I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 473 is proud, it is the biggest weakness of Unechebra!

And the country.

Some silence on the battlefield of the flower.

A pink petal sprinkled out from the air.

These pink petals are stained with dust, they like the country, only to wait for the fate of others to add them.

Thara's eyes fell on his face in front of him. His eyes flashed slightly. Listening to it, this Unexpello is really terrible?

Actually, the Zhi Zhibo is feared to him?

What secrets are there in the end of these two Unexpected?

Thaedo helped his wolf sticks and opened his mouth: "It seems that I am really looking for all the allies!"

"No, it should be said to be a position."

Yisi Bo took the soil to look at Unechebao, which was able to stand in Saso, and continued to move: "Although my strength may not make Unecho Sasuke, he knows that the battle between us cannot be Winning. "


Yuxio Sasuke is within the crystals that must be able to look at the sole land that is covered with the mask, and the expression on the face is gradually subtle.

What is the success of Unechybo Tong and Thara Negotiation ... It means that he is coming to the country's deterrence of Thara's task has been completed.

So, this means that it means to let him go?

Really touched ...

Yisi Bo is helpless.

He has worked hard, played four emperor red hair, played the prestigious names of Thara, but the result of the job to perform the mission of the task.

The strength of these guys is actually like that, in addition to having a place to support them, what do they still do?

But according to the harsh of the original navigation ...

One of the original navies is still enough behind them, and the guy has now torched the world.

Yizhi Bozo sighed a sigh, manipulating a must to pull out the tackle, directly split, and divide the fire array into two!

At that point, the momentum of the momentum was smashed and fell on the body of Yuxi Bo, but he only penetrated his body, and directly squatted on the ground!

The earth was suddenly taken out of a long gully!

This can only be considered to vent.

"Don't have anything breath."

Yischo took the soil to look at the purple must, calmly spread his palm, continued: "You should be very clear, as long as I will not show any flaws, we will not have each other now ..."


Yizhi Bozuo helped the eyes flash, and snorted: "It is the strangeness of the kaleidoscope writes. You just have a good eye!"

"Is this not the combat method of our Unechebra?"

Yischo belt is not intentional, but she continues to be self-contained: "Although we have different choices, our two people are also from the gift, after all, we are from the same blood ..."

"Abandoning the traitor of Uzhibo ...

Yiszo sauo helped his fist, tall must be able to wavily waving the knife and sieving the soil belt: "I heard the blood of Yuxio, it really made me feel shameless!" "

Yuxi Bozou helped the Yuxi wave, still the old ancient well, couldn't help but bite his teeth: "Forget it, although I can't put you ... but Mare is not necessarily!"


Originally saw that two Unechebra opposes Thaedo, and suddenly took a question mark on the forehead. What kind of mean?

I want to think about it ...

Thaedo's face slowly black.

If you haven't heard the wrong, Yuxi Bozuo should have no way to take the Yuxi wave, actually want to take him to take a pump?

This is what is said?

He is the four emperors, not what is the idiot!

Yischo Sasuke is not in the idea of ​​Itkes, and it really manipulates that it is a huge sniper that will take a huge bow!

"Betting ... don't look small! Thunder gossip!"

Thara's face flashed an angry, waving the wolf tooth stick in his hand, hit this, and Mado felt huge power in an instant!

However, with his domineering, after all, he still scattered this, his eyes fell on the body of Yuxi Bo, and the sound: "Hey, you didn't agree with Laozi, solve the Huszhi Bo Sasuke ? "

"rest assured."

Yuxi Bo belt solemn stalls: "Sasuke is already no more, he now just wants to vent the anger of himself ... Wait until he is venting, will naturally leave here."

Yuxi Bo will slowly stand slowly, watching Thaedo continues: "Let's mention, after being defeated by him, don't you lose the four emperories? This kind, your value may I need to recharge? ... Thara ... "

"Don't worry!"

Thaedo looked up at hundreds of meters high, and picked up his wolf tooth stick. He shouted in the direction of Zuo. He shouted: "A small ghost in the district ... Laozi is Thaed! "

Overlord's domineering from Thara's body overflow ...

The strong armed torrents flowed in his body, one of the top four emperors of the new world, waving the wolf sticks in the hands rushed to the taller!

The whole and the country shook a mountain!

A war that has not been completed once again!

It's more late, but the whole flower is still like it, a burst of the battle of Hamado and Yizhio saga!

The explosion is more stretched!

Such a battle, there is no one who dares to intervene.

The epidemic is looked at their battles because of his face, and looked up at the sky that was completely torn and looked at the earth who was directly destroyed directly.

"How did the guy have not come over ..."

"This level of battle ..."

Black Maria's eyes are gratifying to watch Tham and Yiszo Sasuke, shake the head: "Even if he comes, can't you put it?"

"But at least let me feel more security ..."

After the disaster, the disaster is just finished, it suddenly realized what he said, he rushed his mouth.

If you don't care, I'm talking about it!

Black Maria didn't end my lips and laughed. Looking at the disaster. "" Quin is still so grassroots ... Do you think the Governor will win? "

"Of course, I'm more optimistic about Thara Mado!"

The epidemic is in a hurry to pinch his fist, but he looked at the need to suppress Thaeda, and then lowered his voice: "Although we know how strong the body of Thara Hotel ... but opposite Sasuke Uchiha!"

On the forehead of the evacuation, he gradually took a cold sweat. He continued: "To say the truth, Yuxi Bozuo brought the pressure, more than the Yulian Yutian, ... I am a little curious, what is this guy? Those who can?"

"He is not a demon fruit power."

The voice of Unechebra has appeared in the ears of the epidemic. The ability to say slowly: "Sasuke's ability is the power of the Yuxi Bo family, in order to get the power ...

Since the Yischo family, all family members have been calculated, and those who can open this shape must not exceed five. "

If you can turn it on, you must don't exceed five people.

In addition to the ancestor of the Unexpea family, the Millennium has been only available for Military Shuzhi and Yisi Bozuo.

There is also two real ancestors of the original naval and six cactors.

Of course, the Shangyuan Needo and the six cactors must be more harmful, and the thousands of meters are high, that is the power of God!

"How do you hide here!"

The disaster is dissatisfied with the dissatisfaction.

Yischo took the soil and looked at him and turned his head and looked at Unecho Sasuke and Cairdo's war. Shen Sheng: "This can be the top battle in the world, even if I have seen it, I have seen it now. Goodbye now Once, I still feel wonderful ... "


After a while, the disaster is silent, and suddenly, he suddenly came to the body of Unexhoe, and his head was tightly squandered. He asked: "Say, Mr. Tong ... Do you talk to Mare? What is the agreement? ? "

The disopro disaster is known to know the soil of Yuxio.

After all, Hydo wanted to solve the land of Yuxi, and wanted to make his own hand to help analyze. Only the disappointment and the inflammatory creature two people know that Unexpero belt and Thaedo secret battle.

"This is confidential."

Yisi Bo has refused to leak secrets. He touched his mask, suddenly said: "But ... In the future, I am your deputy captain."

"Then we will be a family in the future, hahaha!"

The disaster is squeezed on the face, and the voice continued to ask: "That ... is there any shortcoming on the body of Tuo, is there any shortcoming?"


After Unexpell, the disaster is nodded, and in the eyes of the epidemic, they replied calmly: "This little ghost is too proud ... this is his biggest shortcoming!"

In fact, this is a common problem of the entire Unecheyo.

There is this problem with each Unechebra.


The epidemic is looked at the soil, and he feels that he is played. If he has the strength of this, he is more proud of his Zhiwu.

A young youth of the 17th year old this year has such a strong strength. Is it quite normal?

The issue is…

When is this battle to play!

If you play, the whole and countries may be destroyed!

The sky is getting more and more black.

The city of the whole flower has been completely formed into ruins, and civilians and pirates that are outside the flowers are also withdrawn towards nine miles.

Until the second day of the battle, Yuxi Boato helped the night, and Yisi Board finally stopped him again.

"Let's here!"

The figure of Yisi Bo has appeared from the sympathy of the time and space, and his figure is on the ground, just like an ant, look up at the tall must!

In the next moment, the voice of Unechyo has slowly changed a tone. His voice is more gloomy: "Yuxi Bozuo, I have already given you a chance, don't do too much ..."

"…It's you!"

I heard the Chinese voice coming from the body of Yuxi Bo, and the face of Unechebra helped his face, he has heard who has come from the voices from the belonging to represent anyone.

Next moment, Unechebra helped himned by him to play the dragon and live Tiger, and snorted: "For you, you have a good luck ... I found a guy who didn't make it easily ..."

The eyes of Unechyo Sasuo slightly have some cold, after the words, he directly controls to leave the flowers.

"Breast, make Laozi in this way, don't want to leave ..."

Tharaoa is to catch up with the treasure of the dragon. His mouth has accumulated a high temperature dragon, and it is necessary to take it out!

Yuxi Bozuo did not care, but he was able to manipulate a tall must be returned to shoot a black giant arrow.

"That born ..."

Thaedo bite his teeth into a human form, watching the black huge arrows on his body gradually dissipated, just left a huge arrow injury on his body!

This fucking ...

The second time?

Thaeda is not as good as Yishao Sasuo, which is not as good as the wounds left before.

"do not worry…"

Yisi Bo took the soil to shoot his mask, looked at Madox who was angry, and sighed a little: "After I am here, he can't come again ..."