I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 468 I don't know if he will not despair, I know that you are not a person (third!)

The sea.

A boat swaying in the waves.

Marshall D. Tiqi suddenly woke up, the virtual weakness of my mind and endless pain, I immediately fell on the ground throughout the whole person!

Although the reality has only been a moment, he is in the spiritual world, but he is used by Unexpei, in the moon, he is used for three days and three nights!

That feeling ...

It's really born to die!

Fortunately, Tiji's spiritual strength is still strong, and it is reluctant to support his spirit. His eyes have become a little fierce: "It's a terrible means ..."

Next, Tiqi suddenly grinned a mad smile: "Thief hahaha ... can you tell me now, do you want to get anything from me?"

Dark fruit. "

Yisizhiso calmly spread his palm and whispered: "If you have the opportunity to get dark fruit in the future, I will give us immediately."


I heard the condition of Uki Pos, and the smile on Marshall D. Tiqi did not decrease, he slowly nodded, and the grin agreed.

"of course can."

"Don't try to deceive it."

Yuxi Hosi double-eyed wrote stared tightly at Tiji, quietly continued: "Otherwise, you will know that you will know in the moon, it is already a great Enjoy. "

"Thief Hahaha ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi shakes his head, and he will continue to say: "I am just a small one, how can I deceive a united organization that I know!"

As for Tiqi, what is thinking ...

Anyway, Yuxi Hose is definitely not believed in this guy.

After all, Marshall D. Tiji is a man with a volatile man who has a cava, and his eyes are full of fragile and sinister, he will never easily make this yield.

In fact, Tiqi has no such thing.

Now everyone has not had secret fruit. This promise is purely in the fart. When he gets dark fruits in the future, then you have to look at your own means ...

Once he got dark fruit, even white beards also dare to resist!

If you have gave this group of guys got dark fruit, Tiqi can only suppress all of their impulses, see if you can find opportunities ...

"Of course, except for dark fruits ..."

Yisiza's face is still very calm. He continues to say: "You still have to tell us everything in X Xia, White Beard One Piece, now your handle, but in our hands ..."

"Thief Hahaha ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi can't help but open: "Hey, is your younger brother Unechebra? Isn't your younger thieves? Want to ask him directly, don't need from me at all Here you get information! "


Yiszhimo shook his head and quietly continued: "I don't want to help the help, use the person who uses you, I will feel the psychology."

Tiqi: "..."

Don't want your brother to be difficult, let Laozi is difficult?

Your mother is so good, what are you talking about?

Now, there is still a handle in the hands of the tissue, Marshall D. Tiqi still keeps his own smile, nodded and promised: "Yes, but what should we contact?"

"When you get, someone will contact you."

The figure of Yuxi Poso gradually became dissipated to countless crows, leaving a sentence in Tiqi: "I look forward to bringing us good news, Mr. Tiqi."


Marshall D. Tiki's face still hangs a smile.

Until Tiqi completely determined that Yisi Pubo was directly left directly on the big sea, his face gradually became gloomy: "This group of baubles, no wonder Yis Zhi Shuo saga is fearful when he mentioned every time. they…"

Whether it is the battle means of the organization, or their intelligence and the ability to guess their hearts, Tiqi feels unprecedented fear.

This feeling…

Just like his movement is monitored.

Now Tiqi knows that he is still in a weak, and even the situation he has learned, only knowing that his strength is definitely not a dawn!

So, you must continue to mobility!

But one thing Tiqi wants to understand. If you have a mysterious organization, he feels that he has a sense of dull fruit, then prove that he chooses to hit the road in the White Beard One Piece.

"Thief Hahaha ..."

Marshall D. Tiji's smile is also hung on his face: "Although Laozi is comfortable, it is not bad news!"

the other side.

After Uzhi Pub and Marshall D. Tiqi, he contacted Shangyuan Na, which was still traveling, and he also faintly in favor of an ordinal order.

"Tiki people are destined to betray."

Yuxi Pub hovered his fingers, liaison the scenes of Shangyuan Na, "His body, there is no trust worth, I don't think he gave us the dark and fruit."

"It doesn't matter."

Shang Nai is still unique to open: "I know this, just just get a reason to find him a meal."

On the darkness of phagocytosis ...

Is there any ability to directly swallow the world's black hole skills than the original naval?

The sound of Shangyuan Nairi is still with unparalleled confidence: "When Tiji guys have thought of walking high, I will let the guy awake a little, let him recognize a little in the White Beard Metail A very happy thing. "

When Shangyuan Nai said here, there is more smile in the voice: "I pushed him to the hell in one hand ... You said that Tiki guy will show something, his Will your face are desperate? "


That Tiqi will not despair, Yushuo does not know; but the original naval is really unclear, Yisi Posh is getting clearer.

Yisizhiso hidden is a bit helpless.

This is the original navigation is to make people feel that what I think, just to find a reason to fold the Tiqi?

"Where are I going now?"

Yuxi is calmly opens: "Go to the big sea to find dark fruits? But I still don't know the image of dark fruit ..."

"no need."

Shang Nai vetoed the proposal of Uzhi Houke, whispering continued: "When our finger moves, the fate already has its choice ... our time is not much!"

The sound of Shangyuan Nae gradually became a bit heavy: "Go, familiar with the power of this world, carry the name, bring the fear belonging to this world! Let this world feel the pain!"


Yisiza is a bit speechless.

This is the original naval, how is the leader of the last one?

Uchi Subo sighed, he could only promise to execute the order of the original Needle, and he didn't endure: "There is also a problem with Sasu ... I hope he ..."

"do not worry."

Shangyuan Na Ruo roughly interrupted Yiszhipo, laughed and opened: "Mushed, we two but old friends, Sasuke is also my congeny, do you think I will make Saso help?"


Yisi Hosi caught into silence.

When are they friends?

The skin of this guy is too thick.

When he was in his hand in the hand, he immediately turned out of his embarrassment. How did he deceive him?

Actually, I also adapted a story of lying back into the intestines ...

Just as Yu Zhi Pubo worried that when he was defeated by the original navigation, Yu Zhibo, who is still rushing and the country, is also worried about Utizhi Bud and Shangyuan Na.

Because Sasuke knows that it is not a generous person.

The heart of the original Nairi is still small than the needle eye. He is definitely remembered that he has killed Thae to destroy his plan ...

This time ...

Shangyuan Na was returned to Yisi Hostel, must be used to warn him with Unexpected Papi, let him execute the mission to him.

"What happened, Sasuke?"

Es made a thoughts, and the hand was baked with a fish and threw it to Sasuke, laughing and opening: "What are you thinking about? Go eat!"


Yizhi Bozuo nodded and thought about it.

If he wants to let Yuxi Porsche, then this trip to the country must work together with the bull of the earth!

The original Nairou guy has no exercise ...

But at least one thing is like a personal place, that is, it is willing to do things for those who do things for him.

And the country.

The original and the country's general moon Yutian will die, there is a member of the Tharai Hiès, and the four emperors can't open the naval warship. Camp.

Today, Thaedo said that it is not two in the entire country.

It is a pity that this time, Mado's days have been uncomfortable.

Since Case was saved by Su Zhiwa, this surnamed Zhiwei's bastard has always been to surrender, otherwise, let a hundred Tharai Tie's members every day ...

right now…

Thaedo has lost thousands of people!

Even so, Thaedo is still there any way, and Mado also felt that the pain and torture of the enemy.

Since this time, Capedo has already moved all the civilians of the country to act as their own hand, which is induced to kill these people, continue to delay the time ...

Just delaying time is not a good way ...

Now, Thaom can do it, but it is only a chance to be counterattached, looking for an opportunity to counterattack: ", Yuxi wave belongs that bastard has never revealed the entity, is the soul of the soul ... Can't go on this again To find ways to introduce him to Lingling ... or use the Molia guy ... ... "

Big Mom in Thara, is the only female in the four emperors. It is the soul of Charlotte Lingling, which is powerful and can be targeted by others. In addition, there is also the moonmore, which was defeated in Hamanto. Similar ability.

I really don't know ...

This group of Zhiwei is coming out!

One is a neuropathy!

Fortunately, Yischi will seem to mutually implicit. If Yuxi Bo is helped to join forces to join forces, it is definitely a big trouble for Thara.


After Kamado hit a bar, I couldn't help but think about it: "Maybe I can ask the league, and use Yuxi Bo to deal with Yuxi Bozuo to help the little ghost ... The guy is not to say, can only Yishibo can deal with Unexpell? "