I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 446 This is ... God can have the power! (Third!)

Yischo Sasuke's voice is overlooked on the whole sea.

From the mouth of Sasuke, it seems to kill Tham. It is worth mentioning for him. This sounds are really a bit.

"Sasuke guy ..."

The body of Malco fell on the boat. He couldn't help but turn over his own deadfish. He looked at Es next to him. He asked: "Hey, Es, the guy is on your boat. Are you arrogant? "


Es didn't scratch your back, laughing, laughing: "Sasuke guy ... should ... it is not arrogant!"

They are chatting here.

Yizhi Bozuo manipulated a complete body must be smashed with Thara's dragon body, and the knife broke the sound and the dragon screaming on the sea!

Thaedo manipulates his body, suddenly hurts the left arm of Qiqi, and wants to tear it directly, the scales on the dragon body and the armor who must be able to rush. Downg!

"Do not self-power ..."

Yisizhiso sang in calmly wrapped in the dragon on his left arm, showing a cold man in his eyes: "Do you want to shake your strength?"

Next moment, a thunder is suddenly appearing in the palm of it.

The thunder is in a moment of Thara, forcing the four emperors to use the armed yellow domineering package to wrap their own body. He just insisted that he wants to try his own arm, he wants this. Wushen dismantled into seven eight!

Yuxi Bozuo wrinkled frowned, and the left arm of Sasone was instantaneously flowing in his manipulation. Dragon's body!

Arrival color domineering and tallery collisitively collapsed a video!

The huge dragon body was flying directly by this knife. You must not be retired from autonomous land!

The whole body must be able to explore the double wing between the brachome, and maintain the stability of the body, and slammed up to Tham!

Thaedo couldn't maintain his own figure in the air, and hurriedly swallowed a cloud fog, and rapidly changed from the dragon body into human form. His dragon must not be able to withstand this knife!

The sniper that must be slammed out ...

Not inferior to the world's first big sword hawk eye hooded!

Even if Case knows that his recovery ability is strong enough, don't want to bear the power of unpredictable!

This shot broke the clouds that Kamada floated, passed from his side, just when he passed his body, let his shoulders instantly become blurred, his body automatically started treatment Hurt!

When it is a must-have, he fell to the sea, and the sky is like a rollful waterfall!

The battle is more fierce!

With the bailout, Unecheo Sasuke's attack is absolutely threatened to Caillom, this threat is never in any four emperor!

At this moment, Thaeda felt the danger of the two people who faced BIG MOM and white beards!

This little ghost ...

Absolutely have a considerable threat!

Mom, this Unechebra helped to surrender to white beards, really let Tamad think about it, and that portkas d. Es will not be so strong?

White beard this old guy ...

I am older, I finally started to be lucky?

Isn't it just condemn a pirate tippiece? I actually bought one get one free, I have been inexplicably got a strong that is comparable to them!

No wonder Yushibo Sasuke this little ghost can fight this Becman ...

It seems that these new people don't understand too much ...

Thara's eyes were slightly delayed. His nose sucks a sea breeze. If you have the opportunity to meet the super star, you must receive those guys to receive your own ...

Can you get a four emperor?

"Sasuke Uchiha!"

Thaedo waved his wolf tooth stick, armed tall domineering and tyrants were fully released. He smashed a knot, and the shock wave suddenly swept the sea!

Kaido looked at Unechebo Sasuo, who had to be able to resist the crystal, whisper: "This war is for you! Yuxi Bozuo, I remember your guy ninja? Your The hometown and the country are in my hand! "

As long as it is a nintee, it must be born with the country.

After all, the warrior may be that the country is revealed overseas, but the ninja has always been the guard of the generals, rarely coming out.

After Thara said, it seems to have set a certain determination, grinned: "As long as you are willing to be with all the allies, I will kill the current and national general, support you ... General! "

Tham, this guy, seems to have a brain in the imagination!

No, or Thaedo is more generous than the imagination!

After all, no matter what to say, the country is now the big camp of the Thane Tie, he takes out the whole and the country can be said to be a big hand!

Of course, there is a conspiracy in this pair.

If Yischo Sasuo is really a general of the country, and he assumes the protection of national responsibility as the generals of the previous generation and the country, then he must have a weakness ...

Finally, I can only be used by Kaido.


The 16th team captain changed to the gods.

Because the Tibet is from the country, he knows the income of the country.

Just as the hidden voice wants to call Sasuke, do not never have a conspiracy of Kahand, Su Zhibuo helps to open the mouth: "Is this your legacy? Cairdo ... I am sorry, I am not interested in the country of Ninja. ! "

Really enough ...

A group of ninas hidden in blood and dark ...

A group of ninja was only controlled by others, a group of unlimited set of babies were still stupid to inherited what the will of the will ...

Now come to this world, he doesn't want to pay attention to those ninja!

Yiszo Sasuke is within the crystals that must be. The face slowly became proud: "Whether it is a warrior or ninja, I don't want to be interested ... I am now exciting now, how to go to the slaughter God! "

Next moment, Unecho Sasukes must be able to fly to Thaedo again, cold channel: "If you only have this, you will die!"

"Hey, want to kill the people of Laozi ..."

Thaedo took the hands of the wolf tooth sticks in his hand, and he was able to wave himself: "... I haven't born yet! Thunder gossip!"

The huge tattooed knife and the completely proportional wolf hit together!

The fighter and armed colors on the two people also hit together!

A one-in-plane shock wave is constantly spreading around, whether it is the sky of the sky or the sea, the sea is all shocked!

In the collision of Hamado and Unechebra, I have formed a vacuum zone in the center of the two people. The clouds of the sky form a semi-circle. The seawater below has also formed another semi-circle. This situation continues. second!

Next moment, the endless sea waves have increased!

The first team and the 16th seas and boats continue to retreat!

In the sight of these people, the air purple must be convinced with Thara's body into a group, and the weapons of each other were swaying, and their own power was moved toward the other party!

Just as the body of the two people continued to be repelled, their battlefields were gradually moving, Malco hurriedly commanded the boating.

"Sasuke's strength is really terrible ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi walked to the side of Es, and I asked: "I don't know what the fruit is he eaten."

"Sasuke seems to have not eaten evil fruits ..."

I was screaming, thinking while thinking about him: "I remember Sasuke said, it seems to be his home bleeding ... Blood ... Bloody ... Blood? Anyway, it means! In addition to their ethnic, no one can Get the kind of force ... "

"This blood is really amazing ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi hides a wonderful envity in his eyes, thinking that it is still a new devil's ability, did not expect it to be the blood of others ...

Malco turned over his own deadfish eye, couldn't help but open: "I really don't know, if the guy really got a powerful fruit, when he still arrived, what is it like?"

"Hahahaha ..."

Es waved, hip hop how Hahawei opened: "This is not worried, Sasuke can do not like demon fruits at all! Does he don't want to have any weakness on your body ..."

Yes, there is no weakness in the help.

Or, even if there are some weak weaknesses, with the power you get in the One Piece, it has also become no longer existed.

The domineering system here is very considerable to the flesh power!

Therefore, the battle of Sasuke can also support longer!

The battle between two people is almost chasing the battle. Unexpello Sasukes must be able to take a ridiculous small island!

It is a pity that Mhado's physical strength is significantly higher, and his physical recovery ability is stronger, but only can't break the need to be able to make Thaedo's weakness in the battle.

After combining the armored armor and armed colored domineering, even if Kaomo is exhaustive, it can't break the defense, which also makes the four emperors.

"Your guy ... what is doing it!"

"I am curious ... What is your physique?"

Yiszo Sasukes fully manipulated the huge tattoory of the hand in his hand, and directly slammed the top of Hamare, but was black in his hands, this four emperors. It was directly in the ground!

Yiszo Sasuke waved his own must, look at Thara, and his eyes flashed in his eyes!

"Trouble guy ..."

Yuxi Bozuo's hook is flashing in his eyes, watching the hard body of Kaham, cold voice: "In order to avoid you come back to trouble, your guy is still going to die!"

Under the surrounding people, Unechebato helped his fingers, gratified to Hamare's body: "Budget star!"

Next moment, Thaedo's body was floating!

The countless stone land on the island has floated, tightly passed in Thaedians, and let Tamadon suddenly understand the ability of this move!

Thaedo waved the wolf tooth stick in his hand, he continued to hit the stone around the surrounding, but after all the aid salary, the stone blocks of the Star Star were more secret!

Even the entire island is involved in the material of the Star Seal!

More terrible is that Sasuke this guy directly as a seal core, at all, does not need to make black holes that may be crack.

This is the unique explosive starry stars!

This move can directly seal the Camino in the huge stone ball, even if it is not as good as six, the stone is enough, and it is enough to seal Kamado!

Yuxi Bozuo looked at Thara's body to fly into the air, wrapped in the body by countless stone dirt, and he slowly turned his opening and continued: "This is ... God can have the power, the mortal is destined to default!"