I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 445 kills you, there is more games that have been playing children with children.

A Thaedo fell in the sky.

Thara's body does not have any protection measures, so I fell in the air, which is simply looking for death.

However, members of the white beard of the White Bearded Pirates looked at this scene, and everyone's faces were not very good.

"Hey, Marco!"

Yizhi Bozuo couldn't help but pick his eyebrows, looked at the shadow that fell from a height, couldn't help but be surprised: "Is this guy who wants to commit suicide?"

"Used to it."

The Malco stalls the booth, and the loudly told him: "I will prepare the fight! Notify the old man, we found the trail of Thara!"

The Es' s face flashed, he pointed at Thaedo, which was flying quickly, and asked: "Is this guy not to commit suicide?"

"He is not a problem that you want to commit suicide ..."

Because of the question of Es and Yuxi Sasuke, there is a matter of question, Malco's brain instantly heard the confused, his eyes couldn't help but turn over the eyes: "Ok, Thaedo really likes suicide, but he never dead Once ... "

"Is it so good?"

"Into, because of his body is too strong ..."

Malco looked with the Ace, I feel that the two people who have added in the White Beard One Piece have a problem.

A Unechebra helped to put anyone in his eyes, a Alzi did not think about anything in his mind.

"That let me see how much his body!"

Sasuke's instant appeared in the second form, it would be able to make a purple giant bow in the hands of the hemorrhea!

Malco picked his eyebrows, couldn't help but open: "Sasuke, what do you want?"

"Of course, I will help him! The inflammation · !"

Yiszozo helps the written eye in the eyes flashed a red light, and a bantry is on the giant arrow!

The burning breath on this Black Yanjian made Malco could not bear it. He didn't understand what the strength was in the end!

"Sasuke's flaming?"

The mouth of the Es didn't help but show a smile, whispered: "This is, even my flame can burn the power!"

"This is the power, I just borrowed ..."

The figure of Unecheo Sasuke is covered in the body of the must. He slowly shook his head, and his eyes suddenly looked at Thara's fall!

Next moment, the black chivalry suddenly flew out!

This scene makes people present, can't help but breathe!

I saw that the black chicgens were straight to Thaedo. At the time of Thara, the militant torrents on the body, and the tyrants were suddenly broke out!

The clouds of the sky are broken!

Thaedo suddenly took out his wolf tooth stick in the air, and a great arrow was scattered. I saw that there was a black black, and it was still burning in the sea.

Thaed's eyes slowly moved from the black in the sea, until it was on the boat of Malco and others, he screamed: "Who is it ... I am bothering to die!"

Next, Cairdo's body turned into a giant dragon, flew over the ship of Malco and others, and the momentum of his body began to flourish!

In an instant, the domineering momentum broke out!

The domineering shock waves set off a sea surf in the sea, swept the ship of Malco and others!

Yuxi Bozuo did not be aware of the domineering impact. His body suddenly flew to the air, and the body must be able to gradually gradually be complete!

Hundreds of meters high must be able to go in the air!

The enemy that must be facing, is the same huge dragon!

Yiszo Sasuke stands in the crystals of mustas, and looks indifferent to the opposite of Cairdo that is constantly rotating the dragon body. His face reveals a contempt: "The equipment is asked, and there is suicide in your mouth. Also struggled, isn't it afraid of death? "

"Sasuke Uchiha!"

The faucet slowly climbed, and the double eyes overlooking the mustvas, the sound gradually became a bit cold: "Is your little ghost bother?"

It is really powerful!

Especially if the full-body form must be, it is really that everyone is not enviable to envy this ability, even if Mado is no exception.

Thaeda looked at the must, it was more and more wanted to help it!

Thara's faucet has passed a proud voice: "Little ghost, now be my department, I can do it too much ..."

"Who is giving you the courage ..."

Yischo sang smiled disdainfully smiled. The next moment of helping the face suddenly exposed a mener: "Dare to say this in front of me? You don't know who I am ?!"

Overlord's domineering broke out from the mustvas!

Two fighter kingdoms hit together!

The impact wave of domineering collision is quadruple, the clouds are gradually divided into two halves by the two domineering impacts. In the eyes of everyone, it is like a day!

The waves have gradually begun to start delivering in the domineering confrontation!

"Hey, this guy said in advance!"

Markco couldn't help but shook his head, loudly told: "Turn the bow, leave this battlefield immediately, we can't stop in the central area!"

This fighter is shocked, not these ordinary drills can deal with!

Whether it is Urcho Sasuke's tyrant, or Thara's tyrants, it is not that everyone can continue to bear, if they have a battle, it will destroy this fragile warship!

"Ece, don't act rashly, now you are still the opponent of Thara!"

Are you not a game!

Thaedo is also a madman who is more neuropathy than other four emperors. No one knows what this guy wants to do, his brutal blood is far more than others!

Portcas D. Es has not fully grasped the domineering. If you want to deal with Ca, at least you have to master the deep armed colors, you will be domineering.

Ace's power ...

It is indeed a little less than enough.

"Es, give it to the Malco captain!"

Marshall D. Tiqi grinned a smile of a volatile, whispered: "The old man knows after Cairdo's trace, it should be here soon!"


After the Malco dot, he died as a vantive veterinary, no dead bird, and he forated to the air.

Thaedo gazed at the Malco's non-dead bird, the huge eyes flashed, and the dragon body was rotated with his loud voice: "Malco, join me together, my pirate is the best for you. The place…"

"To shut up."

Yiszo Sasukes interrupted Thaedo, turned to the Malco who flew in the head: "What is your guy to do? Is it to drag my hind leg?"


Malco under the shape of the non-dead birds neverned the anger, Shen Sheng: "Thaedo's strength is very strong, we will bring you this guy!"

"Hey, Marco, are you infected with Es?"

Yuxi Bozuo helped me couldn't help but wrinkled. He slowly shakes his head: "Who we have more strength? Help me to optimize my juice ... I will give me a person here. ! "

After saying, Yuxi Bozuo manipulates that can be able to fly to the dragon body of the giant, the purple energy is like liquid, and it has turned into a huge role in the two hands. Among them!

"Hey, Sasuke!"

The Malco can't help but stop.

It is a pity that Yizhi Sasuke did not listen to his persuasion to stop, and Zuo can wavily waving the two sorts of tattooed knives, slamming the head!


Yischo Sasuo looked at the faucet, and his mouth flashed a contemptuous smile: "If you have this guy ... also dare to arrive in front of me? Do you think you are, do you dare to make me a part!"

Even if it is the original navar, Yischo Sasuo is not in the eyes!

If it is not because Shangji Na will grasp the soul of Yisi Pos, he adds his strength to help some of them, and his complicated relationship between him and Sasher ...

If it is not because of these words, Unecheo Sasuke is too lazy to pay attention to the original navigation, but he is the only person who dares to provoke the original navigation throughout the tissue!

Although the bastard always does not put his provocation in the eyes ...

Yuxi Bo Sasuke's face gradually floated with anger, and must be able to cross the two talents in his hand. If you want to hit the faucet of Thara!

Thara's huge faucet, looking at the full body of the flying, the faucet suddenly lifted towards the burning dragon who must spurt a burning dragon!

"Now the new people are more arrogant than I think! You think that you are, the fighter is not your game!"

This sentence is the most sentence of Thaedo used to humiliate the white mustache, which occasionally uses the hundred pirates of Big Mom, because these two hundred pirates are more children ...

General Members of the White Beard One Piece will be irritated ...

Yizhi Bozuo did not have anger, and his face was still very calm. He was just manipulating a huge talents that he had to wavily waving, and he took a huge shot!

This hit is a full force that must be affordable!

This way is like scratching the sky, and go straight to the dragon!

The burning dragon is championship between the momentous and the attack.

The trick is like a flowery, and the dragon is directly cleared, and even goes back to Thara's head!

"This little ghost ..."

Kapedo hurriedly had a short head, looked at the dragon body that cracked his rush, after he left a gold iron-shaped electric light, straight in the sky and scattered the sky !

Yiszo Sasukes stand in a must-have crystal, looked at Thara's faucet to dodge, and slowly flashed in the eyes: "Hey, this is this in this matter? Kill your guy, it seems More than those of those who have fun, the family is more simple ... "