I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 472 is destroyed flowers!

And the country, the flowers.

The generals of the flowers have become the ruins, and a large street is borrowed. This bustling and country capital is only a few people.

Most of the civilians have rushed to the capital, and they are afraid that they will be killed by Unechebra. They are more afraid to see something that should not see.

Thaedo saw a spicy scene when he arrived here.

Black Maria and the little purple two have a different figure that is playing the piano; the disaster is hopped in a sharp dance in sweating.

Yiszo Sasuke sat on the roof, slowly smashing the juice in his hand, he seems to be a dance of the disaster, if ignored the bodies of the black charcoal big snake, these guys seem to be happy.

What is this fucking?

Cared is a little bit.

Thara's nose was sprayed out of a heat wave, full of violent,: "Quin! What is this idiot?"

"Cared Brother!"

In the eyes of the disaster, the eyes were suddenly flowed in two lines of tears, flew towards Kaido: "Cared, you are finally here!"

When the disaster is found, I immediately knew that I was safe!

In front of Unechebra, the disaster is in the face of the disaster, and it is always dancing, and it doesn't think it is safe!

I finally saw the savior!

"Blend ..."

Kaido took his fist, and a punch, the epidemic disappearance of the rush, opened his mouth, full of angrily: "Tell Laozi, what is this going?"

"Thane ..."

The black Maria has a breath, and I walked over Thaeda. She smashed her hair, whispered with his head: "Sasuke killed the black charcoal snake, and kill it. Other companions we come together ... "


Thaedo's face is ugly.

What is the ghost days today!

In addition to the black Maria, the six sons were killed by Yuxi Bo, and the other four were killed by Yuxi Bozuo. This is equivalent to the middle-level blood shivery ... Empty six sons can be in addition to three disasters, Relying on people!

The result was changed by two Yuxi Wave ...

Thaedo raised his head and looked at Unecheo, who was sitting on the roof. The anger of the eyes suddenly broke out, domineering gradually shrouded in his body: "Yu Zhibo Sasuke, you are a born ... Laozi will never let go of this time You are! "

"really interesting…"

Yuxi Bozuo did not see his head, slowly put down the cup in his hand, grabbed his grass, sword, flying in front of Thara.

Yuxi Bozuo lifted his head and looked at Thaedian. The corner of his mouth told a scornful smile: "This sentence should let me say ... The waste among the four emperories!"

"what did you say!"

Thara's eyes flashed a cold, his palm suddenly cleared the wolf tooth stick in his hand, and the tyrants of the tyrants were overnight!

Yuxi Bozuo did not show weakness, and the smile on his face was still a bit contempt: "If it is not the traitor to help you, do you think that you can escape last time? Cared ..."

Next moment, Yuxi Bozuo is full of fire!

Under the hardcutters of the two fighters, the rooms of the entire flowers were destroyed by them, and the shock waves were constantly swept the capital of the country!

Fortunately, there are few people in this and country capital ...

Black Maria looks nervously at this scene, her expression does not have a remarkably, just a full face and looks at Unechebra, and Hamare's confrontation.

"It's really incredible ..."

Black Maria looked at Unechebao, which only had a high human height, whispered a few steps: "It is just a little ghost ..." Do you really challenge our governor? "

"Nothing is incredible ..."

The disaster is rising on the face, and he carefully looks for the place where you can avoid the shock wave, whisper muttered: "The little ghost ... feels that the guy is not bad!"

When the epidemic, the disaster is hiding, he remembers the flower of the country, and the flower of the country is still here, and the face suddenly flashed a touch: "Ah ... I almost forgot, Xiao Zi is still here what!"

The weak woman is unable to stop the impact of this fighter, and even the Yu Wei, which is Hamado and Yizha, can make it easy to kill her!

But the disopro disaster is not worried about the little purple ...

Because after the appearance of Thaed, the guards of the Guardian Black Charcoal Snakes were in a hurry, and took the little purple.

The madden is certainly not as fascinating with the black charcoal snake, but because he is originally the family of the Tseung Kwan Yutian, his quiet appearance is just to protect Xiao Zi's daughter. .

"That Sasuke ... What person?"

When Xiao Zi was killed in the battlefield of the flowers, it was still to look back: "Do he want to challenge Mado?"

"Or, he is coming to find Kaomo trouble!"

The madman who was originally waxed, and his face was also a little downtown: "I said when I listened to the boyfriend, I said in the war in the last and white beard, defeating. His people are the Unechebra! "

When you say this, the maddenk suddenly revealed a smile: "Unfortunately, there is no time to say that the Yumudian adult is still ...

Otherwise, when the guy killed the black charcoal menu and the six sons, I almost thought that this is the opportunity of our Light Fu and the country! "

They have tried the last words of the Yulian Yutian, that is, the Congress will resume prosperity and open the country in the twenty year after the death of the Yulian Yuuda ...

This time ...

There are still four or five years!

and so…

Everything should now be with them.

No matter what Zhizuo Sasuke and Thae are playing again, it is also worthy of the reorder of these light moon, and it seems that the Unecheo Sasher is not very concerned about the game of the light moon!


Yizhi Sasuo does not care about the country.

Thara did not think so, Unechebra helped this ninja and the guys of the double identity of the warrior, it is impossible to find the country with the country, a bit like a place to grab the site ...

But this doesn't matter ...

Now Mado has already more in the allies of Unexpello, believe that the guy of Unexpello has absolutely eliminates the ability to solve Unexpea!

Kaido raised the wolf tooth stick in his palm, and his face opened: "Yu Zhibo Sasuke, white beards have been old ... The time will be eliminated sooner or later! You stand fault, small ghosts!"

Thaedo bowed his head wrapped with a domineering Unechebra, this little ghost brought to him is still so big ... Fortunately, he tanded with Yuxi Bo in advance!

have to say…

These two Yuxi Bo are hard to wrap.

For Hamada, Unexhoe's ability is more strange, but Unechebra helps this person is actually better in his appetite ...

It is a pity that even if it is the whole and the country used the whole country as the land as a land, Unexpea Sasuke, this guy is not willing to join hands ...

Moreover, Yisi Bo has a hostile and Unechebra Sasuke is hostile, and Kaido is not possible to give up the conditions of Tu Zhibo belt, and then recruit Unecheo Sasher.

"It's a regret."

Thaedo's clever's wolf, cold channel: "Unfortunately, there is more than a more powerful allies here ... now there is no location!"


Yuxi Bo saga will slowly pull the grass sword, and look at Mado, and you can't come to the appointment. Your ally is the born eggs of Yuxi Board! "

Sasuke's eyes gradually became the back of the eye and the written eye, the grass sword moved slowly in his hand, he was cold, and he continued: "That is just just ... Let me solve yours directly. These two make me most hate People! "

Next moment, Unecheo Sasuke waved the grass sword rushed to Thaedo, and his domineering was instantly turned into a black red lightning!

Thaedo waved his wolf to squat, and a long domineering is like the Thunder is generally covered on the wolf tooth stick. It seems to be a rushing Unechebra. A beach is mud!

"Thunder Gossip!"


The grass sword and the wolf stick are sticked together!

Two domineering instantly turned over the entire flower capital city, endless shock swept the flowers, and the original bustling flowers were in order to flat!

Even the flowers are not enough for them to vent it, and the two black red dominements are like a thunder, the thunder, and there is a flash between the sky, and directly tear a crack throughout the sky!

When the strong people of the four emperors fight, whether they are weather or the environment, they will be destroyed directly by their battles!

The disaster is hiding in the side of the epidemic ...

Black Maria can't help but look at it ...

The whole people of the whole flower have all seen the battle of flowers, everyone is not rushing to the sky!

Even if they don't know who is gain, but they know, since then, the bustling flower of the country is definitely to rebuild ...


Thaedo looked at the confrontation of the wolf and grass swords in his hand. His scorpion suddenly flashed, and his face suddenly became a leader, and Zhangkou took a flame towards Sasuke!


A skeleton of a Root must appear on the body!

Next, tall complete body must be able to instantly wrap the body of Sasuke, blocking the dragons of Thara's sneak attack!

"Do you want to fight against Udi Bo?"

Sasuke stands in the crystals of mustas, a punch flew out, he stood in the crystal of the mustvas, and fierce his fingers, Zhangkou moved towards Tham I spurted a huge fireball!

Even if Yiszo Sasuke is used by the most ordinary phoenix, but there is a huge blessing in the current state!

Just as these fireballs rapidly, they must hit Madox, an ice-cold voice appeared on the battlefield!

"Yu Zhibo Fire"! "

Next moment, a movie suddenly appeared around Thara, his fingertips fell in the ground, and a red junction barrier slammed out from the ground, blocked the fireball of Sasuke!

It is just that Ji Zhibo, which has just reached the allies agreement!

Sasuke. "

Yuxi Bo Tong Standing behind the fire, watching the tall purple full body must be Saiss, calmly open: "Thaedo is now my ally, you should know what this means ..."