I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 433 Xiao Treat the Second General Assembly!

The first half of the great route.

The green god received a half-dream half-wake up.

The Warring States Marshal asked him to cooperate with the initial task after the establishment of the SWORD secret unit to perform SWORD secret forces.

Once Drake will receive the information of the Baroque Tourism, you must start to assist in the Baroque Total.

this matter…

It sounds very confused.

Why let him help the Baroque Tourism, isn't it the original native? What is the use of him to help?

Do not have a chance to do with the three major generals of the Navy!

"what's the situation…"

Youth is slowly holding his own phone, dialed the Telephone phone of Drake: "Hey, I am Kura, tell me your present position, I want to know the specific situation of your mission" ... "

The greenness quickly saw Drake Major and Pharmacist, and the only two members of the SWORD secret unit. He also knew that the third member of this troop was willing to be Naja.

This confidential troops are afraid to finish.

The Navy's Marshal Warring States Work hardly prepared SWORD secret special forces, mainly to let them get a hierarchy in the big hundred pirates, now this army has already been taken behind the next black hand to penetrate.

Drake is unclear, and his face is seriously speaking: "We will find a way to get the way again and the original navigation, next time you can make him against, from his mouth to the Baroque Total All intelligence. "

After saying this here, Drake is slowly moving to the body of the Qing: "Wait until we get the information of the Baroque Tourism, we will take the above navigation, and quickly attack the entire Baroque Tourism."

If you ignore the key characters on it, the original Nairies ...

In fact, this plan sounds quite quite serious.

If you don't know the true identity of the original Needle, it is estimated that he will now think that Drake is very reliable.


Their actions are now taken with nose.

"Um ... this plan ..."

The green spoons couldn't help but scratched his back, and read only two members of the SWORD troops, and the sound said: "It should be no problem."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and whispered: "This is a good plan under the guidance of the Warring States Marshal."


After the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty was blocked, and the mouth opened: "Then, I'm, I need someone to support this, take this!"

After that, the Youth Painted a golden phone in a bride.

Drake Majil I only feel that this golden call is a little hot: "The goblin general ... this is ... this is the golden call of the Maguo Order?"

This is the golden poker of the Demon Order!

Once started, you can mobilize the ten warships and the five middle and large number of naval elite battles to mobbed without differential destruction!

Only the Navy Marshal and the three major will have the authority of the Magic Order, or awarded others to launch a slave monk!

"It is for you to use it, it is aid!"

The green flaming scratched his head and whispered: "I went to find a place to take a break, what kind of problem, I will support it."


Drake is slowly nod.

Once there is a Tu Magu, the first task of the SWORD confidential forces must be successful.

Only let Drake didn't think that after their small meeting was dissolved, the Qing Dynasty was a place, and began to ask the Baroque Deputy Society Nicole, and he is mainly worried about the threat of the original Na. .

"Hey, Robin."

Qing Dynasty dials Nicole Robin's phone, slowly swallowed: "What is Shangyuan Na, is the guy is finally sneak into the Navy?"


Nicole Robin's voice is full of bitterness and helplessness: "I really don't understand the idea of ​​Shangyuan. Now I have to start with the big plan of Kloddal. He seems to want to push Klock Dal to a more dangerous position ..."

"I am in Alabattan."

Yellow goblin lifted his head, slowly closed his eyes: "Robin, in short, leave Alabasttan as soon as possible! This country will be very dangerous ..."

" ."

Nicole Robin interrupted the words of the Qing, whispered: "Shangyuan already knows you in Alabattan, he has planned to see you ..."

"... It's really trouble ..."

I hang up the phone.

the other side.

The drug teacher also dialed the phone.

The report of the pharmacist has been more detailed, including the arrival of the Youth Span, and he awarded the Crockdal Golden Call.

"Don't worry, it is our companion."

Shangji is unhappy, and now I am now rushing to your position, after a while, let's see it! "

Half hour later.

The pharmacist finds a young gossip that is fake.

The Navy's generals have some dissatisfaction with the pharmacist, because the pharmacist seems to have a little enthusiasm for him, so that you will feel that it is not suitable.

This major ...

Can you think that you can prune one of you?

Moreover, the original Nairua will soon come over. In order to avoid leaking, the dangerous man will never mind to kill an ordinary naval college.

"Shared a small school."

The green got will slowly put on his own eyes and open the mouth: "Hey, if there is something, you can leave, I want to sleep here for a while."

"It's ok."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, and his face revealed a mild smile: "I am here."

When you say this, the smile of the pharmacist has a deeper point: "Just, I am also waiting for an adult here, just want to take more people who want to meet me."


After a while, I slowly took my eyes and looked at the pharmacist around him: "Who are you waiting?"

"You should wait, it is the person I want to wait."

The pharmacist has led his palm towards the green gob and the end of the eyes, and smiled.

The pharmacist looked at the expression on the face of the blue, and the smile on his face was a bit more.

At this moment, the pharmacist finally realized the way to manipulate the world behind the scene, until the last moment poked everything.

This feeling is really good to say the truth.


The eyes of the green gyzykly becomes sharp.

Who can tell him, why do you have a person who is taught?

Universe, people who have taught have already lated the Navy, and even sword is especially important for secret troops!

Next moment, this general that I just revealed the sharpness was hidden. Some hundreds of boredons were asked: "If you say it, the Marshal, the Warring States Marshal just formed confidential troops have been infiltrated by you all."

"Do not."

The pharmacist shakes his head, hooks the corner of his mouth, and responded to his smile: "Is there still Drake Major in the SWORD secret?"

The pharmacist smiled and continued to open: "We will not take Drake's temporary development into our organization, because he doesn't have a special force, and if there is no words, there will be no information or other questions in the future, we find Who is going to the pot? "

"Hey ... You are really deep!"

Yummy can't help but knead his forehead. This feeling is really hard to describe. Now he can do it may only be museled by Drake Major?

It's a poor guy!

In the first part, it was the undercover of the original navigation ...

The second one who wants to recruit is the original navigation ...

Especially this part is still a careful eye, a little less sinful, and it is very likely to suspect life.

I really don't know what the Warring States Marshal and Drake will know this intensive and special forces that have entered the pirates have been completely infiltrated.

This group of guys ...

It's really no hole!

"not happy?"

The smile on the face of the pharmacist gradually became more and more splendid: "No matter how we should be a person? Please advise more later."


Youth can't help but help the forehead, whispered: "The school of your guy is really like the guests of the original navigation!"

At least the faction of the black hand behind this scene is really like!

What is the problem of this group of organizations!

"I am very happy that you can evaluate me like this."

The pharmacist looked at the complicated eyes of the blueness. His mouth slowly hooked again: "It is very good to have a little bit of a great god."

"You are very happy to talk ..."

At this time, the figure of Shangyuan Nairou appeared in front of them.

Shangyou looked at them: "It doesn't use me to introduce each other! Green spoons, go, go, go to the meeting with me! Others should also arrive!"

"Yes, Needar."

The pharmacist nodded with respect.

Looking at the performance of the pharmacist, the mood of the green squat is a bit complicated.

One hour ago two of them also opened the Navy's combat small meeting ...

On the way to the meeting place, Qingqi asked if he didn't have anything else: "Shang Quan Na, Klock Darna guy really got the ancient weapon of Pluto?"

"This is what I have."

Shangji shook his head, knead his own sun acupoint: "I am also worried about this problem ... When I gave him a place?"


The green god looks delicate looks at the top.

It's so reasonable to say that it is ... How can this guy is so embarrassed?

Soon, they arrived in the meeting place.

This is a warehouse located in the port city of Alabastton. It is in a closed state for a long time. It is originally a Baroque Try to save the gunpowder. It is temporarily used by the Baroque Try to collect.

Anyway, the entire Baroque Tryard's high-level, except for the President of Clockdal, the three senior senior specialists who only depreciates are members.

When they came in, he found that he found that he did something to know, and even a good person with his relationship.

Or, the relationship between that person and all the naval is good.

"The corner ... is it a member of your knowledge?"

The eyes of the green sputum moved slightly, staying on the corner, this large sea name is the most loud bounty hunter and Nicole Robin.

Nicole Robin saw the arrival of the Qing, I couldn't help but show a smile. She finally found this excuse to get rid of the perspective, greeted the greenness.

Nicole Robin went to the side of the green, looked up at the tall Navy general, she didn't hide her joy.


"Hey, Robin ..."

The palm of the Qing Dynasty fell on the head of Nicole Robin, smashed her hair, sighed a good air: "Your reward is really higher and higher ..."

The son of the devil, Nicole Robin, rewards 250 million peple.

Shark people, chanmon ghosts, rewards 250 million peple.

Blasting artist, Didala, reward 7,5 million peel.

Baroque Tourism Society Intermediate Agent, Shangyuan Needle, rewards 6 million Pelilers.

Artist,, reward, 1,500,000 peel.

Everyone in the organization, it seems that only Nicole Robin's bounty is the highest!

No, there is also a great gold than Robin!

In the next moment, a illusory figure appeared in front of everyone, and it is the help of Yuxi Bo, with a slide body!

After defeating Ben Bakeman, Uchi Zhiko was defeated, his bounty has been up to 12 billion Feel, which is higher than the bounty of all people present!

"What will I open?"

The face of Unechebra is a bit dissatisfied: "The Hei Piece is right away from the sea of ​​white beards! I have no time ..."

"Because it is our big plan."

Shang Nai was quietly sat quietly in his position, looked at Unechebra, and showed a smile: "Sasuke, are you dissatisfied with my convening?"


Unechebra helped his bite.

Just at this time, another illusory figure also appeared in front of everyone, his figure appeared very high: " ... Sorry, I just master this skill, should there be no late? "

Dofonteo did not Chakra.

After the original navigation, this is a rhetoric, directly wrapped in his ring with armed colored domineering.

Anyway, Dofontech remembered a little, that is, it is enough to pass his signal to Shangyuan, who has a round look!

"Du Francience ..."

The eyelids of the green sputum slowly.

What ghosts, this king is also a person?

The mood of Duran Mingge seems to be more shocking than the green.

Dofran Ming Ge saw the same body tall green, open a smile: " ... I didn't expect Yumao to be a colleague!"

Grass, earn big!

What is the fairy organization?