I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 449 If your strength is too weak, I may not remember you.

Among the CP9 departments directly under the World Government.

Rob Jochi's strength is the most powerful in all agents.

He was hailed as the most powerful agent since the entire CP9 department, and was also considered to be the most cold killing machine in history. The agent pursued the darkness, and the heart seems to have already lost human feelings.

A bit unfortunately ...

As a killing machine who lost human feelings, his strength is still within this category of human beings.

"Your guy ..."

Rob Junqi desperately wants to twist his neck to see the Shangyuan Na, standing behind him, but the palm on the top of the head can't move!

"Since you want to turn your head, then I will help you!"

Shangyuan Na's face suddenly flashed a cold, the next moment, his palm suddenly twisted Rob, the head, let his head show a strange angle!


The neck twist sound echoes in the room.

Each CP9 specialist is not compromised by the autonomous land, the strongest Rob, Luqi actually was resolved by the original navigation!

Shang Nai was lapsered and opened his palm, throwing the body of Rob Road, and looked at the rest of the people: "Who is uncomfortable?"


The face of Spandaha has changed, and the high voice: "All people go together, hurry up this guy!"

A few seconds.

All the cp9's agents have fallen on the ground, and everyone's neck presents a strange angle, and their death law is exactly the same as Rob Road.

After a few seconds, each agent couldn't help but self-help her neck, as if I did a nightmare.

No, not a nightmare!

That is true!

Each of them has been killed once!

Shang Nai was not careless to shoot his palm, whispered: "Your resurrection experience is expired, who else dares to do it now?"


Everyone can't help but fall into silence. In just a few seconds, the entire CP9 specialists have been killed once, even at all, there is no more than half of the reactions ...

Spandaum trembled shocking out of the table, showing a smile of a woman: "Shangyuan Major, I am a command of the World Government ..."

"rest assured."

Shang Nai fell to shoot the head of Spandaham, laughed and opened: "But as a exchange, I think you must know what to do? I only give you a chance ... you said, who should you in the future? command?"

"Of course, the order of the navy ..."

The performance of Spandarm is looking at the original navigation.

"Hey, answer the error."

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly reached his palm, falling on the head of Spandaim, calmly opening: "I have done so many years of CP9, how do you don't have a half?"

"What does it mean?"

Spanda's expression couldn't help change slightly. He felt more and more powerful, he was highly said: "You can't kill me! I am CP9's chief, Wang Shun The seven Wu Cape is willing to come from the Navy, and they will never let you go! Hey, come to save ... "


The body of Spandam fell on the ground.

Shang Nai is not carefully looked at the cp9 of the silk, and laughs. "This is your chief, actually stand by side?"

Rob Jochi's pupil is slightly shrinking, and the pigeons standing on the shoulders have instead of his opening: "When there is an absolute gap, there is no need for a waste of precious life ..."

"It's good."

Shangji was gently applauded, looked at the pigeons on Rob Junchu, smiled and said: "Your pigeons are very good ... Of course, if you let the pigeons replace you, today my dinner is stewed. soup."


Rob Louis is full of face, and why this guy actually wants to kill him from a small pigeon!

Is this a powerful school?

"All right."

Shangyuan Needan to sweeping the people at the scene, smashed the head: "Now Spandaham is dead, who will answer, who should be commanded in the future?"

"Of course it is your order."

As the women in the CP9 agents, Cariefa is particularly delicate, and immediately picks up an absolute answer.

"It's really fun ..."

Shangyuan Na fell to hook his mouth, suddenly spread his palm in Cariefa, and suddenly broke out!

Carlyfa's neck suddenly fell into the palm of Shangyuan Nai!

Shangyuan Nai is falling with her neck, and it is unhappy to open: "But can you tell me, why is your heart not thinking so?"

"I thought so…"

Carlyfa rushed to hurry up the arm of Shangyuan Na, and there was a fear on his face. She didn't want to experience it again to twisted her neck!

At this time, the CP9 interrogation room door suddenly opened, and the naval part of the gods appeared at the door.

The servant of the Qing Dizhen rushed over. He probably was afraid that Judic Island was raised by the original naval. So the fastest arrived here.

Unfortunately, he has come later.

The special agents of CP9 have fallen into the hands of Shangyuan Na.

The greenness looked at the neck of Cariefa, and the brow couldn't help but wrinkled, and the sound opened: "Hey, Shangyuan Na, you can't you gentle this cute lady?"

"Green Span General!"

Carlyfa's face seems to see the savior!

Each CP9 agent is relieved, at least the Navy is in the words, Shangyuan Nairou should not be too arrogant!

Shangyuan Needle slowly twisted the head, looked at the gods, slightly smashed his eyes: "Before, don't you know the door first?"


The greenness looked at the Spandam, who fell to the ground, couldn't help but scratched his head, and turned over the interrogation room, and muttered: "It's trouble ..."


The blue gob knocked a few goals symbolically.

"Don't come in."

At the end of the Nair, a word is poor to die.

The ghou of the Navy's general couldn't help but jumped, muttered with the opening: "Hey, your guy is going to do something, the Sakaski guy is coming soon, I will find some beer, you What to drink? "

Orange juice. "

Shang Nai is unhappy to send a brilliance, turning to look at the CP9 in the room, smiling and launched his palm.

"I am actually very good at this person."

Shangnai Looking at the people in the venue, laughed and continued: "Your life is about one minute, you can choose to resist, scream or surrendene, and some may speed up ..."

"If you can keep us, we are willing to surrender."

Rob Luo Looked at the original navigation, reached out of his pigeons, took the initiative to open: "Spandaam is dead, his father Spanda is the first CP9, the guy will never let go. Our agents ... "

"Then you have to see how much your own sincerity ..."

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, laughed and said: "If there is a person who is not willing to surrender, all eight people must be killed ..."


Rob Junchi silently took a second.

Next moment, the figure of Luqi suddenly moved, his fingers flew into the end of the collar, and the gun was suddenly broken by Nairo's heart!

Rob Jochi slowly turned, looked at the original navigation, calmly opening: "The remaining seven people should be very sincerely surrendered."


Shangyuan Nai is caught in a silence.

Rob Road looked at the original navigation, soft explanation: "Nairo is internally inserted intern, I can't judge his mind, in order to solve the next crisis, I must put all the crises all in the dead, I must He cleaned up! "

"It's good."

Shangji was calmly drummed, and the eyes were watching Rob Road, whispered: "It seems that you have a few guys ... really beyor I imagined to unity!"

"This group of guys is all waste ..."

Rob Jochu is desperate to the eyes of other CP9 agents, continue to open: "But I barely entrust the life to them, it is worth trust!"

Everyone: "..."

Although their heart is a little touched, there is still something that I want to kill Rob Road ... Is this queen?

Rob Luo's eyes fell on Nairo, and continued to explain calmly: "Let's let go of Spandarm to make a explanation ... I think this dirty will not fall in the neck of Nairo, then Just fall in Neuro. "

"You are very wise."

Shangyuan Na was squatted, and put it freely, open the mouth: "You can go to the Qing Dynasty to report, tell him, you are my department, then return to the seven water to continue your life, you need you I will use you again! "


Cariefa looked at the original navigation.


Shangyuan Nairou looked at Carryfa nodded, laughed: "It seems that I don't need you to do ... Is it a rare vacation ... As for the collection of the Task of Pluto, let's go!"


Everyone looked at the original navigation complicated.

To tell the truth, the specialists of the truth, except for the task, and have never lived this concept. Is this self-proclaimed boss to make their loyal boss not very reliable?

Only Kellyfa looked at the original naval and looked at her. This woman consciously covered his chest, smiled and said: "Chief, this is sexual harassment ..."


Carlyfa is kicked by Rob Road!

Luohu Luqi ignored the strange eyes of others, and slowly took down their own hats, and fought a gift toward the original na, and there was a strong voice.


"It's a smart!"

Shangji is located at Robuchi, this CP9, the name of the CP9, whispering: "So, look at the decisiveness of you, I will spare to Carrya's speech."

"Yes, Nelenting Needers."

Rob Jochi nodded, led the CP9 to leave here, Carryl Fa also stood up in the support of the kara, and he left him with him.


Shangqi Nai Lu suddenly called them, laughed: "If it is too weak, it is not necessary to use them, I may not think about it ..."

"We wrote down."

Rob Luo Shenxiang opened: "When the next time, we will let Newn, you think we have the value of us."

After they stepped out of the door.

Bruno looked at Rob Road, I couldn't help but ask: "Luqi, if he can't think of us, don't we just have to face him such a terrible person ..."

"So ..."

Rob Jochi's eyes slowly became a bit sharp: "If there is a useless tool in your home, someone steals it or destroyed, will you pay attention in the future?"

If their CP9 has always been a useless tool, Shangyuan Needa will definitely not care about their life and death, only they become a useful appliance with the original navigation, there is the value of the protected value!

Just when Rob, Luo believes that the Bruo suddenly opened: "Of course, it will care, even if the tool does not use, but also my property ..."


Rob Jochi fell into a contemplation.

This is the metaphor of him, or is the brain of Bruno?