I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 457, Malin, a new generation of people ... release!

"Bastan, Laozi will kill you now!"

The throat of Kloddal is almost ignorant. He waves the golden poison hook on his hand, it is necessary to smash the original neighborhood!

No matter who it is, if you know that yourself is in the control of others, you know that your life is in secret rewriting, you will be irritated!

Just as Cross Daluri wants to use the golden poison to pierce, the two Navy's generals flashed!

Next, the two tall people shot at the same time!

The left of the left side of Klock Dar is like a cold ice. The body on the right side is like a magma. He immediately blocked by the two navy!

This is a real navy!

The two Navy's generals are all open, their momentum is very different when I have encountered in Alabashan, and the palm of the Qing is a calm. The red dog is a magma. I instantly hit the Klock. Dar's body!

The most interesting thing is ...

A tail guard in Kroddal is still suppressing his strength!

How can I make Crokdar?

Even if it is desperate, there is nothing to say!

The whole man in Crokdal fly out, half-length, cold, half-length magma, let him be seriously injured by the two naval generals instantly!

At this moment, Crokdal truly realized the power of the general, and realized that a tail guard against his own body!

If there is no tail guard, he can even resist; now a tail guard is still trying to invade his body, let him face the power of the general attack without rebellion!

"Captain of Calanta."

Shangyuan Na Luo went to Klock Dar, looked at the heavy injured sand crocodile, slowly opened: "Do you remember what you said?"

Shang Nai came from the side of Klock Dar, looked at this angry sand crocodile, smiled and laughed: "Don't be angry, don't you regard our Baroque Total?"

Shangji fell to the shoulders of Clock Darr, whispered: "You first treat me as a tool, I am not angry, I just do it, let you become a tool, why are you so angry? ? "

Shangyuan Na will continue to say slowly: "Do you want to be a double mark, I hate two kinds of people, a kind of person is to do a double standard for people; another kind of person is not a double standard person."


The green gods and red dogs standing behind the original navigation.

The eyes of Croatar also revealed a confusion. What is this bastard?

But this doesn't delay the anger of Clock Darren!

After Brown Darr, the power of a tail guard was pressed, and his palm was suddenly a big knife of Huangsha.

"Desert Baoxu!"


The knife composed of Huangsha in hand was taken up by the original navigation!

Shangyuan Nairou stopped on the face of Clock Dar, a river waverted from his palm, and quickly wrapped the body's body in the sphere!

"this is…"

Klock Dal is panicked to look at the water ball on his body!

In just a few seconds, this water ball quickly drowned Klock Dar, let him quickly lose the ability of the devil, and slowly fall into a coma.

After the next time, I was looking at the pass of Klock Dal, and I slowly released the water ball and whispered: "Send Klockdal's guys to the sea-shelf prison! In the future, we still have the opportunity to meet again!"


The red dog looked at the original navigation, and the silend said: "Why don't you use the Crokdal guy? He hasn't used it?"

"Who knows ..."

Shangyuan Na, laughed, looked at the sand crocodile on the ground, whispered: "Maybe there is a bit of use ... I need someone to expose my identity when the key time?

I have been anger this guy, just want him to hate me, unconsciously bring hate, but continue to be my chess pieces. "

"Unable to understand."

The red dog picked up the collar of Klock Darr and shakes his head: "Is this kind of person in the original Hind to hide your identity?"

Shangyuan Na was laughing, and the palm of the palm: "If I did something bad, I didn't be known, how did you experience the happiness of the black hand?"

"... ... it's a bad interest!"

Yummy shook his head helplessly and sighed: "But if this is, don't you worry about the guy of Crokdal?"

Shangyuan Na was not awkward, smiled: "This guy has a tail guard, how can it be leaked?"


The red dog is inserted into silence.

The Navy's general remembered the four-tailed Sun Wukong on his body.

Once becoming a column, it is necessary to stay with people who can control the beast. Shangyuan Needs to pay attention to the bare dog, he is watching all the rewards you get today.

Branch mission: Beat the Navy's general bare dog (11), the task has been completed, reward the energy energy 200,000 points, the armed colored domineering 200,000 points, see the color of 200,000 points.

Defeat the reward for the red dog ...

It's more than a reward that defeated the green.

This is true that the strength of the red dog is even higher than the cyan.

Anyway, it is good news about Shangji Na, now the Navy's part of the Department, two of them have been in hand ... only the last one ...

Branch mission: The three major parts of the Navy should be taken (23), the task is not completed, and the reward is unknown.

In addition to defeating the mission of the red dog ...

The rewards on Klock Dar are not low!

Branch mission: frustrate Clockdal's conspiracy (11), the task has been completed, fixed rewards talent skill elements (sand).

This talent skill ...

It is the most important thing that is the original Neuride!

In addition, there are also rewards that defeated Crokdal.

Branch mission: Beat Crokdal (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the life energy of 88,000 points, armed for domineering 88,000 points, see the color domineering 88,000 points.

This is a very beautiful number.

This is also a reward in Klockdal.

When Klock Dal left Alabastein, the reward is 800 billion 30 million peple, and there is a lot of seven water in the middle, and the revenue has increased by 50 million peel ...

"Let's go!"

Shangyuan Na Lu waved a summoned Huangsha, appearing at his feet, driving them to fly, he asked softly: "You go to the Warring States to pay!" Can you pick me up? "



The two Navy's general rejected the proposal of Shangyuan Nae, even the red dog said: "This requires the approval of the Warring States Marshal ..."

"This is a good business ..."

Shangyuan Nai married a sigh of breath, whispered: "When you report, I have to have a courage to seek Crokdal ... Don't say that mixed a navy's part of the department, at least I have to give the Navy? The rank of the army can be lower than the pharmacist! "

"That guy ..."

After a while, the green squatted, whispered: "Pharmacist has a good job because of the king's seven Wuhai Dongnean persimmon, it has been promoted to the Navy Major General ..."

This is coming out of the way.

After the mortar ghosts and pharmacists negotiated, and after the two men finished, the mortar ghosts made the king of the Qi Qihai, the pharmacist tacted the rank ...

This matter is confused by the Navy and the World Government!

Unfortunately, the Qing You can't say the truth, so he is not a net.

The red dog heard here, the brow couldn't help but wrinkled, and his face was a bit not very beautiful: "The navy is the Navy in the pharmacist ... Is it a member of the organization?"

The expression of the red dog is slightly not very good. He slowly reached out to cover his hat, whisper: "The guy temporarily followed the side of Zemifi and Crane ... Learn how to do a qualified staff and true Navy! "

That older, light naval!

If the red dog has not remembered, the Warring States Marshal praised that the young little guy with the pharmacist is quite intelligent. When he is young, it is a bit like a bit like, at least to take the position of the crane, become the Navy's staff ...

After all, the crane will be 72 years old ...

It is also very necessary to take officers in the new era ...

Pharmacist traveled in the Navy's Malin Fanto, studying the Navy six-style, see if he wakes up two-color domineering, and he is also a talent that the Navy will be important.


The red dog remembers that the Warring States Marshal I once mentioned that the parents of the pharmacist pockets are a branch navy in a remote place, and they have died in a certain task;

And the guy called the pharmacist has grown up in the branch base of the parents, so it is determined to become a navy.

Until the branch base encountered an attack of a big one, it was completely destroyed. The Navy of the entire branch base was not afraid of death to protect his only remains, and let the pharmacist have a living hope ...

After many years, the pharmacist has found another base to join the Navy. This also created the wisdom of the pharmacist ... These things can indeed investigate that the naval base that the pharmacist talented many years ago, it is indeed a The big piceon is completely destroyed.

The name of the big one is called Edward Weibull!

It is because the pharmacist pocket these tragic experiences ...

A few years ago, because of the strong enemy, most of the naval youths were killed by the pirates, and the heart of the navy, the head of the dead, I learned the pharmacist.

Former Navy's general, the navy's general teaching official ZJR is a little more tolerant, and even breaks the pharmacist to make the last student ...

Because the one of Zemifu is also killed by a hundred pirate ...

Moreover, I detrograde the Pharmacist's hometown of Edward Weibull, once killed many students of the General Jerseal's generals, and the culprit of the hometown of Zemifu's right arm!

Two people have an approximate life ... with the same hatred.

As a red dog of the brother, I also heard this little brother, even I even listened to the pharmacist to talk about the meeting room of Malin Vantomo.

The strategy and wisdom of the pharmacist are indeed not low.

Even if it is the strength of the pharmacist, his wisdom is also enough to make him sooner to become a navy's department!

Simply pit!

In the entire Malin Van Duo, their Navy's high level believes that it is very likely that the new generation of pharmacists, which is also in the original Nairi!

Is this kind of thing to be too bad?

This kind of thing is in fact, it is not bad.

If the screwdriver can compile the pharmacist's so perfect story, even in the words, add a little emotional appeal, and finally supplement the justice of everyone accepted, he can also become the new favorite of Marina.

Navy's department, Malin Fanto.

The pharmacist stopped his own cultivation, and went to a beautiful girl who stood next to the cultivation. He said seriously: "Ane, how can you come here, Zemifer teachers have What is it? "


Ane nodded, Shen Sheng opened: "Pocket ... Zemifer teacher ... now there is an important thing to call! Please don't absent!"

"I know."

The navy collvescent pharmacist nodded and put on the navy cloak on the side, pushing his own glasses, and he looked at Ane.

"Let's go, don't let the teacher wait too long."

During this time, the pharmacist has been completely integrated into the role of Malin Vanto, which seems to have no violation.