I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 440 White Beard: Your road is still very young, should not be broken here (third!)

Obviously, I have to be better than the sword.

As a result, Unechebra did not speak Wu De, directly opened the MSI giant, and a group of stunned a group of captains of the White Beard One Piece!

When Sasone, I was slamming, after hitting the captain of many wars, I took directly on the sea, splashing the wandering waves!

The captain of a group of white bearded pirates fell to the coast!

The third team captain diamond Jagz ...

The fourth team captain Saqi ...

The 5th team leader Citonder Bestine ...

The 6th team captain Bramamik ...

The 8th team captain Nu ...

Baronheim ...

The 10th Captain Culiiir ...

All defeat!

So many team-level characters are famous in the second half of the great route, but they are defeated directly by Unechebra!

"Your guy ..."

Malco turned into a blue unstead of blue, flying back in front of him, his face is not very good looking: "The captain of the Hei Piece is not very good, the strength of the deputy captain It looks very powerful! "


The head of the Hei Piece is tall.

Now Potkas D · Ees is still being hit by white beards. It is basically no effort to fight hard, but Unechebra helps this guy directly overturned all other people of the White Beard. !

"Do you think our captain is not strong enough?"

Yiszo Sasuke manipulates that you can hold a huge tattoory, and the cold voice is moved. "But Potkas D · Es, is the best captain in this world!" "

Next moment, it is necessary to waving again!

I cracked down on the body of Malco, this hit almost tween hampered his body, even if it was an animal, the animal, the vulnerable veterin, and the restoration of the bird fruit was strong, and the Malco was also greatly consumed. Physical strength!

"Do you want to resist the power that must be Sasone?"

Yisizhiso helped watching Malco, the purple mustache, Chakra fluffy, which made a piece of giant bow, this scene saw a panic in the eyes of Marco!

This guy…

Will not be specially restrained!

This guy named Yiszo, who has the ability, and it is really like some kind of illusion fruit.

Yis Zhipo did not think of the vocational paradise of Malco, and the giant bow in his hands quickly opened, purple rays again gathered to form a long arrow on the bow!


The purple archer quickly flew out!

The speed of this arrow is too fast, and it runs through the body of the Marco, and the power of the causing bird is nailed to the earth!

The first team captain, Malco, defeated!

At this point, all the captains who came to follow the white beards, all in just a few minutes, all the time in the hands of Unechebra!

The battle of the White Beard One Piece and the Hei Piece forms two extremes.

White beards lick a man in a single horses, the captain of the Ice, and Yiszo sang the other members of the White Bearded Hippi.

No matter how I resist, I can't stop the white beard's fist; regardless of how the people of the White Beard One Piece rebel, it is unable to resist the strength of Unechebra.

This scene is amazing.

"White beard…"

Essen is scarred. He barely maintain his strength and looked up his head and looked at the white beard. "I will leave my own life here, let go of my ministry, Sasuke is not your opponent, let Sasuke with them ... "

"Still a small ghost that is unclear ..."

White beard picked up Ace's collar, the eyes were slightly shrinkage, the opening: "No wonder you can make someone on your ship ..."

Unlike Es' sard.

The white beard will be aware of the situation of the other side of the battlefield. He has a huge advantage over this side, but his son has accounted for a huge disadvantage ...

The battlefields on both sides are like a big man to play a child ...

Wang's battle has a few mistakes, it seems that there is no problem from the status, but from the fighting power, the problem is really big ...

After the white beard looked down, she put down his collar, and he looked at the other side of the battlefield, just smashed the Yuxi Board of the Captain of the Bearded Pirates: "That little ghost is the strongest in this era. Newcomer? "

"Hey, is this the strongest One Piece in the world?"

Unechebra helped to dissolve his own must, and looked at the white beard piolig group that was completely knocked by him with one person.

Yuxi Bozuo and the white beard two people slowly turned their heads, looked at each other, and the momentum of the two people returned out!


Whether it is Yiszozuo or white beard, the two people can be located in the top world in the new world, at this moment, there is some bitter autumn!

Two fighter kings suddenly hit together!

The impact of the two man's domineering collision almost instantly plows the flat island, it has become a flat place in the plastic island!

The only thing that is still awake is very flat, looking at these two people, this is also very flat to see the white beard to treat a pirate very much!


This is indeed!

Because Unecheo is not inferior!

Alternatively, Unechebra is the first one that is very flat, it is able to get rid of the pirates of the white beard!

White beard cleared his big knife, slowly went to Yishe Sasuke, his mouth came and smiled, smiled and opened: "La la ... Little ghost, no son for my son is too heavy Let's! "

"That is going to see ..."

Yiszhike Sasuke slowly pulled his knife, step by step to the white beard, his voice is more cold: "... You will be more important to my captain!"

"It's a fun little ghost!"

White beard looked at Unechebra, the smile on his face was more victorious: " la la ... More than the young man is young, your strength seems to be stronger, no wonder you dare to be so proud ..."

The candidate of the entire sea picked up the appropriate contrast.

Even if the white beard has seen so many years of wind and rain, only in strength, can't find a person who can compete with Unechebra.

After all ... not anyone can easily break through the many captains of the White Bearded One Piece, especially this little ghost looks teens!

Yuxi Bozuo took the grass sword in his hand, slowly went forward, his voice became colder: "Don't get red hair guys and I compile it!"

"Is the four emperors not in their eyes?"

The white beard eyes flashed, and the smile on his face a bit of a bit: "Little ghost, I am really interested in you!"

However, your little ghost is not bad, the little guy named Es, is indeed eligible to make a captain! "

"That is to give him your head!"

Yiszo Sasuke waved the grass in his hand, and his body wrapped his body and rushed to the white beard!


White beard held the big knife in his hand and stopped the attack of Unechebra, and his hand was also a unparalleled knife.

The blade of the two hits the moment, and the waves roll from their side, and the air clouds are quickly exaggerated!

have to say…

Two people armed for a domineering and tyrants are domineering, hovering in their surroundings, constantly colliding with each other, and there is no number of people who have been shocked!

On the coast, the earth has appeared in the earth!

On the sea, dozens of meters high spots continue to top out!

" la la la ... I haven't enjoyed this battle for a long time!"

The cloak on the white beard was shaken down, and the big knife in his hand suddenly shifted a ray. This is the ability of shock fruit!

Superman · shock fruit!

This fruit is known as the strongest superman's devil fruit, known as the power to destroy the world!

White beard has already had this force for many years, the ability of shock fruit is like his body, and you can come out at any time!

Yizhi Bozuo helps the body is shocked out!

His body quickly drifted with the skeleton, against the shock of the shock fruit, the first form of the must-have the skeleton, the power of the shock fruit is cracking!

Yiszoato looked at the gigma of the white beard in his face, and his face was surprised. This is also his first time to see such a terrible ability!

This guy…

It is worthy of the strongest man in the world!

Yuxi Bozuo has gradually faded, his mouth tickled a smile: "Oh ... this is the power of shock fruit ... What I don't want to do, I don't want to go ..."

" la la la ..."

White beard slowly pinched his fist, the smile on his face was still constant: "Now the little guy, it is too arrogant than us."

The voice did not fall, the fists in the hands of the white beard suddenly smashed!

His fist puts the air directly out of the crack, no, or may be space!

Sasuke's sense of knowledge, I feel the power of this , this force is that it is necessary to stop the power!

Next, Sasuke's eyes flashed a light, his figure used the sky to disappear in the original place!

A stone appeared in the position of Sasuke, and the stone was instantly changing the powder as a powder!

"Interesting ability ..."

White beard cleared his fist again in the air, a slime crack appeared again around him, the huge power rushed to the past!


The whole body must be Sasuke wrapped up!

The tall must be able to go out directly by white beard!

The power of this punch even makes the most hard must have a crack, even if it is to help the body, it is strong enough to be able to excert, and feel the power of the shock fruit!

This kind of attack is simply defeated!

Single only is in this pure power offensive, it is really unless, unless you use some kind of ban, it is really nothing to grasp.

It's hard to say even if it is stalking ...

White beard's power is too powerful.

The eyes of Unecheo Sasuke flashed slightly. Now, what is the extent, is it going to be here ... or really want to be desperate with white beard?

If you continue to fight, Sasuke's heart is not a bit.

White beards did not have a whole, perhaps the body.

Just as Yuxi Bozou helps think about how to open, white beards will lead to him a step ...

This man has seen the entanglement of Sasuke.

Only white beards think that Unechebra can you want to use some kind of possible self-harm to win, this tall man take the initiative to make suspended battles.

The strongest man in the world revealed a smile. He bought his hand toward Yuxi Bo: "La la la ... Sasuke, today, today's battle is here! We wholehearted, Can not control the situation of the battlefield! "

"Do you think you can win?"

Yuxi Bozuo has a little inconsistent, slowly missed his fingers, Shen Sheng: "I just started exciting!"

" la la la ..."

White beard smiled and shook his head and looked at Unechebao, who was reluctant: "Little Ghost, I am an old man, I can only lay a road for young people, you haven't seen too much. No, you should not put your own road here ... "

If a little guy who is expected to sign the peak is desperate with him, it is really a huge loss for the whole world.

The issue is…

This is falling in the ear of Sasuke ...

Listening to a bit like a wooden flavor?

Yiszhike Sasuke slowly lifted his head, looked at the white beard, and his face was slightly dissatisfied: "I hate this very much!"

One one ...

It's all like this.

Everyone is a young man is still young, and there is still a lot of hope in the future, and the future is still in your young people.

Sasuke originally thought that this One of the One Piece is still normal. When I didn't expect to go to this step, the white beard also took this sentence ...

These people don't know how big is the pressure that young people want?

These young people have to face, but the guests of the original navigation! It is clear that it doesn't understand the truth at all, but it always says that they can have the same future.

" la la la ... Little ghost, this world is still your young people, this is the fact!"

White beard smiled and spread his palm and opened his mouth toward Uzecho: "You Zhibo Sasuke, you and your captain is good, do my son, do you want to do it in this big sea Let's! "