I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 450 I hope that the Clock Darren is nothing (fourth!)


Spandam's office.

This office was temporarily returned to Shangyuan Na.

Originally, the Shangyuan Nai, who was tried, sat on the chair, slowly drinking the ice orange juice prepared by the Qing, as if Justic Island became his site.

A group of cp9 agents standing in the office.

Youth is sitting opposite the Shangyuan Na Rou, looking at the CP9 agent standing next to a row, scratching the head: "Don't you need a CP9 guy with your strength?"

This group of CP9 agents are ordered to find him, meaning that he wants to help to handle the cp9's next trouble, and you can have trouble.

CP9's specialists have cast a phenotypic, if they don't need them, isn't it necessary to kill them?

This Navy's general ...

What is wrong with the poison?

Shangji shook his head, smiled and said: "I just put a step in one step, in case of future use?"

No matter what else, at least his mission is rewarded!

Branch mission: kill Spandam (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the life energy is 30000 points, the armed colored domineering is 30,000 points, seeing the color of 3,00000 points.

The reward of killing Spandaha is really cool!

Although the guy of Spandarm is quite a scum, it is really quite rich, if you kill him, you can give a reward ...

Branch Task: Beat CP9 (87), the task has been completed, rewarding skills Navy six (pole).

Navy six-mock (pole): All original naval six shaved, finger guns, feet, iron block, paper painting, monthly step all strengthen to the ultimate application, free to extend thousands of full-scale ability, sufficient to control any body The part launches the navy six!

Navy six rewards are still possible.

After all, let the original navigation are going to do, he can only imitate his power, this is the real navy six!

I feel that there is nothing too much ...

In addition to the feet and the guns are a bit handsome.

"Okay, let's go back first!"

Shangyuan Nai Lu waved the CP9 agent leaving, and looked up and looked at the green goblin, whispered: "When is the red dog? I can't wait."

"Let's wait for a while!"

The green goblin patted his forehead and whispered: "Sakaski guy is more sensitive, advocating is absolutely just, don't let him find evil in your body ..."

"What is nour! I am a kind person!"

Shangyuan Na will slowly open the way: "The words, what is the arrival of the red dog, does it mean that my captain Crokdal wants to come to Juda Island to save me?"

"Hey, how to say ..."

The green gyzykly, I couldn't help but open: "According to Robin, the intelligence provided by Robin, the Crok Darna guy worried that the Justice will be the trap of the navy, and the guy has decided to give up you ..."

"Mom, he is still a person?"

The expression of Shangyuan Na will suddenly become very embarrassing, he slowly clears his fist, can't help but say: "How can Klock Darn guys? I have saved his, forget the unqualified villain!"

The guy of Klock Dar is too much!

This guy will abandon his partner, do not do the One Piece, especially he also abandoned a very powerful partner!

Is this still wanting to make a Piece?

Do you want to enter the new world?

"Hey Hey hey…"

The goblin generally looked at some excited Shangyuan Na, I couldn't help but help my forehead. I watched the original navigation in words, my mouth was awkward: "But Crokdal is forced to this kind of situation, isn't you this guy? ? "


Shangyuan Nai is silent.

It seems that this person is saying that there is no mistake ...

If he is not his side behind the scene, the guy of Clockdal may not be so bad, maybe I am still doing his hero in Alabas!

"This is the fate of Klock Darr!"

Shangruling on Shangyuan Na Ruh, smashed his fist and smashed his fist, and smashed the desk in front of the desk: "Crokdal ..." dare to violate me to add the fate of him! "


The forehead of the blue gyon jumps.

The temper of this guy is too poor!

This person's character and acting style is still bad than that of the red dog.

The guy of the red dog pursues absolute justice. Whether you do anything, you like to play the name of justice, and the original naval is more brittle ...

Directly hit the name of the fate ...

When will the vocabulary of fate, can it become the reason for the destiny of others?

"I have to send the Crok Darna guy in the sea and morning!"

Shangqi Nai raised his head and looked at the green goblin in front of him. "Hey, Qingqi, I want to send me into the sea-shelf big prison because Pelton!"

"What do you do?"

The expression of the green gossip is slightly strange.

If this guy is placed in the sea-shelf prison, it is estimated that the big prison will have a chaos, this requirement is absolutely unable to promise!

The greenness looked at the original naval, scratched his forehead: "You are directly under the SWORD troops, no matter what it is impossible to be sent into the seabed big prison, the Warring States Marshal specially let me protect you ... "

"Do you let me go ... or you send me?"

Shang Nai is settled to open his palm. The place where the seabed big prison will definitely go to ahead, and at least you must do a prison.

It can even be completely mastered in the sea.

Now that the boss of Klock Darl is obviously not a person, it can only be close to his second boss!

look forward to…

Very expected ...

The cyan is silent for a second, he looked at Shangyuan Na, and sighed in front of him: "Hey, this is not easy to manipulate things ... unless you betray the Navy ..."

"How can I betray the navy ..."

Shangji shook his head, smiled and opened: "I have a pure justice on my body!"


Qingyan feels that he is eye.

Because in any way, Yummy feels that the original naval is the defeat of the navy, can't stop this guy's penetration of the Navy is his big dealer ...

"Forget it."

Shangqi Lu Lu suddenly showed a smile, soft: "We first put this thing aside! We are now the most important thing, waiting for the red dog! Hey, do you have any smoke? "

"What is the battle is too much trouble ..."

The green is shaken, and the mouth is awkward: "Hey, since the Klkkdal has already sure, the red dog is estimated to leave in Justice for a while."

"No, I just want to give a surprise for the red dog."

Shangji opened his palm, laughed and opened: "You said, can we take a red dog general, can you pull him into our camp?"


The first thought of the Qing Dynasty is ...

Think carefully, when is the original navigation?

This guy will not really want to force the red dog! That is the general of the name of absolute justice, how can it be obedient to this evil organization!

Youth can't help but sigh.

Only one of him pursuing a lazy justice will not mind the camp to join the original Nair, and the purpose is to persuade this guy to reduce the evil committed.

"Hey, I want to try ..."

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai have flashed a bright light, and the sound gradually became a bit.

Since the Klock Darn guy refuses to accept the fate I give him, he is directly preparing to accept the punishment of fate! "

"What do you want to do?"

The greenness looked at the original navigation in their eyes.

Shangyuan Na was touched his own phone, and asked uncomfortable: "Ask Robin? Where is the next stop of Klock Darna?"

"Shampoo Islands."

The blue goblin slowly opened: "The Crokdalna guy has a permanent pointer of the shampoo. He is estimated that I have long prepared to go to the new world ..."

"very good."

Shangyuan Na was looking at the green goblin, suddenly came out: "Mr. Qing, will you doubt your body?"

"What do you mean?"

"For example, something like intuitive ..."

Shangyuan Na's mouth slowly revealed a smile, he laughed and continued: "Do you believe that someone can arrange a spy into your body?"


The eyes of the cyan have changed slightly.

The first half of the great route.

The ship of the sand crocodile pirates moved toward the shampoo.

Klock Darrhole does not have a half point to go to Justic Island to rescue the original Nairi, that is, Justice, is very close to the Navy's Ma Lin Duo ...

Most importantly, the Shangyuan guy is actually caught by several navy, and it is really a drag. After the arrival of the new world, the guy is estimated to live, and the Crokdal is simply too lazy to save him. .


Because Shangyuan Na Rouked up the newspaper by several naval recreation, the entire sea was laughing at the 60 million rewards of the six thousand people under the hand of Klockdal!

Let him lose this sandstone in the big sea, Crokdal doesn't go to find the original navigation!

Crokhal really has 10,000 reasons to save the original navigation.

Now Crowdal and Nik Robin horse must arrive in the shampoo island. After coating the hull, after dive to the fish people, then enter the new world from the fishman ...

The only thing is more trouble ...

Now the fish of the fish island is at home.

This person is absolutely difficult to pay, Crowddal and Carton ghosts also have a hatred, so they have to find ways to avoid being discovered by mortgage ghosts.

Kroddal sighed with his own cigar, sighed in a sigh, and how did he know so many enemies?

Just when Crowd Dar wants to re-ignite ambition, a voice rang from his body, it is a tail guard in his body!

"Hey, sand crocodama!"

The sound of a tail guard sounded anxious: "Don't close the front of those islands, there are three very powerful characters, one of whom is our use of frozen fruit capabilities in Klock Dar!"


The expression of Kloddal has changed, and now the guard is reminded, and he has no reason to suspect a tail guard against him, because he knew that a tail guard and his symbiotic.

Now that the Crane suddenly reminded ...

Description of the shampooland is really hidden!

Three very powerful characters, one of them is the ice of the frozen fruit, the rest of the two people seem to be self-evident!

"The Navy's three general!"

The look of Kloddal's look is not very good. He swallowed a cloud with a cigar, Shen Sheng: "I have never heard of the news of the Navy's three generals appearing in the shampoo, the group of guys is here, will not be In order to let the old age! "

"do not know…"

A tail guard is slowly swallowed: "Do you want to go in? In addition to the three guys, other people are not very good ..."

"No, first find a safe place!"

Crokdal shake his head, immediately manipulated the rudder, turned away from the direction of the shampoo, and I plan to find a suitable place to rest.

Nicole Robin noticed here, smiling and said: "Mr. Clock Darr, what is it?"

"The three major generals of the Navy is ambush in the shampoo."

Klock Darg squatted with a cigar, and he snorted: "Fortunately, the guard is reminded that he is escaped, let's find a suitable place to take a break!"

"The Navy's three general!"

Nicole, Luobin, showed a shot, he frowned, he had a way to speak: "If they are really ambushing us, we are too close to the shampoo, in case of the Navy, three major will It is also very likely to chase! "

"In addition to Laozi, who is eligible for such a big fight?"

After the clouds of Clock Darm spit, Shen Sheng said: "Molia guy's land can not go, I remember that there is a small island with a small smoke near Justic Island, which is another route in seven routes. Let's go there! "

After Kroddal said, he continued: "Hey, the way, if there is a chance, Laozi will not be in the Naval Branch, directly attacked Justice to save the original navigation, and ambush for the navy Reverse! "


Nicole Rob is slowly nod.

Hey, I am going to save the original naver.

I really don't know that the guy of the Crokdal arrived in the wilderness, I saw the general ambush, what did he expose?!

If Crowd Dal knows that in addition to himself, this ship has always been undercover, including the guards in his body are also undercover, and I don't know what expression will be exposed when this guy will expose!

can only say…

I hope that the spirit of Klock Dar is fine?