Your guy is too harsh!"

I actually defrauded from 526,900 Pelile from your part. Not as good as a small village in the East China Sea! "