I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 462 Young people like a pharmacist, not many (the third!)


There is not much person in this world who has heard of this name. For all, the four emperors have been able to win more than that,

I heard the brother of Ukuo, the smile on the Dofontech, whispering: "This ... is the strength?"

"how to say…"

The mortal ghosts grinned, smiled and laughed: "Although the husband is not as good as our adult, it is definitely not the existence of it."

Yisizhipo rarely lose this life.

It is a pity that he is very miserable twice.

The first time I deliberately lost to Yishe Sasuke, lost his life;

The second time I lost to the original navigation, I ate a lot of suffering, I have been playing directly to death, even after being dead, I will continue to be manipulated.

"Look ..."

The mortal ghost grinned, smiled and continued: "The meaning of this aid ... but more people can incentive!

This war is about to end ... we caught a few hundred thieves to leave, you can't let the stubbies! "

" ... this is not wrong."

Dofontech smiled and nodded and whispered: "The adult seems to have passed us to let us pass the letter, what few people staying?"

"Portkas D. Es, Marshall D. Tiqi."

The martillamon ghosts got two names, slowly closing their palms: "Leave these two, all other people grasp, count the trophy of the pocket!"

" ... interesting."

Dofran Ming brother nodded, the palm of the palm popped up a white line, and a name of the second team quickly controlled!

This kind of war is really interesting. Most of the enemy parties are themselves. They have no problems, others can suffer.

This is interesting for Dofontech.

This is the life behind the scene.

Battlefield Center.

Going to the ghosts of the citi, the aid soldiers sent by the original Nairo are actually not particularly strong, but it is very different for Unechebra!

Even if it is Yu Zhibo sphere ...

It is better than the arrival of Uzhi.

Yischo Saso helps to dissolve his own must, look at Yisi Pos, muttering, whispering: "The guy is re-resurrected? Nissan ..."

Sasuke. "

Yisiza's written eyes gaze the three people in the distance, Shen Sheng: "He sent me to support you, let's leave the danger first!"


Unechebra is helpful.

Said, he is a lot of suffering for his brother's soul. I didn't expect the original naval to go to the emoticon.

Sasuke or want to swear ...

Upper Naidu, the bastard ...

It's so dangerous now, Shangyuan Needo and sent Yushuohe to save him, obviously, I want to use their brothers!

The issue is…

The two of their brothers seemed to escape the control of the original Needle.

"who are you?"

The red dog looks coldly and looks coldly.

The eagle eye hooded and Kapu will also surround it, and slowly wrap the Yisi Bo brothers in it. Everyone's eyes are faintly dignified.

Now Yishibo brothers face the three world tops, but Uzhi Posk is now a refrigeration body, which gives him unlimited death, as long as there is no soul's ability, Yisi Pubie has at least a battle. force.


Yushuo's mouth came out of a name, so that everyone in the scene could not make it changed, the next moment he broke the name!


to be frank.

Everyone's mood is faintly subtle.

Because Uzhi Pub is still the first person who has exploded his name, most people have a hidden identity of the organization. I didn't expect Yishi Houchi, which is the first to explode!

Serious, I am a little envious.

After all, hidden your own identity is always a spy, except for their leadership, the navigation, other people have this patience?

"... Yuxi Wave ... ..."

The brows will be wrinkled in Kapu.

Listening to this name is not very good to deal with it, because this last name is in the same name, the ability he uses and Yisi Bozo helps Datong ...

This is a very tricky person!

The god of the red dog is somewhat subtle, and the breath on his body is a little less stable. How did this fucking a member of the organization?

The red dog slowly opened: "Xiao is an organization, I have heard of this name when I arrested a pirate.

It is said to be a criminal organization hidden behind the scenes. The members of this organization like to claim that they are justice and peace, but they have not exposed ... "

"I have never heard of this name."

The eagle eye is hob shake his head and whispered: "They have not appeared in the sea, it should be a unknown group of woven ..."


Red dogs are not speaking.

Although the red dog didn't speak, he was in his heart, and the eagle eye hooded should leave a book in his hand on the original naval ...

That guy ... revenge!

The eagle is self-told, then he is estimated that it will not take long before he heard the name of this organization, and you will bring a wave of poison ...

"The old man has never heard of it."

After a while, Kapu shook his head and smiled. "Hahahaha ... forget it, go back and ask the Warring States, it is estimated that he should know ..."

This is a typical Capiti.

Once you have trouble, you need to think and memorize the problem, you will ask the Buddha's Warring States or directly throw the problem to the Buddha's Warring States to think.

"No matter what you are ..."

The face of the red dog showed a touch of cold colors. He stared at Uzhi Subchat. "Today, Yu Zhibo will definitely stay here!"

"This is not possible."

Yisizhi Buched and Unechebra helped the body to have a must-have, and two people opened at the same time, and they were able to cover the armor for half-length!

The red mustache and purple must be able to stand on this battlefield, two must be able to hold their weapons in their hands!

"Then let me try it ..."

Yisizhiso manipulated a huge wax, and immediately smashed the red long sword of the liquid composition in the case of the alcohol!

It is the ten punch sword that must be affordable!

This Ten boxing sword suddenly shot to the Capa, directly through the old man's body, this scene makes everyone can't shocked the chin!

This is too big!

How can this happen on Kapu!

In the next moment, the body of Capu was dragged into the Ten boxing swords, even if he could not resist this legendary artifact!

At the moment of the Ten boxing sword in Kapu, he only felt that his body seems to be integrated into the ten boxing sword, but the next moment of the case, the weighing of the card broke out the powerful tyrant domineering and militant domineering, will ten Boxing sword is isolated!

However, the sword of the Ten Boxing Swords is still tight from the left and right sides, trying to renegrate the card!

Mihoke also suddenly shouted his own black knife, and a strong snack directly broke the tenth boxing sword of the liquid, and hurriedly helped to save the card!


Yisiza's eyes were hidden, and it was a surprised, whispered: "The first time, some people can resist the strength of the ten boxing sword ..."

The expression of Unechebo Sasuke is slightly looked at your brother: "Nissan, I also see you in the first time ..."


Some of the time between the scene.

Su Zhishu has not used his spirit in front of Yuxi Bo, but only the Eight Jet Eighth is shown ...

"Let me come!"

Yizhi Bozuo manipulates the purple mustache suddenly answered a purple giant bow. A black Yan Jum is suddenly shot out. Going to the Eagle Eye Mok!

This black chicgens wrapped the fire and armed colors!

No matter who is gotting this arrow is not good!

"That black, very dangerous!"

Mi Hof immediately judged it, waving the black knife in his hand, pulling the black chicken, and directly divided into two!

Countless black inflammation falls on the ground ...


Yiszo Sasuke and the Unexpea brothers simultaneously turned their own kaleidoscope to write the eyes, and the power drunk his strength!

Next moment, the black inflammation of the fire of Tianzhao fire will surround the eagle eye in the eagle eye, and the red dog will be surrounded by the red dog!

"The ability of the old man, but the magma ..."

The fist of the red dog gradually turns into a magma, a boxing on the fire of the sky, trying to cover the black ozan directly with magma!

However, the next moment, Tianzhao black inflammation burned more burning, even put the magma directly burned it, and see it directly to spread to the red dog!

Fortunately, a group of red Chakra tail is drilled out of the red dog, wrapped in the sky, exempt from the red dog ...

The red dog looks at the flame on the ground, the sound is gradually somewhat, "This flame ... actually even the magma can burn!"

"There is no thing that can't burn."

After Unecheo Sasuke explained a sentence, he immediately used a layer of Tian Luo Lidong with the fire, and the three people were hidden!

"Nissan, let's go first!"

Yizhi Bozuo looked at the brothers around him, and the two were unable to defeat, flying to the second team!

Next moment, a sick suddenly cut the sky!

The eagle eye hooded from the gap of Tianzhu, chasing in the direction of Unechebra, and the Kapu will follow the red dog!

"Don't catch it."

The voice of the pharmacist has fallen into the ear of a few people in the red dog. His voice is a bit calm: "Sakaski general, Kapu, Mi Holk, our results are rich enough, now not and White Beard One Piece opens a full war. "


The crane is satisfied with a parentap.

Although they did not catch the important cadres of the White Bearded One Piece, this is directly defeated the 2nd team of the White Beard One Piece, and it is also defeated Unecheo Sasuke and Portcass D. Alce is gang.

Cartry ghosts and Duran Mingge also caught a lot of prisoners.

Now Yischo Sasuke's aids are here, and if you continue to fight, you may only cause greater losses, it is better to choose directly.

The crane will take the pharmacist, and the light open persuaded: "The yellow gob is still in Marie Ya Ya, this time is not an irritated white beard, and the opportunity we want to leave Unecheo has lost."

After that, after the crane, the crane will watch the three people who stopped, and looked at the pocket of the pharmacist on his face. Her eyes were more satisfied.

Perhaps she really can put down the responsibility.

This young navy strategy is amazing, and it is not greedy.

Even if you can sacrifice the red dog, Kapu et al. To get a bigger battle, the pharmacist is also given up in the overall situation, it is the most suitable candidate in the entire navy.

A young man like a pharmacist, but it is really uncomfortable.