I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 444, Four Emperors, Thara!

Yischi Sasuke this person, it is really not to know what to say.

Malco stayed in the new world for many years, never seen such people like Yuxio, clearly, even a few days ago, I didn't dare to mention ...

At this time, it was arrogant.

Unfortunately, the strength of this guy is too strong, Malco is not an opponent, and there is no bottom to educate him.

Malco can only look at the long-lived Unechebra helping to pick up a cup of juice from Marshall D. Ti Shei, and it is also afraid to give his juice to his juice.

Markco couldn't help but sigh, whisper: "Okay, report to the old man! We will defeat Jack, immediately support other teams, and finally we will be in Balmerk Island, and Mobe Dick master willing! "

After that, Malco opened again: "Let's go to all the other teams nearby and the pirates of the company, ask their battle!"

"Yes, the Malco captain!"

A group of responsible for liaising is in a hurry.

The Malco's guy is a real big manager in the White Beard, is also respectful of other people of the White Beard.

This guy is powerful, and following the white beard for 30 years, he is a Mug Dick's intern.

the most important is…

Malco is a ship doctor of a white beard.

This is really pulling, a population of a white beard, the status is second only to the white beard in Marco, basically, the Malco, which is, even part-time to do a fishing doctor.

The various teams of white beards and the helpless groups were reported to Marco, nearby 3rds, the 9th team, and the 11th team.

Only the 16th team has trouble.

The 16th team captains, after hitting a subsidiary of the Thane Piece, it actually encountered the epidemic - ember!

This is an opponent that is absolutely unable to compete with Tibet and 16 teams!

As a dragon fruit, ancient places, no toothproof dragon fruit power, and naturally can be flying, he is also the commander of this Thane Tie.

This horrible pirate encountered the 16th team of Tibet!

According to the news received by the White Beard One Pirate, the main force of this invasion should be Dry, Malco leads the first team and the second team to meet the enemy, and the other teams will be responsible for solving the sea area. The edges of those who are ready to move.

Only didn't expect it, just in the area where these wars were opened, there was no status, and the Tibet and the 16th team actually met the inflammatory disaster!

This is also the most tricky guy among the three disasters!

Even if it is very vigilant, a team will also have a threat to the whole army, Malco and the fruit capabilities that can be flying, and the two don't know how many times have been handed over, and they have always won.

"Turn a navigation immediately!"

On the side of Malco commanded their ship to transfer, asked loudly: "What is the situation of the guy?"

"No hand."

The pirates responsible for contact have some hesitation of opening: "Tell us at the Tibetan captain, when they retreated, the inflammation was suddenly retreat."

Is this too strange?

As one of the three disasters of the Thairi, it is the most arrogant, maybe it may be the strongest strength.

How can he be so easy to retreat?

The people on the boat couldn't help to look at Malco, waiting for the next step of Marco, and they believe that Marco may change the direction.

Malco thought after a while, whispered: "Continue to advance, first rush to bring together with the 16th quarter, then catch up with the scum!"

Just after the ship leaves.

The drought in the sea is not very happy. It can only be lying vividly lying in the sea waiting for the rescue. His eyes are deadly staring at the little fish who swim around him. This is his numerous pastime. .

Ok, it may be the only thing that can do.

Fortunately, the fisherman's thief appeared in Jack, turned him to the sea, screaming: "Jack adult, you are nothing?"


Just by Unecheo Sasuo, the mood of drought Jack is certainly not too good, this department is really no eye!

However, drought Jack does not care with him, the sound is open: "Report to Hamare people and the big brother! Mado's Uneaso Sasuke and Portcas D · Es, in Malco On board! "

After that, the drought Jack added another sentence: "Tell them the actual situation, do not hide me and the guys fight!"

After the drought Jack's message came out.

The ultra-frequently dispatched inflammation has finally converged, and people can't touch the Kai Mocetan thief group. This invasion is like a tiger's head.

Million high altitude.

A tall film is sitting on the clouds, with a pair of weird horn on his head, at this moment, it is very happy.

Because there is no sake of wine, this person is drunk.


The tall passed shakes his huge wax, and found that there is no alcohol in it, and his body is rushing directly!

This can be a high-mime!

No matter what person, you can't fall in the sky!

However, in a moment of this high-end shadow, his body turned into an instant, turned into a huge dragon, flew in a direction!

One of the four emperors, Thara!

As the strongest creature in the world, Thaedo has an absolute power, and there is absolute power.

Thara's dragon body swims in the air, while slowly opening: "Jack is being knocked down, and it is the idea of ​​Laozi ~"

This Thara Madet is embarrassed to invade the white beard sea, which is to find a way to win the Wubo Sasuke and Portcas D. Ece, and I have launched a war for this.

Because of the information they get, Yuxi Bozuo is a ninja and warrior, sword, this background setting is very like a national national.

Just as the country is under the control of the Thairi Group, who knows that Unecheo Sasuke has joined the White Beard One Piece, will it be revenge?

And early in the original, Caillada wanted to find a chance to see the Yuxi Board and Es, I would like to recruit these two pairs of super new people's own parts, and the result is still unhaly from the hand, Sasuke defeated Ben Bakeman. The news came out ...

This news is really amazing ...

Even if Mado is also amazed, the follower is that I feel that I have to help Unexpea Sasuke and Ess Income!

Therefore, the Thane delegation hurriedly launched a war against the white beard sea, the main purpose is to snatch Unecheo Sasuke and Portcas D · Es.

Drought Jack is just dedication to attract attention.

The inflammation is only responsible for finding the trail of Unechebra.

Just Thamedo and Cerase did not expect that drought Jack would be so fast, but they were all defeated by people.

Jack also brought a good news ...

Yuxi Board and Portcas D · Ess are now on the Market of Marco, these three people happen to be the department that Kamad is trying to get ...

So Thaedom finally came over!

Unfortunately, the four emperors drink a bit drunk, and will hit a bar from time to time, and I don't know when to intercept the Marco's ship.

the other side.

Malco has finally arrived at the integration with the Subscription and the 16th team.

Because the 16th team leading to Tibet did not participate in the war against the Wine Piece, the captain of the 16th team has never seen Emissa.

To hide the bodily and the country, it is as good as a woman, and it is a man who is also a woman.

Since the Tibetan believes that Sasuke is a person coming from the township, he will naturally ask his origin next after seeing Sashers.

After all, the whole world knows that the Ninja and the Samurai come from the country, so it is also in the case of being inquiry: "Hey, Zuo help which family ..."


"This family ..."

With the hiding, I can't bear my own brows, whispered: "I remember that the rule of Jiantian didn't have ..."

"Don't think about it!"

The eyes of Yuxi Sasuke flashed a cold. He interrupted the words of Tibet. It was just cold-eyed. It is the eldest son of God, and there is no relationship with you ... "

Tibetan: "..."

Malco: "..."

Sentence truth, I really feel that Sasuke is lying!

However, Malco has seen Unecheo Sasuke to open the appearance of Zuo. It is said that it is the family's ability of Yuxio, and it is true that it is true to contact God.

It's really quirky ...

The stronger the strength of others, the less willing to recognize the existence of God.

Only Yu Zhiwei sang this guy, strength is strong, but also fears the so-called godming, even what is going to work with God ...

For Sasuke, power is powerful ... their ancestors are also gods ... Controlling everything in the world is also god ...

Ha ha…

This guy is not old, and it is actually a feudal superstition.

Malco turned over his own deadfish eye, opening: "Right, hiding, you have encountered what happened after the inflammatory disaster guy?"


With a wrinkled, it stressed his own brows, whispered: "I thought that the guy killing me, I didn't expect that he left straight after seeing an eye. It feels like an ordinary probe ..."

Of course, this is impossible.

That is the inflammatory disaster of the Tharace, how can it be a selection!

"No matter so much."

Malco shakes his head, and the waves are not surprised to open: "I arranged other teams on the road to be careful to defend the anti-embers. In the past few days, I would take this zone. Once I found that the guy, I will pass to stop him. "

After that, Malco turned to look at the two guys around him: "Hey, Es, Sasuke, two ..."

"somebody is coming."

Yischo Sasuke suddenly interrupted Malco. He slowly looked up in the air. I saw the clouds in the sky. It didn't seem to have any abnormalities.

Next, a tall figure suddenly spared from the clouds and planted directly from the cloud!

Es looked at that tall figure fell from the air, couldn't help but see the tongue: "Hello, come and see, some people commit suicide ..."

"No ... that is Thaed!"

The face of the Malco suddenly became ugly.