I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 430 The guy of the red-haired haired is always so annoying!

Red-haired pirates.

Red-haired Xiangks took his own driving Red Fos to meet with Portcass D. Es, and then came back to his pace.

After the misunderstandings of both parties, the atmosphere was much more alleviated.

Because Uzecho defeated Bakerman, show the strength of the Hei Piece, the exchange between the two captains became equal, at least this new people did have a challenge of the four emperors.

Because the two people are still tall because of Luffy.

Red-haired incenses ranked with Es, whispered: "Since Ice is the brother of Lu Fei, then we don't know this time!"

Hahahahaha ... In order to celebrate our encounter, in order to celebrate Becman finally being knocked down, everyone will open a grand banquet! "


Ben Bakeman couldn't help but help the forehead, I thought that this captain had grown, did not expect this ghost!

A grand banquet.

Only a cup of juice in the hands of Zhiso Sasuke, and the other people have a bowl of wine, and people can't help but be curious.

"How can the fighter not drink?"

Xiangks handed Yishao Sasuo a bowl of wine, laughing and opening: "My companion wants to see the super newcomers of Beckman!"


Yizhi Bozuo looked at Es standing around in Xixi, shook his head: "Because there is an idiot, I have to keep awake."

"Hahahahaha ..."

Pixia can't help but laugh.

A group of hundreds around also can't help but laugh.

Only after Ben Bakeman heard this sentence, slowly put down the wine in his hand, and also learned Unechebra to pick a juice.

Xiang Ke is so refreshingly, drink the wine bowl in his hand, and smiled and asked: "Hey, Es, really don't think about the knock down, be a new four emperor?"

"That is too boring!"

After the essai, I was sorry, I was embarrassed to score my mind: "If Lu Fei knows that I will knock you, will he be very sad?"

This is a bit arrogant.

The incense is not concerned about this, and even the pirates around him are not serious, perhaps because they know the strength of their captain.

Xiangks even raised his own wine bowl, smiled and smiled: "Come on, thank you of the guy to let me keep the four emperories!"

"Hahahaha ... The captain is too weak!"

"Hahahaha ... Because our small road flying saved four emperors, this marine emperor's name is not!"

"Hahahahaha ... You said wrong! Since I is because I is on the face of Lu Fei, let our heads keep the four emperor's name, no matter how it can't thrown this name. People! "

"Don't say this!"

Xiangke put down his own wine bowl to pour him a bowl, and didn't care about the companion. He smiled and continued: "We and Lu Fei are friends, do you help each other? For Lu Fei, then dry a cup Let's! "

Xiangks turned to look at the anis, laughed and continued: "Lu Fei is still noisy to become a pirate king?"

"Yeah, the guy is this."

Ais glanced, loudly, lifted a wine bowl: "Unfortunately, let him down, whether it is a big secret treasure or a pirate king, I have to take it away!"

"Hey, it's really this!"

Xiangks touched his chin, and even nodded carefully: "How do you plan to do? Is it a new world?"

"That is too much trouble."

Ais shakes his head, revealing a confident smile: "Directly challenge this large sea strongest man, let all the sea are recognized!"

"White beard?"


After Ais, after a bowl of wine, Loud: "I have the best deputy captain in this world, absolutely can't live up to his expectations!"

"Ha ha ha ha ha ... I make sense!"

Xiangks fell a glass of wine for him, couldn't help but see Yischo Sasuo, who sat as a mountain, couldn't help but open: "The words say, I feel that your deputy captain is really like Mr. Rayry! "


"Oh, I used to do an internship crew in a piolio ..."

The mouth of the incense was revealed: "At that time, Mr. Rayley, the vice minister, and I feel that your deputy captain is as reliable as Rally!"

At that time, Xiangks and friends were wrong.

When Rally Deputy Director Education, their captain Luo Jie will come to persuade Raylee not too strict, then Ravely deputy caster will take Roger's captain, even more fierce, Jidu can't lift your hair ...

It is because of Rayry's impression, the desire of the vice minister is almost similar, and finally he finally found his own vice captain Bakeman.

As a result, he is always chased by Ben Bakeman.

Yizhi Bo sagaished slowly put the juice in his hand, calmly opened: "Oh, then you must have a mistake, and anyone in the sea is not like."


Xiangks slowly drunk a wine, and some are sighing: "It is really terrible to say that your strength is, even Beckman is not an opponent ..."

The face of Unecho Sasuke is a bit calmly open: "This is also normal, the power of Unexpello, naturally not the ordinary person can resist."

Sofx: "..."

Look at the wrong person, this person and Rayry are not like.

At least the Deputy Director of the Rally is not so arrogant.

Late night.

When everyone is groggy each other.

Unechebra Sasuke sat in a tree overlooking the star, his side still placed a cup of juice, just at this time, a person turned over.

"Ben Becman."

Yiszozuo took a look at it, and he did not carefully open: "Do you think you have not lost enough? I am not interested in you ..."

This is a bit of a little.

Wus Fei Beckman also wants to talk to Yizha Sko!

Beckman's brow wrinkled. He didn't expect that he was just arrived here, and he was soaring that Yu Zhipai was calm. The vice minister of this red-haired One Piece squad said: "Xiang Kezi is coming, He wants to invite you to see him. "

"Just I want to try the quantity of the four emperors!"

Yuxi Bozuo helped the knife around him, his figure suddenly fell from the tree and walked over the position of the incense.

Looking at the back of Yuxi, Ben Bakeman suddenly opened: "Yuxi Bozuo, there is no full force when fighting with me?"

"Kill you and you, what do you think is simpler?"

After Unechebao, no matter how much hurts himself, he didn't go back, and left a slope.

"It's a terrible and arrogant newcomer ..."

Ben Bakeman squatted with a smoke, looking at Uzecho, he asked himself to ask himself: "Because helping the idiots after the name of the fourth emperor, it is even this Various things can't be seen ... "

No, not seeing.

But Bakerman does not dare to believe that after this big sea is difficult to calm down, there will be such a terrible person!

Compared with Benkeman, the red-haired Xiangx is easier to accept. When you see Yuxi Bo, his eyes have already returned to the Qingming.

Pingks standing by the sea, looking at the sea whisper: "I used the most respected captain. After this era is open, it will never stop it easily.

Many people fill that this sea has just calmed down less than a year, and these super newcomers have taken all the new world.

It looks now, he said, it's okay! "

Yizhi Bo saga took the eyebrows and asked: "Your captain, what kind of person is the last One Piece D. Roger?"

"Oh, even I have been known when I have been in Roger's captain?"

On the face of the incense, there was a smile, laughed and opened: "Hahaha ... that is the One Piece, once there is a big secret treasure, no matter what kind of words describes him!"


Yizhi Bozuo helps unlamers: "It should be a companion, which is almost as an ece, is almost idiot?"


Silent incense.

It seems to be poked.

This Ursi Bozuo guess!

In a sense, Corr D · Roger's character is really quite simple, although his character is also very cool, especially paying attention to your friendship, in this regard, in the treatment of people, because of Roger Impact.

"How can you know?"

Pingks can't help but sigh.

Yiszhike Sasuke after a while, the whisper explained: "Because those mind simple idiots, their goals may only have one, never change, so it is always easier to succeed."

"It's really reasonable."

Xiang Ke couldn't help but nodded: "If you say it back, it is because of this, are you selected as a captain?"


The palm of Unechyo Sasuke was slowly falling on his own cutting handle, his eyes looked at Xiangke, asked: "Do you come to me?"

Xiangks touched his own chin and whispered: "I wanted to see it, I could let you advise you to give up to attack white beards, this big sea can be very quiet!

But listening to what you just said, I think this is still so much, after all, is it like these people who are in the same way, it is impossible to persuade you ... "

Because the four emperors have been completely ended until a year.

This sea finally formed the world government, Wang Xiaqiu and the fragile balance pattern of the four emperors, Xiangks undoubtedly hope that this sea can continue to balance this.

These words are undoubtedly anger Unecheck.

The eyes of Yiszo Sasuke slowly wiped a red light, saving to watch the pixel of the plumb, and the sound gradually became gloomy.

"Oh, your guys in these red-haired are one look, there is no power in the hand, and it is arrogant than anyone who is more coming."