I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 448 Congratulations ... Pumping it into the Super Award!

The mission of the original navigation to Yishio belt soil is a bit trouble.

Although Unexpello has saved the four emperors from the hands of Unechyo Sasuke, but Thaedo obviously grow a pair of dog faces, not, but not much recognition, this savior, even Zhang, shouting, shouting of.

Yisi Bo took the soil to look at Mado in front of him, sighed in the air: "Some things, really don't wait until the top, regret it ..."

"Blend ..."

Thaedo bowed his little Unexpello with soil, his eyes flashed, but no matter how he can't attack his body ...

People feel some powerful ...


Next, Cairdo's body suddenly refined to the dragon shape. The huge faucet opened toward the mysterious mask. Male spurred a burning dragon!

The earth was burned a deep pit in an instant!

Yuxi Bo has slowly strolling in the flame of the dragon, and his body is still not half a injury. The burning dragon is clearly covered by his body, but it is still unable to cause any injury to him.

No matter what attack ...

It doesn't seem to work in his body ...

Thara's faucet slowly fell in front of Yuxi Bo, and the voice: "What is this born ...?"

"Yuxi Bo ... with soil."

Yuxi Board has not concealed his identity.

Just after Hamare just said his name, Hamare's face in front of him was bluntantly gloomy: "Hey, Yushu ... Your guy and Yishe Sasuke ..."

"We are the same family."

Yisi Bo is calm and indifferent to the open mouth: "Yuxi Bozuo is just a waste that does not understand the situation ..."

"The little ghost is not a waste!"

Thaed Domewed his own dragon body, hatefully on the ground, cold voice open: "You are a bastard ... is you look down on!"

Mom, his four emperors have just defeated by Unechebra, this guy said that Yu Zhibo is a waste in his face, then his four emperor is not a waste?

"you and him."

Yisi Bo with soil stretched his own mask and looked at Tharao's indifference: "I am sorry ... I am two people, I look down."

"You bastard!"

Thaed's eyes flashed a meadow!

This guy is too gas!

In a word, you can violently jump!

The Unexpello belt the land is really worthy of the people of the small ghosts, these Unexpectedo is so rushed?

If Yuxi Bo is known to Kamant's mind, he is afraid that he will advise him. He and Sasuke are already friendly ... if another sleeping in the coffin is still here, the guy is more difficult!

"You don't need to worry."

Yuxi Bo has opened his palm, watching Thaedo asked: "Because I still have a long time, we can come slowly ...

If you disagree, I will go slowly to kill the owner of the Thane Tie, until the end, our two people lose patients, kill you or accept you to make a dog. "

"Blend ..."

There is only anger left on Hamare!

The four emperors are blends, and his voice has become a bit mad: "If you dare to hurt those cute bodies, you are dead!"

Yisi Bo is a temporal intervail, and he has a lot of bloody in his time: "Then you have to look at it, who will succumb to ..."


Thaedo has fallen into silence.

In the next moment, Thaedo's body will quickly researcize the dragon body, and they will fly to the high altitude. No matter how he must find a way to solve this!

Who knows that guy is threat ...

Still that guy really will be so doing!

With the troubles of drought Jack and Mado, they were defeated by Unechebra, and the War of the Cairi Tiger and the White Beard One Piece was over.

Nadecoe Sasuke's name is high.

At least one of the people who defeated the four emperors in front of the frontal battle, or the Navy and the World Government have improved the reward for him, especially this guy obviously paying tribute to the world government, and even try to kill the dragon people ...

Therefore, Sasuke's renovation is directly upgraded to an amount that makes the corner can't help but harass the original navigation. This amount is even more than the horns to hunt in the pihydrate. It has to be higher than the total amount of hunting thieves!

Red Eye Devil, Yuxi Bozuo, is now added to the White Beard One Piece, and the reward is 31 billion 45 million Pelilers!

This figure is really high.

Only this matter can only become a smile at the White Beard Pirace, for the thief, the reward is just one of them to laugh or be proud.

Mobi Dick.

White Beard One Piece celebrated the defeat of Mado's banquet for a few days, Yiszo Sasuke's face didn't look very happy, it seems to have any feelings.

"Hey, Sasuke, your reward is improved!"

Malco handed a cup of ice juice, smiled and picked up the reward order in Sasuo Hand, and blew whistle leisurely: "31 billion 45 million Pelery, except for the old man, your reward, this boat is the highest ! "

Yizhi Bozuo shook his head and sighed a little: "For us, the higher the reward, the more dangerous ..."

"Hahahaha ..."

Markco can't help but laugh, continue: "Now people don't really open your eyes, to kill you in order to hang up?"

"Some people, it is to have money."

After Yuxi, Saso, he slowly took his own reward, and he looked at the following newspaper. He watched the news on the newspaper and whispered: "If you give the money enough, even God, then Guys also dare to wave the knife ... "

"You are talking about the king of the name, the Qi Wuhai!"

The corner of the Malcard's mouth is open: "There are more and more pirates recently come in the new world. It is said that the guy is scared to come in."

After the Malco said, he couldn't help but continue: "But the Navy is really wrong, they just let the corners have served as the Queen Seven Wuhai, and the corner will start to be wanted by the dark world. The nobles started ... "

On the side of Marco, he couldn't stand the news in the Yishe Sasuko, and the pirate called Shangji was captured by the Navy.

Shangyuan Needs, sand crocodile pirates, rewards 60 million.

The corner of the Malco revealed a smile: "Ha, Shangyuan Na, I know this little guy, as if the companion of the Klock Darna guy, like me is also a ship doctor ... I didn't expect it to be caught in the seven water. ! "


Yizhi Bozuo aware of his own disorder, handed the newspaper in his hand to Marco, sucking his own juice.

"Ha, it's really interesting!"

Markco can't help but look at the news in his hand, laughing in Haha, smiled: "This guy is actually taken away by several navy, hahaha ... The six thousand rewards are caught by several naval three soldiers. "

"Hahahaha ... this is too inferior!"

After the Malco's words were heard, I couldn't help but touch my beard. I wanted to see why people will be taken away by the Naval Third. I actually boarded the news. More.

Malco smiled and threw the newspaper to the flower swords Tita: "It is estimated that the Navy is to attract Crokdal to save your companions ..."

They guess it is right.

The navy is indeed so thinking.

Crowdal is also thinking.

However, the ability of Naqi Naqi is very special, and Crokdal does not want to give up this kind of ship doctor with special heterogenesis.

Everyone thinks so, only to catch the original Na Na Na, a few naval recruits are not so thinking, they are now very regretted to catch up with the original navigation.

Or they are not a navy, just incorporate the Navy's CP9 special agent.

As the direct special agent of the World Government, CP9 wants to mix the navy is not too easy. Although it is just a few days of new soldiers.

Because you want to take part of the mouth of Shangyuan Nair, these CP9's special agent can be a great effort.

These CP9's special attackers arrived from the seven water to Alabastein, and I heard that Crokdal fled from Allabatam, only re-returned to seven water.

As a result, I had encountered Klock Dalgar to the seven water.

Of course, these guys are certainly afraid to capture Crokdal, and their goals are directly targeting the minimum of the lowest aura of the original navigation.

Just waiting until these CP9 specialists have caught the original navigation and brought the Navy Marshal, the Navy's Marshal gave the direct official of CP9, and immediately ordered the CP9 to be arrived out!

This is certainly unacceptable to CP9's specialist ...

However, they can't stop the pressure of the Navy's marshal, can only temporarily delay the delivery period, while taking the original navigation by delaying time, from his mouth, you know the fall of Pluto ...

The Navy's Marshal Warring States did not get a letter from the CP department, ordered the Qing's generals immediately to Justic Island, and went to the CP organization to return to the original navigation back this navy undercover!

And since it dispatched a general, it can't waste opportunities.

Therefore, the Warring States also planned to take a chance to take over the chance of the Qing, and if the guy of the Klockdal wants to save his part?

Therefore, the Warring States also sent a general dog to stand at any time, in addition to this, there is also the horns in the seven Wuhai, which is also pulled out ... After all, the reward of Kloddal has exceeded 800 million, enough to attract the corner!

Justice is on the island!

The wind is in the wind!

Justice, CP9 Division Interrogation Interpretation.

Shang Nai Lu sat in the trial room of the CP department, looking at all people in the field, unhappy open: "Well, now the whole CP9 department is here? Is there any member?"

Eight battle members, a maximum of the big official.

The highest signs of Spanda, fighting members Rob Road, and karaoke, Gaba, Bruno, Lions snuggled, no owl, Keli Fa, coli, etc.


CP9's protrudes, the highest, Spandar, the sudden look at the original navigation, cold voice opening: "Do you think the Navy's Marshal Warring States can keep you? A Navy Major in the district ... I have to explain the intelligence of Pluto!"

"I don't know if the navy's master can hold me ..."

Shangyuan Na Rose slowly cleared his fists, the shackles on the wrist were collapsed directly, he was slowly pinching his wrist.

Looking at the original eye, I looked at the scene that I became nervous. I hook my mouth smile and said: "Congratulations in advance, I am smothering the super big prize ... this prize is a precious ... resurrection experience card!"

"... What ... meaning?!"

The special agents of CP9 were amazed to look at the original navigation.

Next moment, the Shangyuan Nairies in their eyes suddenly disappeared in the original place!


Robu Luo's speed is the fastest, after his eyes saw the original navigation suddenly disappeared, his figure suddenly disappeared in the original place!

Rob Jochi just appeared in the other corner of the secret room, he suddenly saw a lot of golden light on his body, and a voice came from the ear.

"I haven't mentioned the rules yet, how do you dare to move?"

Shangyuan Nair's hand covered in the head of Rob Road, the smile suddenly became ingenous: "It can't wait ... Is it necessary to send dead?"