I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 464 Pharmacist: Xiao has jumped out, at least don't worry that they are hidden in the dark

Marin Fanto.

The pharmacist rushed back from the new world.

In addition to the Red Dog General stayed outside the G1 branch base, Kapu, the crane will rush to Malin Fanto with the pharmacist.

When they returned to the headquarters of the Navy, the big sea is spreading the news of the new generation of Navy.

Justice Yushuo Saso helps when the new world is astringent, the pharmacist will blew the world, command the Navy to defeat the white beard, and repel the strong characters of this White Beard. .

The pharmacist has become a well-known person in the whole sea, and has become the youngest Navy's department in history, the youngest Navy's staff.

The Navy's headquarters Malin Van Dou did not spread the news of the pharmacist. A group of naval high-level sits together is discussing the follow-up of handling and white bearded, and suddenly tissue and Uzhi Hosi.

The pharmacist sat in the Head of the crane, slowly pushed his own glasses, softly opened: "I think that after this cooperative encirclement, Unexpello is unlikely to continue to commit danger, and directly The war ... "

White beard ... "

The Warring States Marshal Sitting on his home position and looked at the new Schizheng, this new STU, Shen Xiang said: "I really understand the guy, even if the guy is old, dragging the sickness, still have The power of the whole world! "

"From now on, it is basically impossible."

The pharmacist shakes his head and pushed his own glasses. Pick up a document, whispering: "White Beard One Piece is known as the world's strongest One Pirate, but the number of times of perimeter in the past few years Fewer and fewer…"

When the pharmacist said here, the voice gradually lowered: "In the past few years, in addition to the war of the entire White Bearded One Piece, White Beard Edward New Gite almost never shot, which means his body Exceeding our expectations in decline ... "

The pharmacist slowly closed his palm, and his face gradually floated: "Just because there is too many times in white beards, most of them are in their own name, we will habitually think White beard is very frequent ... "


Each navy on the scene is not frown from autonomous.

I have to say that the pharmacist said it is very reasonable. When these naval senies are carefully thinking about memories, they will slowly think of some places where they are not very right.

The Warring States Marshal wrinkled his own brow, slowly nodded: "Yes, three years ago, the four emperors have not been completely settled, and the white beard will occupy a powerful advantage in a war. ...

At that time, I only need white beard to block BIG MOM. White Beard One Piece may occupy Wan Guota, but white beard does not shoot ...

Originally, we thought that the white beard was a friendship at the Lockshai, now it should be that his strength has long been a long battle. "


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and continued to explain: "This is true, and when the white beard is in the case, it should be the battle of the White Beard One Piece and the Hei Piece.

Some coincidences, white beards forced Potkas D · Es and Yishe Sasuch in this battle, they also chose to join, this is incredible in battle in the same level of hundreds of.

We have seen the war of Unechebra, and he absolutely challenges the eligibility of white beards, but did not choose betrayal white beard.

In the six months of Yuxi Bozuo, the white beard did not take again, even if it was in the invasion of the four emperors, it was also dispatched by Unexpello Sasuke, which is almost in violation of him. The frequency of shooting. "

The pharmacist put down the documents in his hand, calmly opened: "The world's strongest man has helped Portcas D · Ess or Unechebra Assassin to determine the successor of the White Beard.

I think white beard will only stay in the most critical life and strength, he will only want to let the white beard will be delivered to the successor in his hands in the end of the year ...

The strongest power that is about to extinguish the life of life, it is impossible to use it to compete for a sigh of relief, and it will never shoot because we defeated Uzecho.

Of course, in order to prevent unwanted, we also sent a warship monitoring, restore the Navy's war of the G1 branch base as soon as possible, leaving the emergence. "


All naval high-ranking in the field have fallen into silence.

Sentence truth, this meeting they may not come.

In addition to the last sentence, it is said that there is basically not much to understand, a pile of chaos, this is the chat method between the Navy Staff and the Navy's intelligence?

The crane will be obviously understanding, her mouth shows a kind of charity, looked up and looked at the Warring States, whispered: "What is the Warring States, a small pap?"


After the Warring States slowly nodded, he took a breath and looked at the pharmacist to open the mouth: "Very good, cautious and no logic, if not his intelligence information summary, we also ignore a problem, white beard's aging It has already reached a serious estimate of us, but unfortunately we didn't grasp the opportunity, let him find his successor ... "

"No, you can't say this."

The pharmacist turned and turned to the Warring States Marshal, whispered: "What is afraid of the white beard to have an unacceptable point because of aging disease, his strength may still have devastating!

Moreover, there is also Yuxi Sasuke, we obviously see, just the power of Unecheo, also has the strength of the four emperors ... "


The face of the Warring States Marshal floated a touch of comfort. He looked at the pharmacist and nodded slowly: "However, we also found a new generation of success ...

Pocket, I will apply to the empty chief, except for CP0, give you all the information of the World Government to you, to apply for the power of the entire CP organization. "


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses.

After the Warring States Yuan Shuo nodded, the sound of the light will continue to say: "What is the information you have found on the one named Yisizhiso?"


The pharmacist shakes his head and hesitated the opening: "But I learned a part from the red dog's mouth. I have a message behind the Orchido ... This organization claims to be a knowledge, they are in the name of justice."

This is more pulled.

The entire navy is estimated that there is no better understanding of the organization, but he also took the name of the red dog to make an intelligence about Xiao.

When it comes to this, the pharmacist pushed his own glasses and continued: "It is said that members' inside the organization will not dare to organize the name of the leader ... they all replace his title with God or the adult "

"God ... I will go back and ask the five old stars!"

The Warring States Marshal slowly cleared his fists, Shen Sheng said: "Save the Yuxi Bozuo to help the chaos of the cholera world ... still dare to perform justice?"

"There is no specific intelligence."

The pharmacist shakes his head, and his face has been smashed. "In any case, we all know that this unknown organization has already floated the water, at least we don't have to worry that this may hide the unknown enemy in the dark."

After that, the pharmacist pushed his eyegles.

Well, this is a bit of a bit.

When all people think of the surface of the water, the organization's members are deeper.

However, all the Navy on the scene included a nodded in the Warring States Marshal. They also think that the pharmacist said, a child jumped out, it is much better than a hidden organization.

The Warring States is very satisfied with the performance of the duties of the pharmacist.

Sentence is not very nice ...

Even, it is now playing the Warring States in the position of the Navy's marshal, replacing a person who can understand the pharmacist, and feel the position of the Navy's marshal.

Now that the Warring States feel that they only need to follow the pharmacist, make corresponding decisions or the corresponding commands are enough, do not need to break the head as before, I can't think of how to cope with it ...

This doesn't need to think at all.

Because the pharmacist is very right.

"That's first this!"

The Warring States looked at everyone, whispered: "Published the suspense order of Yuxi Bai, according to the Papanese Staff, sent a warship moment to monitor the movement of the White Beard One Piece ..."


Everyone nodded.

After this meeting was scattered, the crane will sit in front of the Warring States, the smile on the face couldn't stand suppressed: "How do you do my success, you can do my successor ..."

"It is more excellent than us."

The Buddha's Warring States have nodded, and I sighed a good air: "Unfortunately ... His power is a regret ... But his wisdom is more important than the power, at least we can worry about it."

Just when they praise the pills here.

After leaving the office, the pharmacist has encountered another Navy's general, and the gods of the Navy of Malin Vantomo.

Because the yellow gob is hindering, the red dog is suppressed in the New World G1, and the Qing Dynasty has to rush back to Malin Fanto.

"Oh ... has become a naval general?"

The eyes of the blue gum shook slightly, he looked at the pharmacist, whispered: "The speed of promotion is really fast ..."

Youth couldn't help but remember his hobbies in Roggue Town, the guys can be promoted, but they still have a temper card in the colonel ...

The pharmacist has climbed in this undercover!

"Kutazan, don't say this ..."

In the peach rabbit, I will take the shoulder of the pocket. I am seriously said: "The little pocket has a big work ... After the Sister is coming back, I have been sagarry, I have never seen the crane sister. Pavilion is praised by a person! "


The green gout can't finish scratching the head.

In such a short period of time, it is mixed to the high school of the navy ...

Moreover, the pharmacist has been mixed into the Navy. This can touch any confidential position. This guy named the pharmacist is unfortunately, especially from the original navigation!

Of course ... the pharmacist has enough efforts.

After all, it is not the same as a pharmacist. I will prepare a most suitable identity for my own hardships, one is the most prone to being trusted and lowering the heart, a position that can be the highest in the high-rise and not suspected. ...

Pharmacist pocket this guy ...

No, it should be said ... the whole tissue ...

Everyone is absolutely can't look small!

After the young oan scratched his head, he looked at the pharmacist, slowly opened: "Hey, our new staff, Yuxi Bozuo help the guy after being defeated by your policy, where is the guy fled where?"

"It should be a harvest of Thara ..."

The pharmacist pushed the pushes, looked up and looked at the green gob. His mouth tickled a smile: "After all, Yuxio sang the teenager, he will never look down.

After eating such a big loss, he will not continue to come to the Navy's trouble ... but before invading the Cairi Group of the White Beard One Piece, it will become his venture. "

When the pharmacist said here, smiled and continued: "Let's mention, I have been chasing it as soon as possible, and I expel him towards the sea of ​​Ca."

the most important is…

That is the order of Needar!

Just pruning Unecheo Survival, even if Yiszo Sasuke is for his own brother, it is absolutely not to defy this order!

indeed so.

Yuxi Bozuo, Portcas D. Ess, Marshall D. Tiqi and Uzhi Houli finally escaped the navy's hunt, they finally met each other.

"I am Yushuo."

Yisi Hosi looked at Es and Tiqi, rushed to them seriously and bent and bending: "Since this time, my brother has taken care of two."