I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 458 Pharmacist Pocket Bored Life in Malin

The pharmacist has been trust in many people.

With the common situation of others, you can always get the tolerance of others.

Before entering Malin Vantra, the pharmacist has entered the bottom of the Navy to explore the homework in the country, and I checked the information of all the bases of the Navy to choose a suitable life.

Incidentally, the pharmacist has privately bribed an official of a world government, and an increase in the parents who do not exist.

The world government officials were attacked by the One Piece.

of course…

Some words, the pharmacist will definitely not say.

In,, the truth.

The pharmacist is not easy to mention his past, all of which are occasionally inquired, just give others a guess, let others guess the pharmacist want to tell him the truth.

Many things, let others guess than yourself more worthy of being believed.

A smoked, a group of people who have been in a group of intelligence, a group of people who are guessing from the child.

This is ...

In fact, it is quite simple.

The girl who walked together with the pharmacist is called Anne, one of the two students who were protected by the Zemifa when they were trained by Edward Weiber.

Another student is Benz, is a fruit capability, a bit similar to the wooden.

The office of the Navy's general teaching official.

Nowadays, the three disciples under Zefa are all, in addition to this, there is also the deputy official repair of Zemifu, and the repair of the current naval instructor; in addition to Zefa, the pharmacist has become this room. One of the highest rankings.

"I will go to Navy Science Forces tomorrow, modify your right arm."

Zemifi stroked his right arm, lifting his head and looked at it. This time followed by his four people, Shen Sheng said: "After I come back, I will plan to leave Malin Fanto, form a guerrillas of marine. "

This matter is mentioned before Zefa.

Since Zemifa has the hope of restoring the right arm, the former Navy's general has a new thought. He wants to lead a naval fighting force after he has resumed his strength, and he will lead a naval battle force, all the pirates on the sea. Revenge for died of family and student.

This thing is also a wish for Zema for many years.

When Zemifa said here, slowly swallowed: "You will help me in this time ..."

"Zemifer teacher."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and interrupted the speech of Zemifu. "I can ask the Warring States Marshal from other troops to set up a number of soldiers, the teacher can also choose some brothers as the official.

I know that the teacher recovered power to hit the fighter, if you can, can this marine guerrillas can act with the SWORD troops?

The SWORD troops will provide enough intelligence and goals that have always needed a fighting force as aid ... "

"of course can."

Zemifi nodded at a strange place.

He still saw the pharmacist proposed objections.

However, Zemifa is very satisfied with the student who is in the last acceptable pharmacist at the end of the Naval General Times.

Don't say anything else ...

When the Navy encountered any problems, the pharmacist can make effective suggestions, this little guy's IQ mission is indeed quite high.

Whether it is Zemifa, the Warring States Marshal is still a crane, all very optimistic about the justice of the pharmacist, the only troubles lies in the strength of the pharmacist.

For the pharmacist ...

This Zemifer teacher is really picking wrong.

The original pharmacist wants to be the former navy's colors, just wants to use his prestige, so that he is enough to be in the navy.

There is indeed a lot of students in the entire Navy, and even the current three Navy's generals, unfortunately, Zemifa seems to be related to certain students.

And this teacher ...

The age is old, but the heart is still not old.

Zemifa is now 70 years old, and suddenly emerged, the heart of the discraces, and the strength of Zemifu is not as good as the pharmacist. Is this not a way to find something?

Is it very good to be a general teacher in the Navy?

Calculate ...

Just as a hand arranged.

The pharmacist wants to temporarily use the Zemifa as one of the pillars of the Navy, so you have to stabilize the teacher you find, and at least let him play the value, don't make a mess .

To be honest…

The pharmacist believes that his Zemifer teacher is enough, that is, don't let others question his identity, testify for his fake ...

Really ...

As long as there is a teacher of Zemifa, it is almost the naval navy of the root seed. This is a class that is born, and it is more convenient to pick up what to pick.

Don't let the moth ...

Is the old and real retirement training New generation navy?

It is a pity that the pharmacist hinted that there were many times, this seventy-year-old master did not comprehend, and even thought that the pharmacist supported his actions.

This teacher ...

It's really a big pit.

The pharmacist didn't want to talk to the Zemifa any maritime guerrilla team.

Unfortunately, Zemifi believes that the pharmacist will be willing to join his newly set up maritime guerrillas. This is really moving the stone to smash your own feet ...

The pharmacist is not willing, and the old man is truly in Malin Fanto. In the future, it will go to a branch base to do the branch, or the promotion is the position of the crane in the department ...

Waiting to the future ...

The green goblin succeeded in the Warring States to do the Navy Marshal, he took the Hualic Si Zhai to serve as a navy staff, by the way, the whole world's navy is in control!

that time…

It is only completed the task of Shangyuan Na.

The pharmacist has been talking very late, she has left the Zefa office with Ane, Bingz, and mozzle, and did not wait until they went back and met a person.

That is just that after the Grano Daltar to the big prison is just after Pelton, I just returned to Malin Fanto, the general ... red dog!

The Navy's general, whether it is a high orientation, and the beauty of the girl Ane will take a half step, hide behind the drug brocket ...

The eyes of the red dog slowly watched the pharmacist, and his face was revealed, and his look was hidden.

This pharmacist ...

It is also the spy of the original Na.

Really ... Who is the world not know?

How many people in the Navy are members of the organization?

It is a pity that the red dog is impossible to attack the pharmacist, just slowly watch the pharmacist, and the face has been a bit depressed.

The pharmacist pushed the push eye mirror, and the mouth couldn't help but hook. He took the lead in getting over the red dog left here.

The guy of the red dog is not yet the seal of the column, he did not hide his four-taracra ...

Chakra, the tail, is very sensitive to Ninja!

The pharmacist has already clear the physical condition of the red dog. The Navy's general, and it is also a person in the future. If he has a lot of things, it is more convenient to do.

Or, the red dog is a hidden person.


Mark Monte more monitoring.

The whole Malin Fanto, the pharmacist can not find out how many people are good at seeing the color, and can't figure out what extent. What is the degree of domineering? No good opportunity to find anything.

Even because of the worry, someone used the heroic heterogeneous, the pharmacist did not carry and the original nephew call, and did not dare to communicate with a ring.


They have many opportunities to meet.

As long as the Navy of the Red Dog has been staying in Malin Fanto.

Because Malin Vanto's headquarters, it will often hold a meeting, most of which are central levels;

Even the solemn meeting only has the Navy Marshal, the Navy Staff and the Navy's parter participation, and occasionally take a kapprish that eats.

The pharmacist took advantage of his identity and the advancement of the Navy, and now he will also participate in these meetings, and he will provide a lot of recommendations, and the recommendations he provide will also be adopted.

Ma Lin Fano is really good.

For pharmacists, as long as he gives him enough time, he will become the owner of the entire Mall Vantra.

Of course, this also refers to the other things.

For example, when the leader of the pharmacist, I will play this world until I can't wait for the pharmacist to control the Navy. The world is bullish ...

Next day.

When the pharmacist is still cultivating in the training field, a tall naval woman will turn over the training ground!

"Little pocket, emergency, crane sister let me notify you to inform you to participate in the meeting, come on the conference room of the Warring States Marshal!"

"I know."

The pharmacist looked at the neighborhood of the naval woman, flying behind her, this woman's strength will not be underestimated, it is a general back!


The relationship between the pharmacist and the naval women's school is not bad, mainly due to the new generation of new generations who will be very optimistic in the crane.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, took the tao rabbit handed him to his paper, slowly wiped the sweat on the head, only to open: "What is the big thing in the peach rabbit?"


The peach rabbit looked at the medicine brocket, helplessly sighed: "The new world has passed the intelligence, and Mado has defeated, the white beard of the thief is completely defeated!

When the large number of fleets of the Thairi Timent, the G1 branch went to the opportunity to find an attack under the command of the Warring States Marshal.


The G1 branch was retaliated by the white beard, and Uzecho slammed the G1 branch in the process of chasing the Thairi Group, and the Huanghuo general was seriously injured. "

The G1 branch is a sad story for the Navy.

Because the new world in extreme sinister environments, often encountering the attack of the big one, almost long, must have the Navy's general nearby ...

Otherwise, this will happen if you accidentally.

Nowadays, there is a lot of Yuxio, which is able to overcome the four emperors, even if there is a neighborhood of the Navy, will often happen.

"I know."

The pharmacist has taken a little bit, and the face is going seriously. This matter is in his expectation.

When the Warring States Marshal and Crane will want to find opportunities in the battle between the two four emperors, the pharmacist has not proposed any objection to this strategy ...

The result is not unexpected.

Yizhi Boa helps this guy is still an oldest! Once Needers, neither people are not, it is the appearance of a bunch of people.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, and his face was full of confident smiles. Then, use Sasuke this guy as he promoted to the naval bounce!

By the way, it also makes it a long lesson ...

Let the guy know that some people still can't see this world ... After all, he is also the old friend of Uzhi Pos, all of him.