I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 455 Captain, Captain, have you finally come to save me?

Snowflakes on the island are still flying.

At the end, I looked at my own hot snowman, I nodded from my own, and I looked at the two tall men standing around him.

"You said, is this snowman look good?"


The two Navy's generals have fallen into silence.

Sentences are real, this snowman is really ugly.

Shang Nai Luo Ruo, this guy's technology, in fact, it is not as good as the children of Malin Family family, is really insulting this ice and snow.

Unfortunately, the original navar is a neuropathy.

Both of them are now the departure of Shangyuan Needs, especially this guy is likely to make dangerous moves.

Now, the two navy generals have reached a tacit understanding.

They will be in this dangerous organization, as much as possible, to prevent some dangerous moves from the original navigation by persuasion.

This second and strong guy, it will be in the way, just like it is the same as the dragon people, not, more troublesome to the Tianlong people.

So naturally can't tell conscience.

"Oh, you can ..."

The green oan fits the back of the back, and then the point is nod, I looked at the red dog next to him: "Hey, Saskaski, you also think this snowman is good?"


The red dog fell into silence. He wrinkled and screamed: "Well, it is very good as the snowman who has previously piled up the previous heap."


It's a question mark that you can't help but hold.

He will only turn people into ice sculptures, what snow people have you piled up?

No, no, the real problem is that the red dog is still engaged in his mentality at this time?

The two people did not deal with the Navy's base base. Now become a member of the organization, how is it still not dealt #

Sure enough is ...

Do you have it?

I heard the two Navy's generals praised his own snowman. I nodded at Nairi, and he looked at the red dog. Soon: "Mr. Red Dog, you are more fun than yourself."


After a while, the red dog was silent, and he was not too habit. He opened his mouth: "Upset, if there is nothing, I will return to Ma Lin Fan, and there are still many things to deal with ..."

"No, there is something."

Shangji was shot and shook his head, laughed and opened: "Forgot our original intention to come to this island? Don't you say to catch Clock Darr?"


The red dog is somewhat surprised, I asked the frown: "Upset, is it true to master the trail of Klock Darna guys?"


Shangji nodded, laughed: "If I don't be estimated, he should reach this island this afternoon."

Shangyuan Na Lu also looked at the red dog, reaching his finger, referring to his lower abdomen, whispered: "I am inserting under the body of Klock Dal, all of his moves but all."


The red dog looks more than a little fine.

Because now his body is also inserted with four-tailed Sun Wukong as the undercover, this kind, what is the matter, but it is the original navigation!

Especially as a Navy's general, the peace dog has contacted many Navy's confidentiality. In order to avoid being rejected to the navigation of naval secrets ... He should also be in the same way, the two guys in the yellow gang, start to touch the fish every day. ?

The mentality is a bit unhable.

The red dog is the most diligent work in the three major people!

Only, the red dog is finally realized why the guy is refused to return to Malin Fanto, which should also be afraid to get into contact with what naval confidential is found.

It is still a little conscience, this guy is a bit ...

Unfortunately, the red dog is estimated to be the same as the greenness, in order to protect the navy's confidentiality, we must stay outside to patrol or discuss the one's thief all day ...

that time…

The whole Malin Fanto is left to a general, the guy is still a living, I like to work on the work, I can only hope that the Warring States Marshal people are nothing ...

It's just like this ...

In the heart of the red dog, it will not be a bit fortunate, and he and the Qingqi are inspected and crushed outside, and the yellow gob will have the regulations of the Navy must have a general settlement of the generals. It will not be taken from the original navigation Grab ...

"Okay, since our battle ends, let me first re-decorate this island, so as not to be suspected by Klockdal."

Shangyuan Na's palm fell on the snow, and the snow under his body gradually became melt, whether it is iceberg or snow, is rapidly melting.

This small island seems to have entered the spring, a small seedlings quickly drilled from the ground, just a few seconds, he got a big tree!

It is the power of the power of the element (steam) and the power of the element (wood)!

In just a few minutes, the island that was originally ranked by the original navigation as an ice and snow, re-recovered the lush look.

This is the general means of the Creator ...

The two navy leaders of the Qing Dynasty and the red dog do not help but frown, no matter when it is, it is more difficult to destroy!

How much power is you still hidden in this guy?

No, or say that this guy is really a person?

The eyes of the red dog are slightly dark, a few minutes, a small island's appearance is easily changed twice in his hand.

Shangyuan Na Lu waved his palm, looked at this small island that turned into forests, and laughed: "If this is, the Klock Darna guy will not doubt it?"


Klock Darr suspected that it is not doubt ...

Two naval generals in the Qing Dynasty and the red dog are really skeptical.

When I was retrofitting this island when I was retrofitting this island, a crocodile turtle is moving towards this island.

Two people on board.

It is the sand crocodile Clockdal and Nik Robin.

Klkkdal is still the same as that of the world, and the tail guard he got to provide him with a powerful force, and can help him to help him in advance.

This makes the confidence in Clock Darr becomes more and more.

"When we arrived at the desert island, I found a suitable opportunity to attack Justic Island. Laozi must give a lesson of the Navy. By the way, the place to grab the last navigation."

After Klock Dar, I took a cigar, and I swallowed the cloud, I snorted and continued: "Hyhout ... If the waste is not lucky, I was sent to Duerton, then I didn't blame Laozi, I didn't save him. ! "


Nicole Robin was silent after a second, and his face showed a smile. She nodded at her eyes: "Yes, the boat grows."

"Unfortunately ..."

Klock Dar sighed a little bit: "The battle power of the original Needle, his medical ability is still quite good."


Nicole Robin, nodded his words.

This Crokhal is really dead to the crisis ...

If he wants to save his ship doctor earlier, maybe they have already arrived in the new world now, but unfortunately this guy gave up the way of life, I chose a dead road.

Even if it is a tailed crane in the body of Klockdal, it is the undercover of Shangyuan Na, which is still fighting with people?

Nicole Robin will know.

The island they live now is actually a road.

Klock Dar did actually had countless opportunities, as long as you do the original Nairou's pair of chess pieces or tools, you can live more for a while ...

This sand may sail before sea, because he is the original navigation needs him, and he actually abandoned Shangnao.

The guy of Crokdal has been run wild on the road to death, and even feel too slow ...

Really ...


Unfortunately, Crokdal didn't know all this. He still had a little careful and cautious, and began to rely on the perceived strength of the guard.

When Klock Dal is close to the desert island, I looked at the dense forest, asked about the opinions of the tail guard in their body: "Hello, guarded the crane, what is the dangerous figure on this small island?"

"Hee hee hee hee hee hee…"

The laughter of the guard came out of the body of Kloddal: "There are a few weak guys on the island. For our power, we will kill them!"


Klock Dar's mouth, revealing a smile: "Straight crane, have you can't help with bloodthirsty?"

"he he he he he…"

When the laughter of the guard suddenly took a sharp, it laughed for more than ten seconds, he slowly swallowed: "Hey, let's go!"

The mouth of the crane smile ...

Its heart is definitely awkward!

This Klock Dar is really do not recognize the lifting, and it dares to call the crane. Do you have the words?

If it is not a crane now needs to bring this guy to the front of the original Nair, he is really trying to kill the guy of Clockdal!

Calculate ...


Crowddal guys will experience what is true despair!

The goods on board are not lacking. The only need to add freshwater resources that are difficult to add at sea, and they are also taken on this island.

After the boat, Crokdal fell on the island, and the voice: "In order to avoid the news of the Laozi, then first kill the guy on the island ... Guard, tell me their specific position!"

"he he he he he…"

The laughter of the guard is, the smile is sharp, and the opening prompts: "The action is best to hurry, they are in this forest, I have been walking towards the forest, I can meet them immediately!"

"The fighter is not kind to the kindness ..."

Klock Darn took a cigar, and his mouth floated with a smoke. He slowly walked into the forest, and his face revealed a contempt: "Hey, can only blame the luck ..."

bad luck…

I will touch the sand crocodile you want to hide where you want!

Just after Crowd Dal walks a few minutes along the forest, it finally saw the scenery in the forest, and the depths of the forest were a large tree.

Klkdal also saw people in the forest.

When Klock Dal saw two of them, his forehead suddenly took a cold sweat, and he had a sudden impulse in an instant!

Sitting three people under the big tree of the leaves, they sat around a wooden table, put three cups of juice on the table, two of them were very high.

It is the Navy's general dog and green.

The only person is a normal person, is a ship doctor in Klock Dar.

When Shangji Nai, I saw that Crokdal appeared in front of them, and the face was full of waving towards Crokdal, whispered: "Hey, the captain, you finally come to save me!"

this moment…

Shangyuan Needs is really happy.