I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 453 Because your strength is too weak (third!)

Youth is trying to do your best.

It's really not he refused to help.

This road on this road can be secretly persuaded a few times, suggesting that the red dog will go back to Ma Lin Fano, here does not need the red dog, but the red dog thinks that the guy is too lazy, at all, the task is not strong.

If the person is a yellow, maybe he is immediately turned back to Malin Fanto, but the people who come to support are the most diligent general.

A general of all the pirates.

What's more, it is still a context that you can't think about it. It's a provocative to hint him. If you want to obey him, you will be blamed!

"Hey, the gods will actually do their best."

Shangyuan Na's mouth hook, looked at the red dog showed a smile: "I looked at the eyes on this way. He hinted that when you return to Ma Lin Fan, I have been quietly picking you. Have a pirate ... "

When Shangyuan Na is talking about it, the face is slightly regrettable: "The gods will be very difficult, because he is my department, he can do it constantly, you guess he is now dare Help you? "


The red dog is inserted into silence.

The expression of the green squat is still not very good. He scratched his backhering brain, whispered to persuade: "... Saskaski ... Sorry ..."

The strength of the Qingqi is very clear about the strength of the original Needle and the red dog. When I wanted to defeat the red dog, it was a gentle thing.

The strength of the green goblin and the red dog will be similar to the Buddha.

At the end of the original Needle, he could hang the green dongger. I naturally hang the red dog and even lift them together ...

"Hey ... as a general of the Navy, it is actually betrayed justice ..."

The fist of the red dog is getting tight and tight. He gradually started to emerge, he looked more and more ugly, he looked more and more ugly: "Qing Dynasty ... I will solve this little ghost in front of you ... I must ... I will take you one Clear ... "


Youth is rare without opening a red dog.

If the screw dog is really overcome, then you want to kill him, you will not resist it.


This cannot happen.

At least four or five natural acts of natural lines in this guy, there is also a deep three-color domineering, even if it is a chance to defeat the original navigation in the Kapu, it is also very low.

"Okay, don't say these nonsense ..."

Shangqi Nairou slowly erected his fingers, smiling and said: "Mr. Red Dog and Mr. Yong Pan are the Navy's general, I naturally can't thicken this thin ..."

Shangyuan Na was turned to, looked at the island next to the warship, and the voice gradually wiped much: "Then, let us prepare a suitable battlefield!"


The red dog is full of doubts.

The expression of the green squat is slightly dignified. He looks at the original navigation, whisper muttered: "To start? Lightly change the ability to change the terrain ..."

A sharp bird has fallen in their ear!

Next moment, a whitening giant bird flew from the air!

The giant bird wings more than ten meters, and it is a crystal ice, whether it is wings, claws, and even heads, all of them are cold!

Only its head is on a red crystal, and its body exudes an endless cold, a piece of snow floating from the place where it floated ...

Even if you are very far away, you can feel the frozen forces in your body, and the frozen ability seems to be a bit fit with his frozen fruits ...

Youth is a bit enviable.

Because the ice giant bird is really like his name, the ability is too like!

If there is such a giant bird to make a pet, you can send you the penguin called the camel back to the Antarctic ...

This is only the giant bird consisting of ice, it is the reward after the last navigation of the gods - Ice Crystal Phoenix, Ivinia!

"Go, Ivinia!"

Shangqi Nai Lu smiled and looked at the air of ice crystal phoenix, opening: "Go to help me turn the small island in front of your hometown, help me make a suitable battlefield ..."


A sharp bird sounds through the whole sea!

Ice crystal phoenix fly to the sky of the island, its wings are fanned, the snow is mixed with hail, flying quickly from the air ...

Hasn't, after a long time, the snowfall in the sky and the snowflakes secretly covered their sight, the entire island quickly became a snow and snow world!

The giant bird made a cold world!

The whole island completely changed, only one looks!

No, or say that the climate of the entire small island has changed, maybe since then there is only ice and snow weather!

The towering iceberg is standing, and the snow is falling. The snow on the island is the most perfect, with at least few meters deep, and the temperature in the air is almost a body of the frozen.

"I like snowing the sky ..."

Shangyuan Na Run waved the ice crystal phoenix to fall by his side, he looked at the small island of the sky, he turned his head and looked at the red dog, and smiled and asked: "Heads of dogs, are you satisfied this battlefield?"


The red dog is silent for a while.

Since he is a muscle fruit power, if it is satisfied, is this guy not a little bit?

Don't say that it is a red dog ...

It is a bit speechless.

Do you do any personal?

Even if it is the original broadcast, the red dog is not necessarily his opponent, and now it is also manufacturing a battlefield that is very restored, is this the rhythm of the red dog?

"This is an absolutely fair battlefield."

Shangyuan Na Luo smiled and explained: "Only use this method to avoid our fighting damage to the small island, this island has a second guest ..."

This kind of words ...

It is of course not believed in green and red dog.

The red dog is fighting such a beam fruit power to fight on this small island, and his strength will definitely cut a lot, and it is simply unable to change the terrain of magma fruit to form the battlefield for yourself.

Shangnai Nai Luo this guy's face is too thick ...

How did he be embarrassed to say this is an absolutely fair battlefield?

of course…

Red dog is among all Navy, absolutely will not take the existence!

Whether it is on the surface or in the bones, the red dog is far more proud than the other two generals. He looked at the ice is island in front of him, and he nodded slowly.

The red dog fiercely closed his palm, pinched his fist with force, Shen Sheng: "Since you have selected your own funeral ... then hurry!"


Shangyuan Nair squid, smiling and nod, his figure floats to the air, flying to the island.

Shangji Na Run is a little bit of the snow on the island, laughing and opening: "So next ... Welcome Mr. Red Dog ... coming to this absolutely fair battlefield!"


The red dog embarrassingly embarking on the island.

Just when the red dog just stepped on the island, the endless ice snow on the island was floating. These ice is like a tornado. Generally gather around him!

Just like I want to be buried in the snow directly!

"Is this only this idea?"

The sound of the red dog is still boring in the sky, his arm suddenly became a magma, bounced out towards the ice and snow: "Big sprinkle!"

The flame of a rocky gathering is shot!

Endless ice and snow rapidly melted under the power of large firefights! The ability of magma fruit, even in this environment still has a good strength!

The figure of the red dog is slowly revealed. He looks at the Shangyuan Na, which is floating in the air, once again, and a rock pulley spread from his arm!


This speed is very fast!

Even power can not be underestimated!

However, just when the Dogs have to hit the original navigation, the original Nairou has extended his fingers, and a rock passed from his fingertips!

This small magma directly shotped into the Dog!

After defeating the dog, the magma directly runs through the arms of the red dog, so that the navy's general expression can't help but sink, he just directly elevated, but it still feels that the power of the magma penetrates him. Arm!

"This is the ability of magma fruit? The temperature is actually higher?"

The expression of the red dog became slightly ugly.

The red dog has never thought of there will be today, as a muscle fruit power, it will be hurt by the force of magma!

"Yeah ... this is magma."

Shangji opened his palm, a rocky rock continued to flow in his palm, and it constitutes a variety of miserable shapes from time to time.

Shangji looked at the red dog, whispered: "I said, this island is absolutely fair battlefield, which is very fair to us ..."

Next moment, the magma in the hands of the last naval suddenly flew to the red dog!

The magma expanded in the air, turned into a dragon consisting of magma, pounced toward the bodies of the red dog!

The red dog stretched out his palm, and an armed colored domineering suddenly released it, directly smashed the magma dragon in the air!

This original Needle magma temperature ...

It seems that the magma temperature he has higher!

"You are not awesome ..."

Shangji shook his head and shook his head and reached his palm directly to the red dog: "Since you use one of the armed colors, I use it once, I have used it!"

The voice did not fall, a more strong armed yellow domineering directly released from Shangyuan Na's palm, and the raging armed tiles made a shake of the air!

This intensive gas is too strong!

The armed colored domineering that is separated from the emachs, directly from the Red Dog, the Navy's Navy.

Contemporaneously and armed colored domineering!

It is more stronger than the top of the sea!

"What jokes, this little ghost looks 20 years old ..."

The red dog is armed to the ground, and his mouth can't help but seep it out of the blood, it is a sign of damage to the body!

Only the Navy's card will have brought this pressure for him, but it is a thousand hammer!

Is this level of this level of domineering?

"Mo to deceive a young year!"

Shangji opened his palm, looked at the red dog: "Hey, Sacaski, can you bring me a little new pattern?"

The original Nairou continued to continue: "If you can't bring me a little more fun, then I only have to beat you this pleasure ..."

"Don't be too arrogant ..."

Next moment, the red dog saw the figure of the original Nairi!

The red dog does not feel a slight frown, and I have seen a shadow behind myself, and there is a magma in his boxing!

The red dog has twisted, and a boxing suddenly appeared on his head!

Shangyuan Needa smiled and extended a palm, stoping the red dog is full of magma, at all not in the hurt of the melamium!

This punch directly brought into the original Nairi's hand, the magma splash on the red dog fist, even a few drops of the palm of the Shangyuan Na, slowly dropped down ...

As if it is just ordinary rain, it is general ...

An inexplicably chill suddenly caged the heart of the red dog. What monsters are this guy, is it completely injured?

"I am just a general person ..."

Shangyuan Nairou seems to see the minds of the red dog, laughing and opening: "Is it guess why I worson? Of course because the red dog generally ... it is too weak!"

The palm of Shangyuan Na will suddenly become dark. He turned over to shoot it in the lower abdomen of the red dog. Even if the red dog is not as good as elemental, it will take the naval general.