I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 437 actually played a heart to their head! (Third!)

Alabasan, desert center.

Just as Klkdal looked at Drake Major will soon be completely buried by Huangsha, a ice spear suddenly fell down and frozen the yellow sand around Drake.

"This ability ..."

The eyes of Clockdal retracted, his eyes moved slowly, and he looked at a high-profile shadow that came from the distance, the man who was a lazy man forever.

Navy's general, green gout!

Krod Dallang has led his poisonous hook, looking at the man grinned: "Hey, no wonder a small general will dare to provoke Laozi, the original is because there is a Navy's general as a reliance?"

If it is the general of the Navy, Klock Dar is really not interested in fighting, and even if he doesn't feel what you have.

Because there is also a difference between the natural factor capabilities.

Now, Klock Dal is now a new force. This battlefield is his most suitable desert. If such a big advantage is not confident, the girder of the Navy is too small. .

He challenges the man who is white beard!

Youth is just a general of the neighborhood of the district!

When you came over, the road passed by Drake's hand saved the Navy. When Drake was rescued by the Qing, he was bloody, and the body was all wounded by the sand.

This Major is a real pity.

As a piece of frozen fruit, you don't think it is a bit of a little: "Oh, that ... you first find a place to be healing it ..."


Drake nodded with his own wound.

When Drake was returned to the sky, he went to the mouth and reminded: "The Qing Dynasty, be careful."

"Um ... um ..."

After the greenness, I didn't care, and I went to Klockdal.

The cyan is walking forward, and he is constantly falling in the desert, and the broth is slowly added to the yellow sand on the ground.

"Here, desert ..."

Kroddal stalls his arm, full face: "Youth, even if you can freeze the desert for a while, the high temperature here will soon will make cold ice ..."

Crokdal fiercely launched his own arms: "Now, I am home, even if you are a navy, there is no self-confidence ..."

Next moment, the wind convolved with the sandy sand waver!

These sand wars are like a city wall. It has pressed up with the mountains in the mountains. It seems that it is necessary to cover the Navy's generals in the sand!

The palm of the green gyzykly suddenly fell on Huangsha!

The cold ice started to condense from his palm, and a high ice wall was quickly formed and blocked the sandwave!

The two natural sectors of the natural series have made a magnificent landscape, and the side is a high-end boundless sand wave roll, one is the ice wall, the mountain!

"Is it strong to this level?"

This scene is shocked by Drake Major.

Original Drake will not think that he and these top strong gaps will not be too big. Now it seems that the gap between them is still like a cloud mud!

At least the two natural steps, he must not dare to intervene!

"Oh, underestimated ..."

Youth helped his forehead, looked at the rolling sand waves on the ice wall, and the Youth didn't recognize the Navy to estimate the Locontal.

Is the fruit capability of the sand fruit fruit of Kloddal?


The sound of Klkkdal was drifting in Huangsha. He didn't seem to be confident: "Is there this in the general of the Navy?"

At this moment, Crokhal is really a confident bursary!

A tail guard who has just entered his body is too big to increase, and Crowd Dar has never thought of this level!

Next, countless Huasha suddenly condenses a giant hand, a boxing on the ice wall, and the ice wall has a crack!

In an instant, this ice wall was brought to the gap, and he did his endless Huangsha on the gap as if the buzzer was flooded!

The greenness did not dare to neglect, and the chills in his hand flew up, and Huangsha that came in, and he also used Huandus and the cold ice, constructed a solid wall!

The confrontation of the two natural systems is far more shock than imagination!

Crokdal relied his own advantages, and it was continuously covered with Huasha. He was blocked by Qingyi, but it seems that the Navy is like falling into the wind!

"Is this a man who has challenged white beard?"

Drake is a bit shocking in the eyes. He also looked at the clouds and light blue goblin, whispered: "It is the general of the Navy ... Is it still safe to face this situation?"

Who is taking the words of Drake, just after the words, the green spoofed the cold and re-constructing the ice wall to block the yellow sand, while turning to the distance Drake, showing: "Who, who, See what kind of assistance in Arabastan is ... "


The look of Drake is stayed.

He is still not very habit, and the Navy will also assist in the army! You are not the highest force of the World Government!

The green flaming scratched the brain spoon, slowly swallowed: "Hey, this guy ... It seems to be a bit trouble ... I need some aid to catch him, talk about it?"

"You are a general!"

"Hey, this is also something wrong!"

Qingli looked behind the sand waves behind the ice wall, the opening: "You also saw it, this guy's power is still strong ... After all, it is also a king's seven Wuhai, you want to defeat him, you will be very tired ... you Think? "


Drake is speechless.

Because I feel tired to call the assistance?

And this makes him think! Even if it is a way to use the Tu Maguo! Especially here is the inland of Alabastton, the warships are impossible to open!

Desert edge zone.

Shangyuan Nairuity is well-being, and also looked at the people around himself, sighed a good way: "Yummy's acting skills, when you can play, remind you, Crowddal is now A tail column ... "

"Actors are safe."

Cartry couldn't help but grinned and looked at the people present: "We know, should it be best to capture people?"

"Well, um ..."

Didala's hands touched a clay doll, smiled and said: "The last tail column is very miserable ..."

The red sand couldn't finish seeing Didala, whispered: "This time be careful, then you break one hand."

", just a moment ..."

Didaraton fits the mouth.

"The predecessor said yes."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and whispered: "Crokdal's tail column is not the same as I love, the strength of the intertwined crane and Shasha fruit is absolutely becoming more than imagination ..."

"It doesn't matter."

Shangji took a juice, put a hook: "The tail guard in Klock Dar is standing in us ... When you encounter danger, I will let the guards quietly active."

Everyone: "..."

This is to arrange the undercover to the enemy!

At this moment, the pharmacist didn't know what I thought, suddenly revealed a smile: "It is a neighborhood, and we may consider the same approach in the future, in another Navy's general, is also arranged?"

For example, the neighborhood of the navy, arrange a four-tailed Sun Wukong, which can make the red dog get stronger, but will also make the red dog to be subject to the four tails in the body.

To know…

The tail beast can not only become a boost!

Sometimes, the tail beast is also able to live!

"Hey, this proposal is good."

Shangyuan Na was touched his chin, slowly nodded: "Go back to find a chance to arrange a red dog!"

After the Shangyuan Na Rou, he waved his hand: "As for the present, you can first support the greenness! This time, you can get a little bit of Klock Darr, let him get alive!"

Shangyuan Na's eyes smiled and said: "When he escaped to the sea area near Arabastan, Luobin will rescue him when he is desperate ..."


Nicole, Luobin couldn't help but sigh, smashed his forehead, whispered: "Mr. Clock Dar must not think that at that time, he really desperately opened ..."

After that, Nicole Robin couldn't help but stop: "Mr. Shangyuan, don't you support this time?"

"Don't worry about the strength of the Qing, a little confident,"

Shangyuan Nairi's eyelids smoked, soft: "That is the general of the Navy, the world government's highest power, the guy is a little unforgettable, you should worry about the guy's active skill!"

At the last naval, I looked at the pharmacist around him. He said: "Okay, now give us Drake Major will call! Tell him, there are some people here!"


After the pharmacist nodded, dialed Drake's phones, whispered: "Drake Major, I have a problem, there are several Senior Agents of the Baroque Total, surrounded me and Shangnai ... "


The voice of Drake is more nervous: "Do you have anything over there?"

This action is really uncomfortable!

Clock Dal and Youth Painting Army actually fell into a fierce battle, and the other side of the pharmacist was also surrounded by the agent of the Baroque Tourism. He felt that he fell into the trap!

That is the original navigation, will it be a defraud?

Fortunately, the pharmacist provides a good news. I finally let Drake will let go: "No, these senior agents are going to betray the Baroque Total ... They have an additional picture of the Baroque."

"What do you mean?"

"These people have long wanted to won the king of Klock Dar, but the power of Kloddal did not dare to betray.

Now these people have heard that the Navy revokes his king's seven Wuhai, hoping to assist us to encircle the Clock Darr, so getting his seven Wuhai. "

The pharmacist looked around and continued to the phone: "Among them, the highest drone ghosts showed that he knew the weaknesses of Klock Dar, he could help us kill Klock Darr, and the condition is to ask him tort. Rock Darr became the Queen Seven Wuhai ... "


Drake will be silent.

After a while, Drake will read the situation on the battlefield, Shen Sheng, said: "I will report this one to the Warring States Marshal, you first stay up!"

After that, Drake was immediately hanging up the phone, reported to the Navy's Marshal Warring States, and got his license, and immediately contacted the pharmacist.

Drake will open the mouth: "Tell those hundred pirates, who can kill Klock Darr, who can get his king's seven Wuhai!"


Everyone present in the field is silent.

Mom, this is what I want to play on my head?

At this point of this little trick, is still playing on the heads of them?

The red sand scorpion immediately reached out the phone in the hand of the pharmacist, and the cold voice opened: "Don't say these nonsense, want to kill Klock Dar, unless it is the three major people of the World Government, it is possible to do it. ! "

"What can you do?"

The voice of Drake is a bit hoarse.

Red Sands continue to open: "Probably only defeat the guy, not allowing the navy to lose too ugly, after all, but the sand crocodile Klock Darrow!

I lurked in the Baroque Take a hierarchy to take his head, get his king's seven Wuhai, if we know his weakness, even if your Navy is dispatched, it is impossible to defeat him ... "

"Wang Xiaqiu Wuhai has only one position."

But the traitor of your Baroque is too much!

Why didn't you take it out before, once the guy of the Clock Darr was jumped out immediately by the Navy.

Drake Major to hold back to spit, while you open: "You only have one person to succeed in this location, wait until this battle, I will report to Marshal, pick up your strength, most The one! "

"So ... transaction."