I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 476 is about to explode!

There will be a lot of things in a month.

Cared This guy drank a month of wine.

However, Kaido is not all harvest, the inflammation is finally taking this time, from the past some of the people who kill the soil killing of Yuxi Bo, I have found some intelligence about Yishao belt.

It is said that Yu Zhishi has the same time when attacking, it seems to be hit by a sea rock, but Yuxi Bo belt is not injured.

"It doesn't matter."

After Kamada got this news, the heart finally made a breath: "As long as it can attack the born body is enough, if he doesn't take the initiative to attack our members, Laozi will not know this!"

In the face of Unexpello, Kaido really thinks it!

Now, as long as it gets the way to attack the Belt of Unexpello, Thaedo believes that he must kill him and solve this big trouble!

"The bastards of those surnamed ..."

Kaido's punch is on the ground, and the anger is open: "Laozi will kill them sooner or later!"

This is purely talking.

There are only three in the world, and there are only three people in the world. In addition to the Unexpellis and messages in front of them, there are still less Umiuso, which is repeatedly beat the four emperor's Yishao.

of course…

There is no finding the bottom of Yuxi Bo.

Thaedo decided to temporarily and Suiwei, this troubled guy directly showdown, and most of the countries of the country can give Unecho, but ... His ministerial and weapons must stay in the country. area!

This is the final bottom line of Thara!

If you can't do it, you can only turn your face.

Unfortunately, Case didn't think about it, just in the time of his drink, Shangyuan Nairou was already ready to finish in another world.

A new world.

A new force, some new resources.

It is a temptation for the five major rivals, or for the entire endurance, each of the nonely villages will choose a strong enough Ninja.

Since the end of the conference of the organization, all organizations of the endage have set up more than 30,000 Ninja coalitions, and even the three boats of the country of Tie also led a group of warriors to join in, mostly by villages or shadow members.

Woody Village: The Ninja Force of 6,000 people, Jiao Naranti Luojing, the rumor, the vortex, Maitkai, flag wood Cardi and others in column.

Because the hand of this woman is very high!

According to the conference of their wooden leaf, it is considered that this post-remedy call should be more beneficial to them, after all, there is nothing to be greedy.

In addition to a large number of ninja troops, there is a large number of strong ninja, of course, in case of preventing, only a strong ninja with a swirl moon.

Other young ninja will follow up in accordance with subsequent conditions.

Rocky Village: 10,000 people's ninja troops, by the son of the son, because the population of the population of rock is too large, and it is tens of thousands of ninja troops.

To be honest…

Time to bear the peace of the past, the number of Ninja, Rocky Village is too much, but the task received is very little, in fact, it is not so many people.

This is almost equivalent to the family.

Yun Yin Village: The Ninja Force of 8,000 people, from the four generations of Lei Ying and Chiraby personally brought the team, and the entire Yun Yin Village directly gave the Evai Daruy.

Because the four generations of Lei Ying are very interested in the New World.

Saha Yin Village: The Ninja Force of 3,000 people, brought by the handcuffs, after all, the sandy village is too poor, even some people can't pick it up.

Fog hidden village: The ninja army of the five thousand people is personally brought by the fifth-generation water shadows, because the organization specializes in need to need a lot of water.

Tiezhi: Two thousand martial arts troops, from the three ships, personally brought themselves, which also comes from the special requirements at the organization meeting.

Yu Yin Village: Cotta Wooden Brilliant Night, White, Hui Night Jun Ma Lu, Xiaonan.

Among them, there was no ten tail in the night body, and only ten tail belts were left, but it still relied on her unsuccessful body, regarding the future power pillar of the country.

Because the long-door and other people need to leave the situation that continues to host the endurance, they will not travel to the new world.

Xiaonan is a person who travels to the coordinating Ninja, and is also a person who hosses this action. As the high-level tissue of the organization, Xiao Nan must be responsible for Member States.

The tolerance of the sea.

More than 30,000 Ninja coalitions are together.

The talls of the Ninja coalition are discussed with each other, and it seems to be very interested in the new world that is about to rush.

"New World!"

The whirlpool is excited to hold his fist, and the smile on his face can't compare: "I heard that Sasuke is the first batch of people going to the new world! I don't know how much he has now!"


Flagka Caassa touched his eyes in his eyes, whispered: "I don't know how the guy is? In fact, he should be more happy in the new world!"

The flagmarks only did the teacher for one year or so, he knew that Yizhi Bozuo was in the endurance. Now he is only hoping that children who are very similar to him can be happy in the new world.

I also grinned, took the shoulder of Kakasi, and opened the mouth: "New world, will definitely make a lot of new materials ... Maybe I can make another new best-selling novel What should the New World should not be made? "

The tolerance is now taking organization of authority.

The teacher who was originally the founder of this Nature should be mixed.

It is a pity because he wrote a problem, and the tissue has banned a private service series of books to continue publication.

Now, the intimate series has become an out of print.

Even if you have created two books during the peace period, one of the most popular novels about the ninja is published, but it is very powerful; another intimate series cannot be published, only the only one of Kasi this reader.

When I heard the coming, the eyes of the flag-like Kakasi suddenly looked up, and the eyes of the eyes were unidentified: "I heard that the world is very big ..."

"Cough cough ..."

The loess will cough a few times, interrupted their delusions, talking about being a matter: "It seems that the seniors in the long-door, the world's body, the more you wake up, the power of the world ..."


Everyone's gaze is not from autonomous to the whirlpool.

The whirlpool, this guy, is the only person who is left in the endurance, but also integrates the yin nine tail and Yang Jiu, with a complete nine-tailed whirlpiece, Chakra in the body is absolutely the strongest tolerant. .

of course…

Even if there is no nine tail, Chakra in the vortex is also a lot.

When many high-level discussions present, a sheet of origami floated to the air, giving together into Xiaonan's figure.

"Everyone ... is ready to start!"

Xiaonan watched tens of thousands of ninja coalitions, Shen Sheng Xiang said: "After ten minutes, Shang Shang will open the black hole between the world, everyone must quickly pass the black hole!"

After Xiao Nan, her finger was moved, and a white paper flew out from her hands, and they fell in the hands of the Ninja coalition forces. Blank paper is a map.

"This is a map of our new base and country."

After seeing the top of the coalition forces, Xiaonan will only open the way: "Next, the general staff of this new world expedition, Nara Lulu, let you know!"

"It's trouble ..."

Nara Luo knew his forehead, his palm fell in his own partner in the mountains, the whole Ninja coalition was heard from the bottom of his voice.

"The whole and country are divided into six areas, including the flowers of the flowers in the center, the other five areas, the country, the country, the five regions, have a certain resistance, which is the enemy of our ground forces."

Nara Deer closed his eyes, Shen Sheng: "The Ninja Allir has divided the five troops in accordance with the enemy's boundaries. After we arrived in the new world, the Ninja joint forces immediately went to the occupation and the country.

Among them, the strongest first troops, which are also led by people and Naruto, and immediately rushed to capture the rabbit bowl!

The second troops are led by the Yellow Solites, and the hand is led, and immediately rushed to attack the bell in the back area!

The third troops, from the flag-like Kakasi team, immediately rushed to capture the greece!

The fourth troops, from the beauty of the beauty, immediately rushed to capture the white dance area!

The fifth troops, led by the three boats, immediately rushed to capture Jiuli area!

All troops break through the occupation of Jiuli, rabbit bowl, white dance, bell, Ximei, rushing to the country center of the flowers of the city, which will be our future base camp! "

After Nara Luli said, it will be quietly opened: "In the way, there must be any anti-child, and must be expelled, occupying the entire and country as soon as possible. This is the expedition between the world, we will all Is the pioneer in the new era! "


Three thousand four thousand Ninja coalitions such as tides.

After the bottom of the map, I suddenly opened the way. "What is going on here?" What is the island here? Is the island near this and the country without an enemy? "

"do not worry."

Nara Luli smiled, whispered: "The enemy's strength is too strong, will be solved by Chakra's initiative ..."

It's really embarrassing.

The overall military strength of the tolerant is slightly inferior, only the top strength will not be too much.

However, with Chakra's existence, after their power adapted to the new world, the strength will soon upgrade, only one and the country and the country of the country, it is enough for their Ninja to explore a few years. .

"You can start."

Small south slowly lifting the head and looking at the sky.

Next, the whole sky slowly appeared a black hole, and the black hole continued to expand until the black hole was quickly falling after the tens of thousands of ninja coalitions!