I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 438 let me continue to lurking around her?


Ma Lin Fanto, Marshal Office.

The Buddha's Warring States heard Drake's report, after decided, long sighed: "Wang Xia Qi Wuhai position, the corner is our best candidate!"

The Buddha's Warring States have touched a document, and the sound of sinking: "As a bounty hunter, the corner will not grab civilians, at least will cause harm to civilians."

"This is not very good."

The crane will be sitting opposite his opposite and sigh: "I have heard of his reputation, and the bounty hunter is very greedy, let him become the king's seven Wuhai, if he also begun to grab, the sea The hazard may be bigger. "

"I will send people to talk to him."

The Dove of the Buddha's Warring States handed the documents to the crane, quietly opened: "Let's take a look at this news! Another king seven Wuhai is very flat. Yesterday was captured by the Hei Piece. Black Piece Challenge White Beard ... "

"White beard has been asylot with fish people ..."

The crane will look at the information, frank the opening: "It is very flat to do it very normal. If he is killed by the black thief group ..."

"That's just good."

The Buddha's Warring States continued to say: "After the end of the war of the wars, I will talk to the fish people who are called the snout, and you must let him go to the top of the fish. In order to maintain the balance of the sea. "

The Buddha's Warring States said softly: "Crokdal, very flat, two kings seven Wuhai successfully, one of the positions left to the corner, another location left to the mortar ghost."

"So you told Drake Major General, let go of mortar ghost, scorpion and Didala three hundred pirates!"

"By deceiving those hundred thiefs."

The face of the Buddha's Warring States is very calm, and it is not ashamed, he will continue to say: "I didn't think that the strength of the guy of Crokdal exceeded us.

The SWORD troops ranked by the original navigation have reminded us that after all, we think that his strength is too low, and if he said, it is too great to say. "

"I don't know how the situation there is ..."

The eyes of the crane will show a little concern in the eyes: "This action is too urgent in the urgency of the world government. We should set more people and do well after preparing."

"Hey, they should be the drops of emergency!"

The Warring States' s face suddenly exposed a little dissatisfaction: "Those old guys do not take the navy's life as an event. Fortunately, this SWORD troops have nothing to leak, although there is a lucky problem, but the SWORD program has proven to be feasible. "


The crane will nod slowly.

This time, Drake's hosted encirclement, Baroque Trying, Croatar, had some troubles, even luck, which caused this action to be successful as success, but the cost of the Navy is not high.

If the Navy should officially enclose a king's seven Wuhai and its power, at least one general, the affiliated warships and soldiers are full.


The two parties here are discussing.

Go martial arts, and Didala immediately rushed to the desert center, helping the Qing of the Green, and the battle has been fierce when they arrived, and the Crokdal manipulated the endless yellow sand crazy invading green. Ice wall!

"Magnetic, sand gold!"

The fingers of the scorpion, manipulated three generations of windings and four generations of tomb, let the magnets and sand gold in Huangsha roll out, the moment, the magnets and sand golden, to a hard wall to stop the dust of the dust!

"Water, big burst!"

The mortal ghost is not weak, and the mouth is sprayed out of a stream, and the water waves fall from the sky. Directly in the huge lake directly flooded the sandstorm of Clockdal!

"Mr. Crokdal."

The mortal ghost is grinned, and the smile on his face is divided into: "I met again! I didn't expect your head, there will be so many people to grab ..."

"Cotmoticon,, Didara ..."

After seeing them appeared in Klock, the eyes moved slowly, cold channel: "It seems that Nicole Robin is not very good ..."

That woman ...

How to pick a bunch of traitors?

At this moment, Klock Darier feels Nik Robin deliberately engaged in him, how did the Baroque Total have laid so much powerful people?

"At least a little lady, Miss Robin, didn't see it."

The mortal ghost pulled out his own muscles behind him, laughed and opened: "The people who choose to choose are good ... Oh, only the original is not good."


Didara stands on the clay giant bird, can't help but laugh, he quickly nodded: "The guy is in the Baroque Total, the strength does have a bit problem ..."

Why didn't this people look down on the original navigation?

Drake browned, and he didn't like these people, and he didn't like these people. It is the direct part of his direct.

Yes, although the strength of the original Needle is not strong, the original navigation is more sense of justice than everyone of the Baroque Tourism Union, and the lives of Shangyuan Nai will be more meaningful than these pirates of the Baroque.

Klkkdal manipulated Huangsha to form a close sand ball to surround himself, his face faintly became a little terrible.

"A group of bass ... At this time ..."

"Mr. Clockdal ..."

The macron ghosts and sorrows and sorrows and sorrows, and a knife scattered the sand ball and looked at Klock Dar. "Only at this time, your price can be sold higher!"

"Do you think you have won yourself?"

A group of Huangsha suddenly floated from the foot of Clock Dal, and his body flew to the air. Under his manipulation, the boundless sand sea flocked from around!

"Of course, you will win!"

Didara sprinkled a scorpion of a clay bidder, hip hoping: "Hahahaha, your guy doesn't know anything ... How to fight with us, hahaha!"

A clay double-wing bird suddenly appeared around Klock Darr, directly blaming Huisha under his feet!

The figure of Kloddal is planted in an instant!

"Water, water rushing!"

The steric ghosts in the mouth of the ghosts sprayed out, wet the body of Clock Darr, so that he couldn't enter the sand fruit element!

Red sand scorpion manipulated a three-generation vertical shadow, a root black magnet, instantly running the body of Clock Dar, put him in the original place!

Klock Darl looked at the injuries through the magnets, and suddenly he had a thick tail behind him and drove him from the predicament.

"I can only go first ..."

The expression of Krod Darr is not very nice, although there is a tail guard to restore his injury, but the enemy faces now is not easy to deal with.

The martial artist is tooaked to restrain his ability ...

Plus Red Sands and Didara's two capabilities of the two capabilities, there is also a young god general Tiger ...

This place can't stay!

A big chasing that runs through Alabastton kicked off!

Klock Dar is almost escaping in the four hurts in Alabasteen. He has escaped for a few days, and everyone will chase him like a cat play!

Whenever he wants to stop for a while, people who chasing him will appear behind him. When these days, the Crokdal can't rest and even supplement physical strength, just desperately moved towards the city.

For Crokdal, the only good news lies in Nicole Robin that does not seem to abandon him, and even call him to escape.

"Mr. Crokdal."

Nicole Robin's voice is a bit leisure: "I will leave Alabastan immediately, do you want to leave with me? I have heard it ..."


Klock Dal snorted, and the vocal sounds said: "I thought you would betray me ..."

"I am also betrayed!"

Nicole Robin sighed, whispered: "Because I am the deputy chief of the Baroque Tourism, I can't stay again in the first half of the great route, but I want to enter the new world of the second half, no Partners will be very dangerous ... "

"Prepare a fast boat, wait for me in the port!"

Klock Darl told himself, the voice was cold and continued: "If I discovered problems ..."


Nicole Robin loudly, looked at Shangyuan Na, and whispered: "There is also a homeless senior agent on our boat, now we only lack a powerful captain. ""

After that, Nicole Robin hangs up the phone.

Sustains between Kroddal's looks, he doesn't know what to believe in Nicobin. After all, the organization before this woman is destroyed ...

Oh shit…

Why didn't he learn lessons!

It is a pity that now, in addition to Nicole Robin, the entire Alabas is not a person, because Crokdal has never believes in the strengths and ministries, so he is now nothing.

As for the senior agent in Nicole Robin, it should be the weaker Shangyuan Nairo?

Because of weak, loyalty?

Klock Dal didn't think about it. The people who chased them were arrived. Forced him to choose Nicole Robin first, no matter how it must be left Alabastan!

Alabasan, port.

Nicole Robin hanged the phone of the Crokdal.

Shangji fell in the nematommad of the Navy, and whispered: "Drake Major General, I met Nicole Robin President, my strength is not her opponent.

But now she invited me to leave Alabastton and go to the second half of the great route ... um? Let me continue to lurking around her? "