I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 427 He is very unhustered, and it is honest.

The expression is cloudy in the Dragonfly.

First of all, the first impression is impossible to be the big man, this deceived the shameless villain of Baby5, how can it be the level of character?

This baby is cheated with the money of the baby, because it is too small to cheat, but it is still very embarrassed to blank him in the opponent!

Is this guy talking about people?

But the original Na Ruo, this guy discovered his trail when he had just landed, and even his attitude was slightly confident. It seems that it will not fear him at all ...

Some of the gods of Dofran Mingge, I found the position of the original Nairo along the voice, this guy is holding hundreds of thousands of Peliler's pockets.

Just like this ...

No matter what thinking, isn't it the behind-the-scenes?

Dofontech hugged the last hope, asked the sound: "Shangyuan Na, how can you here?"


Shangyuan Nai can't hold up the head and looked at the Francumbi, smiling his eyes: "Do Francine, isn't you choose the meeting place?"

Shangji opened his palm, smiling and continued: "It seems that you look at me now?"


Du Francang is not very good.

This is not nonsense!

Even if he now seen is a certain person in the World Government, or the Navy's Marshal Warring States, or even the harvested the navy old head can also accept it ...

Why is it a small one?

However, this is also normal.

Even the faucet boss of his underground world imagine people, others naturally can't think of this people who can let Unecheo Sasuo, which will be a big sea for only 60 million drills!

This guy is so deep.

Perhaps because they have just seen different identities, the tension in the heart of Dograno is relaxing, looking at the original grin: " ... is a bad person, even Baby5 The money of the idiots must be cheated ... "

To be honest, the performance of this guy is the performance of this guy ...

It is really difficult to let Duran Ming brothers rise awe.

This guy does not have a half-point power, it seems that there is nothing difference with the small pirates, and even feeling not as good as the pirate!

Dofran Ming brother looked at the original navigation, the face suddenly went down: "Wait, Shangyuan Na, just as you can see me with the Item of the Baroque Tourism, saying that the traitor who stolented the surgical fruit is Lifen me? "

"Yeah, it is going to play you ..."

"Blend ..."

Do Francience can't help but hurt.

Just now, he is very happy when he knows that the performance of the surgical fruits is, but now it is suddenly told that everything is playing!

An unnamed anger appears in the heart of Dofrang Mingge!

It was actually played!

"It seems that you haven't figured out the situation ..."

Shangyuan Nai fails to shoot his forehead, reached his palm toward Duran Mingge, and a gravitation suddenly broke out from his palm!

This gravity makes the Francience face!

Because when he fights with Unecho, he felt this inexplicable gravitation, it originally thought that it was the fruit ability of Sasuke, did not expect to continue to come to the original navar?

This gravitation is stronger than the extraction of Unechebra!

Dofontech almost instantly didn't have the power of the hand, it was directly suiled to the original navigation, and the tall body did not come to the reaction, and the land was falling on the ground!

Even so, Dofran Ming Ge is still sucking to the top of the Shangliang, and the throat of the deadly position is also tightly buckled by Shangyuan Na.


Duran Mingge's heart giant earthquake!

At this moment, the original navigation movement is too fast. He didn't even have time to resist it directly to the original navigation!

Do not…

Or, even if there is no effect even in resistance.

Dofran Ming Ge struggled to lift his head and looked at the original navigation. He saw a pair of eyes in his eyes in the original Nairi, which was seen in the eyes of Sasuke!

That double eyes ...

The eyes of the eyes and the Emperor Sasuke that have been seen have look like, only a subtle difference, but the ability should be the same!

This guy and Yisi Bozuo are the same kind!

No, or say that he must be more powerful than Yuxi Bo.

At this moment, Dofran Mingge is completely clear, and this person is a person who can easily kill him. It is not that reward only 60 million liar!

Shangyuan Nair squinted, his smile looks still and is good: "But your courage is indeed, I thought you would see me with your body ... I will see me with my own body, I am not afraid that I will kill. You?"

" ..."

The mouth of the Franminber's mouth, revealing a smile: "It seems that you also have the same ability to help Uz Zuozuo ... Is it in front of you, what is the difference with your own?"

"Still distinguish."

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, smiled and said: "At least you take the initiative to send dead, don't you avoid Drazs Rosa to be destroyed by me?"

The smile of Dofonteo is still not changed: " ... If you have to kill me ... I have long to let Unechebao help the monster? In your opinion, we must have a value of cooperation. "

A golden is falling on the Branding brother!

Next moment, Dofonteo heard a sound, this sound seems to be sent from his neck, but how can there be a sound in the neck?

The awareness of Dofran Mingge is gray down.

Before dying, there was only one thought, that is, this guy actually killed him!

Eat, big idea!

This is also a can't be a day!

Shangyuan Na Rou reversed Dofran Ming's neck, sat on the ground and smashed his head, looked at Jin Guang gradually incorporated into the vivo.

That is the resurrection of time backward.

After a few seconds.

Dofran Mingge returned, his first thing is to twisted his neck of some pain, and it seems to have some psychological shadows.

"this is…"

Dofonteo couldn't help but stroked his heart, knead his neck: "What is the situation?"

"Nothing ..."

Shangnai, I went to see a Du Francumbi, slowly opened: "Just just twisted your neck, the way, and then resurrected you."

"Hey ... You think I will believe ..."

Dofonteo flashed a smile in an instant.

Next, Dofontech suddenly saw the palm of the original Needle, grabbed his throat, and this scene is like once!

"and many more…"

The Francium's fingers hurriedly released a raw wire, trying to block the palm of the original navigation!

It is just that the original neighborhood has suddenly appeared a circular wind blade, and the three-way brother's silk thread is cut into pieces!

The Dofran Mingge's hand suddenly wounds a group of armed colors, and he must seize the arm of the original naval, no matter how late, it is late!

"How could be so fast ..."

The vast eyes of Dofran Ming brothers flashed a horror, his eyes clearly saw the movement of the original Nairi, seeing the color of the hegemony, heard the action!

But I can't keep up with his speed!

Shangji retort quietly twisted his wrist, laughing and opening: "I want to kill you, simpler than killing an ant ..."

It is a familiar sound.

Dofonte brother only felt that his neck came from huge pain, and the consciousness of the whole person was reset into the darkness.


Is it really dead?


His consciousness is reunited.

The feeling of the neck is reversed is really very clear. His death is true, and the Franmino finally caught silence.

After a long time.

Dofran Mingcho slowly sat up, looked at the original navigation, the green gluten riped on the forehead: "Your ability ... Is it a life? Don't ... is your ability to make people from death Does resurrection? "

"Everyone is the same when everyone sees this ability."

Shangji opened his palm, whispered: "Even if you are not exception, ... Domery ... Let me guess who you want to resurrected? Should you kill your brother and father Let's ... is your mother? "


During the Franmino fell into silence.

If you have a chance to die, no matter who you can't think about those people who died in the past!

Next, Dofran Ming brother's face was relentless, he quickly shook his head, flashing on his face: "No, this is full of garbage world ... I just be a little curious, I thought that eternal is enough I didn't expect this to have this ability in the world ... "

"This ability is not used."

Shangqi Needan to put a hand, whispering said: "It's just that I use to get someone's means, let them repeatedly reincarnate between life and death until they completely yield ..."

Shangyuan Nai was arguing, a seagull fell over his hand, a golden light falling on the seagull, and the original Needle and twisted the neck of the seagull.

Dofonteo's eyes stared at the seagull, looked away after watching it, and his eyes became gloomy ...

Does this guy really really?

Let a person who is not willing to succumb to him in a birth and death.

The fear and relief of the kind of death, the consciousness suddenly fell into a dark feeling, who could withstand this torture.

In addition, there is this person's power ...

Dofonteo's eyes slowly looked at Shangnai, this guy suddenly killed him twice as if it was as easy as killing chickens, it was at all in the power.

Upper Naidu is just a simple and rude body rolling ... plus the resurrection capability of this guy.

This person is not described in the words of monsters ...

If you really have described the vocabulary of the original navigation ...


Then can it be God?

Just at this time, the conch in the Shangyuan Nairou rang, this is the corner, and the corner seems to be good for the Sofrang Mingge.

This phone is actually pleasing.

"Hey, I saw him."

Shangqi Lu Lu laughed and connected his own phone, and laughed: "Yes, Dofran Ming Ge this guy is very unbelievable. After playing, it is honest ..."