I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 470 of the bastard, dancing, who is afraid!

And the country.

The famine of the village is solved.

Potkas D · Esfia wants to wait for a while in this village, he uses his own means to solve the famine problem of this village, no extraordinarily grabbed the Kamo One Piece, causing not Less Note.

Yuxio Sasuke can only help Ece to solve the troubles that may have a habitant to solve the trouble of Mado, and will also complete the task of the original navigation.

This time ...

Moreover, it is also necessary to cooperate with Unexpello with soil!

This is especially let Sasuke feel unhappy!

Yuxi Bozuo left the village, looked back at Potkas D. Ess, the guy is working with the little girl in the village, he wants to help the white beard of the thief group Edited a fight.

One day ...

This idiot is always doing these useless things.

The little girl in the village is very happy. While teaching Es, I will ask the trend, and I will ask: "Ece, can I take a risk with you? I have already learned to be a ninja with the teacher. ! "

"you are too young."

After Ees shake his head, he turned his head to the direction of Unechebra, and his face slowly revealed a smooth smile: "And there is already Ninja on our boat ... he is the best ninja in the world!"


A Yu's face was in sighing to Yishe Sasuke.

That man is the best ninja in the world? Although Ayu still doesn't understand those, she knows that Sasuke must be strong!

Because even her teachers don't fight!


Yischo Saso helps his forehead, although it is really a strong confidence, but this title is now can't afford.

A jade held his own little face, and he looked at Utissa, and his face was also a person who was in the country? "


Ace's face changed, immediately erected his finger, hurriedly opened: "Hey! Don't ask these things! Otherwise, Sasuke is angry!"

"I still don't want to be more than a child."

Yizhi Bozuo shook his head, flying into the jungle: "Ece, you are waiting for me for a while in this village! I went out to do something."

During this time in Qi Fu Village, Unecheo Sasuke and Es have known the country of the country from the mouth of the villagers, and they also know the tragedy of the Yue Yuetian.

The former captain of the 2nd team of the White Beard One Piece, I have already died many years ago, or even live alive ...

Now, the whole and the country is equivalent to being occupied by Thara, everywhere is a member of the hundred beasts of Thara, and suppresss the power of those resistance.

The only place is also a place in peace, the place where the soldiers of the country, the bustling area of ​​the flowers of the flowers, there is the largest number of warriors and ninja troops in the country, directly under the current general black charcoal big snake .

Thara currently lives in the ghost islands near the country, and sometimes there will be in the country, and Kaido is often in the country.

Because in addition to the flowers, it is also outside the black charcoal big snake, all other places are all the direct rule of the beasts.

"Listen to the name, people can't help but want to kill the guy ..."

Yiszozo helped the name of the black charcoal snake, couldn't help but frown, he consciously remembered the big snake pill.

More coincident is ...

Black charcoal big snake is an animal system, an eurotomy, an eight-bit, a good person, a certain nature and the eight-seipher of the big snake pill, which makes it harder to kill him even more.

Snake ...

Not a good thing.

The big snake pill is like this, the pharmacist is also like this.

"Trouble is dead ... Let's take a look at what the guy looks like, killing him, can make my mood better, then let the people of the whole and the country of the beasts!"

Yischo Sasukes slowly emerged, full of full body, manipulating the direction that must be able to fly to the flowers, and the bustling area is not difficult to find.

The entire country is actually very poor.

Only the flowers are still full of cherry blossoms, everywhere is a Spring scenery, but people on the street are indifferent, and the scenery of the flowers is somewhat different.


It is already a place where it is rare peaceful.

Today, the calm is destined to be broken. Unexpello Sasuke appeared on the streets of the flowers, thinking out after a while, reaching out his palm.

"Forget it."

The palm of Yiszo Sasuke suddenly broke out a sharp repulsiveness, whispered: "Still, in accordance with the old rules, let a greetings with this country!"

Next, this sharp repulsion instantly swept the streets of the whole flower, and the land was also directly plowed by Shen Luo Tianzheng in an instant.

All the civilians of all flowers are surprised to look at the streets that are destroyed in an instant, and everyone is not compromised with the most prosperous place for flowers.

There is the generals of the general black charcoal of the flowers ...

No matter who attacked the flowers, he is absolutely can't escape. Quiin is a guest!

The flowers of the flower, the generals.

Today's banquet is really very lively.

The current general of the country's black charcoal snake, the epidemic of the beast, the pirates of the beast, who came to spend a guest with several empty six sons, and they came to spend mainly to avoid trouble.

Because a guy who has never had to be a hundred beasts, there is already a happiness of the hundred beasts, and there is already a Six Saturring, and the disaster is coming to the flowers. The chasing of the rope soil.

In order to make the banquet more grand, the black charcoal snake invited the flower of the country to show the performance of the country, and the guests were very happy.

When the feast is in the case, the flowers of the flowers suddenly passed into the banquet, causing dissatisfaction with many people.

"Someone wants to rebel!"

The black charcoal snake face with a angry, his body immediately made out from the banquet, some dissatisfied to the window, shouting the warrior and ninja troops under his part: "Yours, hurry Turn out the guy! "

"Yes, general people ..."

Just waiting for these people to promise to say a word, a suddenly flew down to these warrs and ninja!

Hundreds of warriors and ninja, they directly defeat!

A figure slowly dusty smoke came out, lifting his head, looking toward the black charcoal snake on the general, his eyes were indifferent and cruel.

Look ...

Did not take these warriors and ninja.

The face of the black charcoal snake is dark, and it is full of young men who come out from smoke: "Hello, you are ... Who? Another light moon ..."


A knife suddenly broke out!

The entire general building is divided into two!

Whether it is a black charcoal snake or a hundred beasts, the hundreds of pirates, and the six sons, these people who drink a banquet in the general fell!

Everyone instantly woke up, everyone's face flashed a angry, looked up to the enemy of the flowers of the flowers!

Next second ...

In addition to the black charcoal of the country, the members of the Baorence Festival will change between their faces when they see the enemy!

What do they know that the enemy in front of me ...

This guy has just been in the war before, because of the person who defeated the Baorence's Pirates, and the name of the name!

"Sasuke Uchiha!"

The disaster is thrilled by the whole person's expression!

What is this fucking?

Today, he took the sky six sons in the flower capital. It is to avoid the hidden belt, hiding by Unexpello, hiding Uzecho Sasher?


Yishiwei ...

Really not something good!

This group of hazy is too difficult to get wrapped!

The entire hundred beasts, including Thaedo and three disasters, now Nothing to take the soil, there is no way, only the scalp refuses Unecy, so that they will make them a dog's proposal; of course, they have no way to take Yiszo. ...

This little ghost ...

However, in the front battlefield, the guy of Thara!

Detailed, Unechebra defeated the guy to defeat their partner king's seven Wu Duofan Francumba, defeating the Navy's general, defeating the red-haired Pirates, Baker Bakeman, defeated Four emperor ...

Life is simply like a hanging.

The recent news about Uzcho Sasuke is the news from the Naval Hero Cap and the Navy.


Why is this guy appeared in the country!

Yuxi Bozuo help this guy will not be to kill the black charcoal big snake?

The disaster disaster is faintly feeling, Unechebra is helpful with the people of the hundred beasts, not playing their captains is playing their partners ...

No matter how much Kui wants ...

He is very clear now, that is, he is absolutely impossible to be the opponent of Unechebra, and the entire hundred beasts will not be a helper.

Just as Quiin was scared, the phone in his body suddenly rang, happened to Cased.

"Hey, Quiin, Unecheo Sasukes sneak into the country, I want to find out that the ghost position, don't take the initiative to provoke the bagua ..."


Quin's expression was out of control. He took a deep breath and looked at Unechebao, who came to them, whispered: "Cairong big brother! Yischo Sasuke is in the flower! He is now in us Next to it! "

Mom, the news is too late!

I know that he shouldn't come to spend today!

Escape Unexpello, escaping Unecheo Sasuke, is it really destined to die in the human hand of Unexpello?

There is only one thought of the disaster, and now Yiszozuo will help it. It is going to kill people immediately, and Cairo brother will come to save people!

"Is the guy of Thara?"

Yuxi Bozuo went to Quiin's face, looked at the disaster, and he stretched his palm coldly: "Give me a call in your hands."


Qui is silent for a while.

Next, Quin's palm of the hand handed the phone in the hand to Yishibo Sasuke: "Hey, Unechebra Sasuke, the war between us is over ..."

"To shut up."

Yuxi Bo sauo helped a sentence to hide because of the battle.

Sasuke slowly reached out of Quin's phone, calmly opened: "Thaed, I am Yuxi, want to preserve the life of these waste, with your own head!"

"Female Eggs ..."

Thaed's voice came out from the phone, he biting his teeth said: "I dare to come to Laozi's land ... Since it is here, you don't want to go back!"

"is it?"

Yischo Sasuo ignored the threat of Kahand, and she was not careless to play her own grass: "I hope you don't escape this time ... anyway, you can't flee my chasing."

After that, Yishibo Sasuke hangs up the phone.

Qui Dynasty's emotions gradually calm down, he biting his teeth said: "Hey, Yishe Sasuke, your guy is here ..."


Yu Zhibo Sasuke's grass sword flashed a knife!

This knife allowed Quin's instant to close his mouth.

Because this knife also cuts the head of the current general of the country, the head of the current general of the country, the blood, spraying in the blood!

"I hate the snake ..."

Unechebo slammed frowned and went to the blood on the grass, and danced a handsome knife, income the grass and swords in the scabbard!

This hand is really handsome ...

Yischo Sasuke, even if it is killing people, it is so handsome!

"Haroish ..."

The flower of the country is full of horror, watching Unecheo Sasuke, killing the black charcoal snake, handsome, hysterer, can't help with Sasuke's skills.

Even if it is her father ...

It is also far less than the current Yuxi Bozuo to help you!

Even the people of the beasts, Ming know that Yuxi Bozuo is an enemy, and it can't help but sigh for his knife.

Yuxi Bozuo fell on a roof and looked at the epidemic of the Baiyu One Piece, and the six sons, cold channel: "Do you just start a banquet? Then, then play music, then dance ... Don't stop beforehand! "

"Betting, don't be too insulting!"

The epidemic will looked at Yiszozuo because of the full face. This bastard is to let them dance with the cadres of these beasts.

This is also too insulting!

When the epidemic, the disaster is wanted to force it, but he sees Yis Zhibo's cold eyes and two weird eyes. His voice is low in an instant.

to be frank…

Even if Quin has not played, I know that I really don't do it.

The epidemic is looked around with a small purple body that is a small purple, and the tone is still somewhat hard to open: "Betting, dancing, do you dance, who is afraid of who ... little purple, come to me Accompaniment! "