I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 447, Thaed, I saved you, give me a dog!

It is expensive when others fight.

Yischo Sasukes played the rack to consume the island.

In order to seal Camino, this guy will use the soil stone on the entire small island to make the seal material of the Star Star, and everything on the entire small island is completely adsorbed.

Thaedo's body suddenly refined to the dragon body, and he wanted to break free of the shackles of the star: "Your guy, do you think you can bind me?"

The huge dragon body is flying in the air!

Unechebao slammed the face without transforming, looking at Kahaom's constantly struggling, his nose snorted and snorted: "If it is white beard, it is possible to break the sky, but your strength is still can't do. Let's! "

Countless stone instantly adheres to the Dragon body of Thara!

"Blend ..."

Thara's dragon body wanted to break freely, but his body is the core of gravity, and the gravitation continues to adsor to the stone, and quickly covers his body!

till the end…

A huge round ball floats in the air!

Everyone can't help but look up at the huge sphere, there is a place that Thamedo is blinded. It seems that Kamado has desperately struggled to earn, it seems that Yu Zhiso Sasuke's explosive stone seal also Quite strong.

This can be the strongest ability of the round look!

"Let's go."

Yuxi Bozuo snorted, flying on the board of Marco, his finger picked up the stone ball with a starburst, floating the sky.

Malco turned over his eyes and looked at the stone ball hung in the top of the boat, couldn't help but open: "Your guy has commented on me, this ship is not low ..."

Once you have a star, you will fall.

This boat and everyone on this boat are hard to say!

"do not worry."

Yiszozuo looked at the air of the air, and explained unconventional open: "Although my explosion is far less than the guy, it is not so easy to crack ..."

This sentence has not been finished ...

I saw that the crack on the starry star was instantly start loose!

Next moment, the stone of the entire manian is rapidly disintegrating, and the tyrants of the tyrants and the armed hit are exploring!

Thaedo's dragon body quickly slammed out of the starry star!

The snoring of the dragon is like thunder, and it is usually in the sea!

Tharao is helpful to help, don't come too fast!

Everyone in the scene is black, everyone does not help but look at the stone suddenly in the air, I remembered the crow mouth of Malco ...

"This bastard ..."

The face of Unecheo Sasuke is not very good. His hand floates a thunder and lightning, and the gravel falling in the air is defeated!

"This bastard ..."

Thaedo also looked at Unechebao, who was on board, but he no longer stopped, the Sweet Dragon Body flew away to walk over the sky!

The feeling of explosion of Stars give Caicada is not very good.

Thamedant feels that it is in the sky, just like a prisoner that cannot escape, and the feeling of being caught at other times.

That kind of gravitational force that is not in time ...

It is simply that he wants him to spend a lifetime in the prisoner of Star Stars, until Kaido exhausted the domineering of the body, and struggling to struggle with the gravitational waves from itself!

This escapes!

The ability of Uchi Sasukes is too surprised!

It's more difficult to entangle it than the guy of Yuetian, Yusian!

Yuxi Bozuo looked at the fleeted dragon. He immediately drifted the second form of the vain, and a giant bow was instantly in the hands of the must. A giant arrow smeared Thaedo's dragon body!

"If you want to escape, try it!"

Yiszhike Sasuke's voice has a lot of angry, because he is also confident that he is not as good as the original naval, but it is not a person who can break free of Thane ...

As a result, Capedo broke himself when his voice did not fall, so that Su Zhi Bozuo has remembered something uncomfortable.

"Hey, your domineering has n'thing there!"

The voice of Unecheo Sasuke is cold, and a purple bare arrow covered a lacquer black armed torque, flew in Tham's dragon!

This purple huge arrow is almost radioteted, and the air has passed a sound burst in the air, so that everyone present is not compromised in the ear!

I saw that the purple bare arrow moment was shot in Thaed's body!

When the dragon tricks suddenly torn out a coarse arrow wound, the blood was suddenly fell, sprinkled from the air!

Next moment, another black arrow fly out!

The sound explosion of this shark is more, and the leader is straight!

Yizhi Bozo helps a madden who flew to the distance: "Since now, there are still few people to escape from my hand! This arrow is absolutely not you can block!"

"Is this serious?"

Malco's eyelids couldn't help but ridiculously, helping to help their foreheads, but his heart is not exempt from being shocked, and the two arrows that Unecheo Sasuke have been exhausted!

Even if it is Malco's heart, I don't have some doubts ...

Is there anyone who is the last arrow that Uchozuo helps?

It turns out that it is still.

However, the just handle is wrapped in the blacklodes of armed colors to shoot to Thara's head, and the space vortex suddenly appeared suddenly, and the black arrow was absorbed instantaneously!

This scene is difficult to cover up!

I didn't expect that someone will save Thaed at the critical moment!

Even if there is a little surprised, some people can help him solve the black shard lead wrapped in the armed colored, even if the sword is not fatal, it will definitely make him hit!

Thaedo also didn't understand why he was saved ... but the time is rare, and the time has quickly fell into the cloud, and there is no trace of no trace!

After the scene of the scene looked at Tham escaped, Unexpello helped his face to relieve his own must, bite his teeth!

Yischi ... with soil!

It is Yuxi Bo Tong to use the Shenwei to save Thara!

Sure enough, you don't have it.

Once the situation is encountered, Shangyuan Na will definitely not allow him to claim, the shadow of the guy is simply nothing!

"Just ..."

Malco has a little hesitially, and it is said: "Is That's the ability? I have never seen it ..."

"No, it is the man's hand."

Yizhi Bo saga will shake his head and continue to say: "The person who stands behind the mortar ghosts, the guy wants to extend his paw to Kaare!"


Malco was surprised to look at Sasuke: "The person who just saved Thaed Dominant ... Is that you have been afraid?"

"Do not."

Yuxi Bozuo sang shake his head and whispered: "That is just a little bit of his hand ... is also an traitor in our family!"

Yuxi Board is in this world, but the real is not dead!

At least in this world ...

The earth-free Unecho belt is definitely invincible, although he may not play some people, but he will never die, unless a certain demon fruit that can restrain his space in this world is the ability of his soul. Devil Fruit.

Although Malco still does not understand the specific situation, he feels like this world's situation is a bit less than ...

Now, so much is nothing to use, I can only ask Sasuke, it seems that he only knows some truth ...

"The person you don't dare to mention the name ..."

When I listened to Sasuke, Malco couldn't stand it frown.

It is clear that this guy has just driven away one of the four emperors ...

This is the four emperors of the new world!

The whole world is known as the strongest creature!

Now Sasuke has no arrogant expression, and it seems that the face is blunting. It seems to have encountered something that makes him fear ...

Malco handed a sakura juice, turned over his eyes, looked at Sasuke, comforting his emotions: "It's not very habit, you shouldn't be very arrogant now ... You just defeated Thaedo what!"

"What is it proud of winning a drunken?"

Yuxio took the juice in the hands of the Marco. He also looked at the beer mug in Es. He kicked the beer in Es. "Alce, why are you still drinking, your guy is not Do you see Thara lesson? "

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!"

Es desperately looked at his beer mug to override an arc, and fly out of the railings on the boat, falling on the sea.

Malco looked at this scene, only helplessly shook his head, loudly: "Hey, go to the old man, we rushed to Balmerk Island according to the original plan, don't let him come over, Thaedo has been Sasuke drove away, things seem to have complex ... "

It is clear that they have more than Yiszo, which is more than Yizha, who can defeat the strong people of the four emperors.

As a result, there are many unknown enemies ...

A desert island on the sea.

Thaedo's body rushed to the work, restored his injuries, his look is very ugly.

One time space swirl appeared in front of Hamare, a person wearing a spiral mask came out from the vortex, looking at the four emperor in front of the four emperors, laughing and opening: "I saved you, you Guys are better to do my dog ​​... "

It is the sole soil that is born.

Alternatively, it is controlled by the original navigation to control her soil.

It is just that the original Na Ruo said that Su Zhiwei has seen the soil after seeing Kaido, and the first sentence that came out, people listened to some insults.

What makes Kamado to be a dog!

Although he does it might be to do things for him, but this is said that there is a little too insulting, this four emperor, the Ming is going to find things ...

"Bet, Laozi is Thaed!"

Thaedo's face flashed an angry. He waved his wolf tooth stick, he had a mysterious mask in front of him: "Laozi, just want to die! Whoever uses you to save Laozi ... actually Laozi, do you think you are! "

Next moment, a strange thing happened.

Thara's wolf's tooth rods smashed, but only from the mysterious mask in front of the mysterious mask, as if it was only to get the air!

The imaginative ability of Shenwei can make him ignore attacks!

"It's really not awkward ..."

Yischo's throat sighed in his throat.

In the next second, the will of Shangyuan Na will exit the brain of Unechyo, leaving only a command: "Then I will give you it here, help me taught him, and Mr. Tong will not let me Disappointed? "

"I know…"

The mysterious mask is suddenly more cold, no, or some heart is like death, like he is unable to break free.

The mysterious mask male scarlet eyes stared at Madox who was in front of him. He sighed softly: "Is it true for the guy when there is a dog? Many people can only know how to be his Toy ... "