I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 452 At this time, do you do actors?

The atmosphere on the warship is a bit weird.

No one does not understand what is the meaning of the original navigation.

The green spheres can't help but help the forehead. They sighed in the quietness. He didn't expect that the original Needle will actually show them.

The red dog looked at the original navigation, and the face couldn't help but show an angry. He took a breath, and his face opened: "Shangnai Nairi college, what is this famous?"

This guy is doing something!

Do you have anything at this time?

"Red dog."

At the end of the Navy, the Navy of the Navy, the general of the Navy, calmly opened: "You will be a bait as a bait, want to capture Clock Dal;

But if someone treats the Klock Darna guy as a bait, what is his purpose to capture who? "

This is a problem with a ferrule.

The Navy wants to use the original naval as a bait to capture Clock Dal; Shangyuan Nairou also uses Klock Darr as a bait to capture the red dog in Croatar.


The red dog immediately wanted to understand all things.

The Navy's generals heard the original Nairi, his face flashed a disdain, looking at the original navigation: "Is there any human beings to capture the two Navy's generals? People stand behind your back who is it?"

It's funny.

Some people will dare to stare at them!

Now this warship has two Naval's generals, especially this sea area, the first half of the great route, Justic Island and Malin Vantra can not be far away!

Don't say aid.

Even if the two Navy's generals are enough!

Which organization or a thief group is crazy?

Is the original neck of this small navy? Do you want to provoke their neighbors of the Navy?

The Navy's general is the highest power of the world government!

The two Navy's generals are here, which means that no one can stop them throughout the sea, even the four emperors will not despise the power of the two Navy!

"Who is eligible to stand behind me?"

Shangyuan Nai Lu shakes and shakes his head. The momentum is gradually increasing. His voice is more sorrowful: "I really want to make a good effect for a few boss, but unfortunately they can't see me ..."

In the next moment, the domineering domineering on the original Nairi suddenly vented it, and his face had a lot of proud: "No ... It didn't grab the choice of destiny, so they didn't get God's care!"


The red dog has not come and wants to clear what is going on, and a slap in tyrannical is domineering, forced him to release his armed colors!

A black red overlord is suddenly swept around, and the naval soldiers on the warship suddenly fainted in this domineering impact!

Even if it is a young and red dog in this tyrant's impact!

Even if I became the Qing Dynasty, I didn't think about the Qing Dynasty, I didn't think of it. The Shangyuan Nairo in front of him actually had such a terrible overbreeding, this huge horror is simple and decades ago D. Roger Nothing difference!

In the Eitwall battle, they saw the fight against Gorr D. Roger and Golden lion, and they also felt that the Pirates of the One Piece were domineering!

Unexpectedly, there is such a powerful overlord color!

The entire navy can't pick up such a strong overgency domineering, no, even now this world, it is estimated that you can't pick it up like this is so powerful!

In addition to bringing the aggressive momentum stress, this stock gas is more accurate control, without a half-point leak ...

It's horrible!

The eyes of the red dog are extremely gloomy. He stared at the original navigation, Shen Sheng said: "No wonder you dare to challenge the general ... What is your guy? What is the purpose of sneaking the Navy!"

"Of course, for justice!"

When the Shangyuan Na is said to say this, the face is not angry, if he ignores his enthusiasm, this person is talking about it.


The red dog is squeezing his fist.

The original naval is still going to be diluted now?

Such a powerful tyrant domineering, and even public claims to be enemies with the Navy, there is a ghost just!


Shangji shook his head, sighed, said: "In fact, I don't want to join the Navy. It is the Navy to take the initiative to ask me to join ... If I don't join the Navy, my long official Drake will use the Tuced. Go to Alabastan! "

Shangqi Lu fellyly opens: "For countless civilians in Arabastan, I can only choose to join the Navy ..."

These are of course serious.

It has always been a leader of Drake Major to take the initiative to join the Navy, or even the command of the Warring States Marshal.

This matter is quite alepered ...

But such an outline is the fact.

Because each step of each step is within the plan of Shangyuan Na, it is the last place of arrival, and many senior high-ends of the Navy will want to pull him a navy.


The face of the red dog is still cold.

How does the Navy may pull this unable to join the Navy, this guy is mixed!

Shangyuan Nairo shook his head, sighed, sighed: "I am talking about it ... I have never want to join the Navy, which is Drake Major to force me to join the Navy, you can go Ask him. "

When I said here, Shangyuan Na is laughing, whispered: "In fact, I didn't want to do it, but you took the initiative to send the door ... After all, I wanted to capture the opportunity to contribute to a Naval Ben University."

The Navy's generals are unable to go.

Among them, there must be a generals of the general treasury in Malin Vantoma.

The three major parties will represent the strongest force of the World Government. In addition to usually annihilating powerful pirates, they need to help the World Government to deal with some of them ...

I want to catch a general in the right opportunity ...

It is really not to catch a four emperors.

"Shangyuan Na, your gut is really big!"

The scorpion of the red dog flashed slightly, and a black smoke came out from his body. The Navy's arbitrary is open: "Do you think you can succeed?"

The red dog is slowly dripped with magma, and the magma has a little bit of burning the deck. His voice is more proud: "The district tyrant is domineering ... It seems that you still don't know, the Navy's general ... What does it mean? ! "

This world does not lack the hegemony of the hegemony of hegemony.

One million in millions can have a domineering domineering, but this does not mean invincible, the three generals of the Navy have killed a few pirates with domineering domineering!

Wang's qualification ...

Just have the possibility of becoming king!

I want to be a real king, where is it easy!

Of course, the top of the top of the Shangyuan Naja is really exciting, even if the new world is not necessarily able to find it with him ...

Generally, the domineering is cultivating to this extent, armed tall domineering and opinion, you don't have to say, at least in the world's top ...

One of the bare dogs is clear in the heart, but it is not willing to bow to evil.

"The power of the Navy's general, I am very clear ..."

The eyebrows of Shangyuan Nai is a smile. He looked up to see the red dog back: "The strength of the Youth Span, I have teached, I can only help me do ice juice; red dog general, I think I can use it Come to the birthday cake point candle ... "


This is really insulting.

One is the ability of nature, one is the ability of natural magma, all of which are top fruit capabilities, plus their skilled domineering ...

Even if the four emperors can not ignore their two power!

However, after hearing the original Needle, the red dog suddenly realized where it was not too strong. This guy received the ice-frozen fruit capability before the gods?

So, this guy ...

It should be a real identity!

Shangnai Luo Luo Luo said with him for such a long time, why didn't you say a word, is it so lazy?

Not too right ...

Even if this person is lazy, it is absolutely impossible in this case, this is not in line with a Navy's arbitrary identity!

The red dog seems to think of something that dare not confidence ...

The red dog slowly turned his head under the conflict of the tyrants, and he looked at the green span who stood not far behind him. The voice gradually became a little overcast: "What is going on? What is it? Are you? ! "

The guy is a camouflage?

However, the red dog also knows his colleague, although it is not good, but it is only very well understood between each other.

The red dog does not believe that others can disappear so like, of course, he doesn't believe that the green gob is betrayed by the Navy, which is even more drifted!

Youth can be a general of Navy!

Based on the status of the navy, the red dog is very clear, this guy is a great probability that it has become a navy's marshal. It is also the red dog who wants to become a navy's marshal, and implement a thoroughly impressed competitor!

After all, this guy is ...

Inside the neighboring officer in the navy.

However, let the red dog went to doubt the Navy, which is absolutely impossible to believe that the red dog is absolutely impossible, they can be the Navy!

No matter what ...

Never sorry the justice behind the cloak!


Youth is destined to let the red dog disappointed.

The face of the green squatted is awkward, the body is on the cabin, sighing a gap: "Hey, Saskaski, explain, it is too much trouble ... I am sorry, this time I may have to do one Actor ... "


The red dog is inserted into silence.

A breeze blows, slowly blows the black smoke on the red dog, but also exposed his face that gradually became uncomfortable.

At this time, are you doing actors?