I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 429, New World Walnut One Pirates

Shangyuan Na Ruo and Dofontech are really smelling.

It is said that I have been learning for three years. I am a three-minute, arguing that the black hands behind the scenes and the conspiracy are all in common languages.

Shangyuan Na Ruo once blinded a thousand years behind the scene, arguing with actors, and how to manipulate others, and there are many pot techniques ...

These let Duran Ming brothers benefited a lot.

"Don't always do bad people."

Shang Nai, I'm unhappy, I didn't think of my experience: "When you do an extremely evil person on the surface, you must let others discover your body's brilliance, let them think you can save ..."

" ... Interesting and interesting."

Dofran Mingcho nodded slowly, smiled and continued: "But I am deep in the dark world, no matter how it seems to be difficult, will you let others believe that I still saved people?"

"That picks up a person suitable for the cooker!"

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai slightly moved slightly, whispered: "You now have trade contacts with the four emperor! Then I want to blame all evil to Thara, create a victim image for myself ..."

When Shangyuan Na, he said, slowly opened: "Thaedo is four emperors, no matter how many black pots on the guy, he will not care, and the guy will not refute the view of his view ..."


Dofontech todped slowly.

After the biggest king of this power joined the organization, the palm of Shangyuan Nairi was completely deep into the new world, and he can use him to implement his own plan.

If you use a chanmonic ghost to use the mortal ghost, you can replace the moon Moria Millia. In this way, the king will have three positions ...

Shang Nai is looking at the sea, and I touched my own chin. I don't know if the guy sneaked into the white beard.

After all, someone there is ended after the end of Mr. Clockdal, becomes him next boss.

This is a seamless connection.

The great route, the new world.

The Hei Piece is obviously negative.

This time they have not arrived in the sea area of ​​the White Beard, but broke into the sea area of ​​the Red Hair, Potkas D. Esfia to visit the Red Hair, thanks to Xiangke Rescue The kindness of Lufei.

Only, their pirates may not be quite the same. Two may break through the super new star at any time, almost rushing straight into the new world ...

Anyway, it is like challenged the four emperors of the redhead!

"Super new people want to challenge me?"

When the red-haired incense, he suddenly slammed a smooth smile on his face: "Hahahahaha ... Finally, some people have to challenge my position, the big sea can never have such a terrible newcomer ""

"The captain is caught down!"

"Hahahaha ... The captain's name is too small!"

"Let me see it!"

Red-haired One Pirates, Bake Bakeman installed his own gun, his face is not as happy as a companion, Gu since its opening: "Huanghuo is almost solved by them, the black peach thief group is not Can you watch the characters! "

"Well, um ..."

Red-haired incense is a nodded, laughing and continuing: "But we can't be too rude! That is a super newcomer who has never been seen in the sea, Beckman, let's see it!"

"As the captain, at least wait until the end!"

Ben Bakeman took a smoke and opened his mouth and said: "You are waiting here, I will bring them to see you!"

After that, Ben Bakeman got a few cadres, he left their base. He had an absolute self-confidence to play the pihydramid group in the palm.

As a in the new world, Ben Bakeman is a person known as the strength, but there are still more than many people in the world.

Just a few days.

The black peach pirates are inexplicably in the process of looking for red-haired Xiangks, and gradually falls into the lift of the Red Hair, which is completely surrounded by a group of strong enemies.

Ben Becman is not wrong.

There is no one in the Black Piece, and the whole black peach rumor is surrounded by Ben Bakeman.

Potkas D · Ais was sitting on the island, looking at the pirates surrounded by all directions: "Hey, we just want to visit the incense ..."

"Little Ghost."

A high voice interrupted his thoughts: "If you want to see our captain, then you will be bored!"

"it is good…"

"To shut up!"

Yuxio Sasuke interrupts his own captain, and the voice of the voice: "We first defeated this group of guys, grabbing their cadres, directly igniting the reddam!"


Es didn't scratched his head and hurriedly grabbed the talents of Unechebra: "Sasuke ... etc., Etc. ... Xiangke is the savior of Lufei!"

Es stretched with his hat and smiled and laughed: "If we do this, the road flying activates will definitely be sad ... As long as we go see, I believe this misunderstanding will be unsalained!"

"Do not make jokes!"

Yuxi Bo sang shook his head, Shen Sheng: "You can be the captain of the Hei Piece, how can we get from the enemy! After we break away here, see that incense to solve this misunderstanding!"

have to say.

Ben Becman's plan did not have a mistake.

The only place where the error occurs is the strength of Unecheo Sasuke, facing the powerful powerful, and the ghosts of Unechebra, other pirates can't insert.

The deputy captain of the Hei Taohai Tissteo and the vice minister of the Red-haired One Piece was fierce. After the Ben Ben, Ben Bakeman, the red-haired vice president, finally defeated the birth by Unechebra.

This is ...



Es looked at the captive caught by Unezo Sasuo, seriously rushed to Ben Bakeman's apology: "I just went through the red-haired pirate site, I want to say hello to Xiangks, because he is me The savior of your younger brother ... "


Ben Bakeman is weak and weak.

After I heard Aies, Ben Becman's expression was even more weak: "Well? Are you a brother of Lu Fei?"


Es didn't score the back of his back, whispered: "For today, I have known etiquette with Magno sister ..."


This person also mentioned Maceno.

Whether it is Magno or Lufei, it is the most leisurely free time of their red-haired pirates.

Ben Bakeman silently, open the mouth: "Then please take out the phone in my pocket first, I want to make a call to Xiangke ... Solver incense."


Esfort helped his forehead, whispered to apologize: "It's really sorry, my vice minister thought you were going to die ..."

"He didn't miss it."

Bakeman shakes his head and looked at Es to make the phone into his hand, and the sound continued: "No matter what to say, the two trend fierce super newcomers, how to look like it is to hit the four emperors. Can you give me a smoke? "

"Ok, Ok."

Es made him a smoke and even helped him.

After the phone worms, the sound of Xiangks worried immediately: "Hey, Becman, you are fine!"

"It's okay, this is a misunderstanding."

Ben Bakeman smokes a smoke, and the expression is a bit complex: "The Human Piece's captain Portcass D · Es is the brother of Lu Fei, he just greeted you with you ... "

"Lu Fei's brother is so powerful?"

"His deputy captain is more powerful than your deputy captain."

"Don't say this!"

The voice of red-haired Xiangks suddenly suddenly smiled: "This is not bad! Hahahaha ... In the future, the Jesus Jesus will not only joke, but we will jokes. We are two, you but you can The best vice president of the world! "

Just when they play in the cabin.

Yischo Sasuke also liaped with the original navigation outside, because worried was found, he used the reincarnation of contact.

"Shangyuan Needle, a little problem, in short, we should soon will soon meet with the red-haired incense."

"It's really envious of you!"

Shangyuan Na is rushing back to Alabastein, by the way to punch the card in various attractions, after he heard the words, I can't help but reveal the envy: "If you don't move, you can contact the four emperors, I can only bully a few seven Wuhai ... "

After that, after the end of the original Needle: "That trial this four emperor attitude! See if this guy does not know the status of Potkas D · Es, no, it should be said Corgon D · Es ... "

When Shangyuan Nai said here, I couldn't help but continue to laugh: "What is the strength of the pirates after the new world? Sasuke, do you think I have that opportunity? Do you want a One Piece?"


Yischi Saso helped to pick up his eyebrows, using Chakra Mo to send his own message back: "I think you are more suitable for the behind-the-scenes black hand, the One Piece is here, let Alz come here!"

"I is impossible to become a pirate."

Shang Nai is unreasonably refuteed to Yiszo Sasuke: "This life is always living in the shadow of Corgon D. Roger, unless Ais is able to find the meaning of ourselves ..."

After Shangyuan Na, he stepped here, and continued: "But it is not used, because he is a chess piece that has been arranged by me!

To be honest, I'm really worried.

Now Potkas D. Ece has Uneers, this almightile vice captain, will not really

Therefore, before the cutting contact, the last navis reminded Yu Zhibo Sasuke: "Sasuke, don't forget that I sent you to the original intention of the Zhugaohai."

Shangqi Lu suddenly laughed out, his laughter was a bit gentle: "Don't let Potkas D · Es will go wrong with him, if his direction is out of control, you should know that he will What fate is facing? "


Yizhi Bozuo will help.

Do you still be a person?