I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 467 That person's will, we are absolutely unfortunate!

Even if the Yuxi hub is still calm, but the bilateral writing is very stunned, so that Marshall D. Tii can't stop wanting!



Tiqi has worked hard for more than 20 years, which is to get dark fruit, but now this Unexus is also looking for dark fruits, and they can only be related to the enemy!

Marshall D. Tiqi is inquiring the situation of the organization, thinking that Uzhi Hosi can't lying, Yishi Hose should not deceive your brother's friends ...

And Tiqi has been playing friends with Unechebra.

"Thief hahaha ... I can't think ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi was laughed with a few times, his voice suddenly took, and suddenly flashed a shot, he went down and looked at the wound at the Yishe's heart!

There ... is a void!

The location of the Yisi Hosyed heart, where is there any red heart, his body is extremely fragile, but it is just a pile of confetti!

This is the unscrupulous body!

Marshall D. Tiki is shocked to the palm of his palm, watching his palm of the palm to dissipate, returning to the body of Yisi Posk ...

"How can it be…"

Tiqi was surprised to watch this scene. He looked at the body of Yuxi. The body was restored to the original, and his face became unusual. "Devil's fruit" is not right, not the demon fruit power ... "

Tiqi suddenly remembered that Unexpected Boohed and Unechebra have been stepped on the sea, which is not a demon fruit power for the brothers!

"I already…"

Tiqi immediately picked his fist, reached out to the throat of Yuxi Pos, and smiled and said: "There is no chance to return!"

Unexpectedly when Tiqi caught the throat of Yuxi, he only felt that his palm fell in the air. The figure of Yuxi Houchi became floating, and the body suddenly became countless crow flying in the sky!

This scene, let people look out!

No, or violi!

Marshall D. Tiqi looked up, but only saw that the body of Yuxi Pub is like a kite, which is extremely quirky.

More quirky is ...

It's still clear or during the day, but the sky has suddenly appeared a red curtain. In the vision of Tiqi, there is a round of blood months slowly!

Monthly ... start!

"this is…"

Marshall D. Tiqi still thinking about what happened, but he suddenly felt that his body was somewhat uncomfortable, because he didn't know when he was bundled on a cross, and the foundation could not live!

The whole world suddenly turns black and white!

This is a Chinese horrible as if it is the same place!

Marshall D. Tiqi is surprised to look at Yis Zhi Hosi appeared around him, no, it should be said that there are countless Yuxi Hosi, each of the hands of each Uzhi Houki holds a knife. !

"What exactly is going on!"

Tiqi's eyes flashed a panic.

Unknown things is the most horrible!

Until at this moment, Marshall D. Tiqi didn't expect to have something happened. He didn't fight in the sea and Yisi exercise?

Why now he appears here!

Marshall D. Tiqi looked near a group of Jie Zhi Hoso hooded near the knife, and the face was more and more strong: "How can we here? What is going on! What is going on? what is the problem!"

"Marshall D. Tiqi."

The voice of Uzhio is somewhat deficient. It is basically that there are countless surrounded, which is the true body, but it seems to be everywhere. His voice is like a nail. Odd brain!

A group of Unecissy pauses, each of the hands of each Uneche's hand holds a knife, and the sound of Uzhi Pub is still somewhat.

"The leader of Xiao believes that you may be interested in dark fruits, specially sent me to test it, now you look, you are also in his control ..."


Marshall D. Tiji's face is difficult to open: "What do you mean? Try MTR ... You know that Laozi wants to secretly, deliberately telling Laozi, you are also looking for dark fruit, just want to happen!"


How does this guy know his business!

Why do they also know that they want to secretly?

"Not bad."

There are countless Sui Zhipo looked up, watching Tiqi on the cross, I nodded together: "Everything I said is lie to you ... just want to make sure you are also in the most quite natural Devil fruit. "

"and so…"

Marshall D. Tiqi's face was full of cold sweat, he opened a little bit: "This is a trap for Laozi!"

"Not bad."

Countless Unecheoa simultaneously opens at the same time, everyone is slowly, let people look at this scene, and the heart is getting more and more horrific!

Yuxi Pubei looked at Tiqi and quietly opened: "God's eyes look at everything, and also saw you with the heart of the evil spirits ..."


Tiqi's face has changed again.

Some of this sentence make people feel horrified.

Because Uzecho Sasuo has also been in the white beard, the leader of the truth is true!

These are rare, known as God's characters, often connect with powerful and strange this vocabulary, do not dare to make people's resistance!

This world is too much to avoid!

Yizhi Bozuo helped the guy who has been in the Modik, he said that he said that he is bragging ... The result is now, Tiqi suddenly realizes a truth, that is, Sasuke has no deceptive!

The leader of that Xiao!

No matter which aspect, it is really horrible!

The unknown man is still able to see the people?

Now Tiqi really wants to get rid of the predicament in front of you, the farther the better, but his whole person is trapped on the cross, and the fundamental movement is not!

Where are they now!

Why can't his body can't move!

"Don't struggle."

The sound of Yuxi Poso as if the magic mantry is in the brain of Tiqi, and it is not good to say, "Here is the moonlight that I will control, in this world, everything will be controlled by me, including time and space…"


Tiqi's look is getting more and more ugly.

So far, he has not figured out what is the situation, and the leader of the name is counted, and it is directly in this so-called fantasy by Uxuo.

Today, he feels that he may really die here.

I am afraid that there is no death today, and the members who will be died in his mind. According to Uzecho Sasuke and Es, two people in the White Beard One Piece, he is very difficult to continue to hide it!

Maybe it is dead to the head ...

Maybe I feel that I can't resist it.

Marshall D. Tiji's face suddenly revealed.

"Thief Hahahaha ..."

Tiqi's eyes gaze, grinned, stunned a smile: "Yushuo, what you just said, all are being lie to Laozi ... Xiao Ziwei did not think of it so weak, right ? "

"Not bad."

There are countless Yuxi Hosyed nodded at the same time.

The voice of Uzhi Houchun sounded in this hole of this empty moon: "Xiao is the most powerful and mysterious organization of this world, overlooking the world everyone.

No matter what you want to do, you can't escape the sight, no matter where you escape, you can't get rid of the fear of the brief. "

"Thief Hahaha ..."

I heard the answer of Yuxi, Tiji's smile gradually became more and more arrogant: "Wait, since you know these, why do you kill Laozi in early ... Say, do you think that you don't want to do it? "


Yisi Hosi caught into silence.

Numerous Yisi Hubo in the moon reading is stopped.

Just as Tiqi immediately felt a little hope, if you want to use his words, he may not have something!


When Tiji is a little bit a little bit of feast, countless Unexpected hipsters in the hands, slowly re-moved to his cross.


There is a lot of apologies in the voice of Yuxi.

Next, countless Yuxi Pubie took a pick, extended out the tattoo on his hand in Marshall D. Tiji!

"Ah ah ah ah ah!"

Tiqi is almost madly!

There are countless Unexpected Boosair along with the talents in the hands of Marshall D. Tiji, and explain, "Because you have just speech, it is angered that person ... he ordered me to punish you After that, you can continue to talk to us. "

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, born!"

Tige looked at the handle to teeth, looked at the knife. The knife was attached to his body. His face flashed a despair, and the tears were almost instantly flowing: "If you want to kill Laozi, you will have a good time! "

Obviously, those who bored him, but as if they were also stabbed in his brain, so he could not afford this pain!

This is not enough to get enough people ...

What is more turning Tiqi is that when this Ursi is worthy of him, it seems that there is no feeling, just like an ice-cold tool!

When Mei Zhi Subo and Yuxi Boa, it is basically that his bloody and cold, as if it is a warm and kind brother ... Is it a true face?

This is now torture him ...

There is no fluctuation in the sound!

After a long time.

Tiqi's snoring gradually stopped.

The countless Yuxi Pubie in the moon reading is slowly stopped the tackle in their hands. The word will continue to say: "In this world, everything will be controlled by me ... Just now, you will be in Here continues to withstand seventy-two hours. "

"... 72 hours?"

Tiji's face flashed a spray, his forehead slowly revealed a drop of cold sweat, although he was stabbed, but still still alive ...

This is the biggest luck!

Seventy-two hours, soon, can withstand the past ...

Just as Tiqi bites his teeth, it is intended to continue to be sentenced, Yisi Pubei suddenly opens: "Now, the time has passed for a second, you still have a seventy-one hour fifty-nine minutes fifty-nine second punishment time "

"What joke!"

Marshall D. Tiqi flashed an angry, he actually opened his mouth: "I have been at least a dozen hours just now!"

"No, actually only a second."

Numerous Unesisbee is calmly responded.

"What joke!"

Tiji's face flashed a shot, he was full of angry: "How could it be ... I also have at least a dozen hours!"

"No, just a second."

There are countless Yuxi hub again, and their voice is getting bigger and bigger, Incers in Tiji's ears: "In this world, time is also controlled by me, just now, only short one second."

Each Yuxi Hose ran up the talents in their hands, and I pierced it on Marshall D. Tiji!

Marshall D. Tiji's eyes showed a fear, his body feels endless pain, blood from the body, looks out ofrange!

If you just count only one second more than a few hours ...

Tiqi does not think that he can support it again, he will definitely die!

"Ah, ah, ah ... I have been defeated!"

Marshall D. Tiqi is painful, his face is smashed to the Yisha Pos, no matter what you want to do, I can tell you from me, I can tell you! "

"Sorry, punish you, is the purpose of that person."

The voice of Uzhio is still so ill, but his voice let Tiqi feel deeply fear: "The purpose of that person is absolutely unfortunate."