I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 481 and the country's naval spy and new owners

Thaedo is a bit unfavorable.

The four emperors of the second half of the great route, only Kaido's four emperors lost to different enemies, and the whole hundred beasts fell in the enemy's hands.

I can't do any dignity now!

Oh shit…

How did he fall to this point?

In less than a year, how can I become a new world?

It's really outrageous ...

The guys of these invasion and countries do not show up the mountain, and they jumped out of the way, and they directly slammed them.

Yuxi Bo belt does not know what Chem is thinking. He just stroked the crack on his cheeks, still threatening Mado: "Thaedo, don't violate God's will ... otherwise, as God's punishment, except for you, People who have involved with you will be used to control the chess pieces, whether it is life. "


When I heard Uki Bo, Thara said again to the air of the air, this god is not a general, compared to his brutal pirate!

But it seems really like ...

Because the eyes of Hui Ni Ji seems to be in the eyes, it seems that this world is just her play, as if anyone is not in the heart!

Do not…

Hui Night is really not in my heart.

Just as Yuxi Board is still threatening Thas, the brilliant night is slowly falling in front of Yuxi Bo, and Her sound is a bit cold.

"I have to see the feathers, here is to give you."

After the night, I wouldn't pay attention to Ukho, and her figure drifted into the door of the paint black space, disappeared without trace.

It is a time-space-running, Huangquan, is good!

Yischo took the earth and looked at the night. After shook his head, he looked at Thaedo's opening: "Still come to continue talking ... Kaido ... Although we kill you, you can use you, but If you are not as good as your peak power ... "


Kaido watched the soil band and slowly cleared his fist.

This is a negotiation?

Isn't this a threat?

When Yisi Bo belt and Thaedo negotiations, the battle of the entire country has completely ended that all the five troops of the Ninja have entered the flowers.

In just a day, the whole and the country is inexplicably inexpensively.

The civilians of the country have not reacted, and a large number of ninja troops have already been opened, they expel the pirates of the Baorence, and the unspeakable warrior, killing the moon family and their family.

Flower capital.

Shangji arrived here early.

After all, I want to send tens of thousands of ninja coalitions directly from the tolerance to this world. The Shangyuan must appear here.

At this moment, Shangyuan Na is in the flowers that have just been transformed with wood elements to meet the arrival of Xiaonan.

This originally fought by Unecho Sasuke and Thaeda became a flower of the ruins, and it was a beautiful scenery.

Nicole Robin stationed around Shangyuan, looked at the flowers of cherry blossoms, and her face was still amazing.

Creating, it is much more difficult than destruction.

Nicole Robin's eyes have swept through the whole flowers, slowly falling on the original Nairi: "It is impossible to imagine, it is still a ruin here for a few minutes, but now it has become a flower sea, I can't help but want to live here ... "


Shangji nodded, just visited the front, his mouth tickled with a smile: "The flowers of the flowers are the place where Mr. Xiaonan wants to live. If it is still the ruins, it will not be too disappointed ..."

And the country will be a big camp in this world.

As the center of the and the country, the richest area is definitely not idle, and it is also best for the future base.

Shangqi Naqi simply fed hands, using the power of the wooden element, the land has been green, and he can't point to the big and right of the wooden leaves?

Nicole Robin looked at the original navigation, and the color flashed in the dark: "Sum up the original gentleman seems to be very good ..."


After the Shangyuan Nai thought it was a while, he shook his headself sincerely: "Okay, it is almost the same ..."


Nicole Robin has a bit card shell.

The relationship between it is the same ... this is okay?

Nicole Robin couldn't help but shook his head. She became more and curious about the teacher in the original navigo, a person who would make the original navigation ...

What kind of person is it?

Is it strong enough to suppress the world?

Just at this time, the door of a square black space appeared in their side, the figure of Huiye Ji slowly drifted out ...

Shang Nai, I saw the appearance of the big tube Hui Hui, his forehead jumped to help: "Hui Night Hiss ... How did you come over ... How did you come over ... Do you solve it?"


Hui Ni Ji took a nodded, her body floats appeared around the Shangyuan, and she has to fall on the original Needle.


"I don't say anything!"

Shangyuan Nai fell to the eyebrow, waved the gathering night near him, how to explain this woman unclear!

Really ...


This occupation and country as the base of the base, Shangyuan Na Rong came over, but also wants to let Hui Yi Ji future as the god of the town and the country.

To tell the truth, this decision has no problem.

The only problem is ...

The big tube is always admitted to the night.

Because in the endurance, even if the war has ended, Hui Night's son's six cactus co-wood feather is still awkward, the mother and child relationship is still nervous, but it is the attitude of the original navigation to the night.

Therefore, the darkness often likes to protect the liberality of the tolerance, but praise the glory of human nature ...

For a while, the misunderstanding is unfunction.

Even if it is in this world, the power system of Shangyuan Na will change, and the big tube Hui Hui is as if it is determined, and the eyes are still in the upper place.

"I know, Shangyuan."

After I heard the original Nairi once again explained his identity, Hui Night is nodded, and it is not refunded into the cheeks of the upper, and the tears are tears. "Are you doing well in this world?" Mom has been worried about you ... "


Shangqi Nai's face is dark.

What ghost ... isn't it as good as it?

Nicole Robin is surprised to look at the cry of the tears, and looked at the Shangyuan Na, the face, and the face gradually exposed. Surprised.

"... Mr. Shangyuan ... Mother?"

"Robin, don't listen to her Hu, she admits the wrong person."

Shangyuan Nae returned to the night, and smashed his own eyebrows to continue: "I just responsible for protecting her people ..."


Nicole Robin's face is getting more and more quirky.

At the last night, I looked at the night. I sighed a little. "Here is a flower capital, know the future base, if there is any need, tell the truth, I have let it come over!"


Hui night nodded, and his eyes were watching the original navigation.

Just when the atmosphere is getting more and more embarrassed, a team of Ninja appeared in their vision, the troops wear the Xiangyun black robes.

Only a member of the organization ...

Only the official uniform wearing!

In addition to major occasions, the five shadows and great names of the endure, and those strong ninja generally prefer to wear the costumes in their villages.

The team that came, is the Xiaoshan, white and Hui Night Jun Ma Lu!

As the highest commander of the intersection of the Tsuen Ninja, Xiaoshan's work is quite a few, she also wants to check the situation in the war forces in the war, and by the way, they are also patrolling the whole and country, and how to do it after the end of the war.

This is not a waste of time.

After Xiao Nan inspected and some areas of the country, she finally identified three things: first built an orphanage, build a hospital, and set up a school.

This country has not been too late.

Although there are some leaders in science and technology, it is too much in the system and other aspects, and the villagers live is not as good as civilians of the normally.

It's really unimaginable ...

This and the country did not even have a school!

Until I saw the original navigation, Xiaonan slightly smashed the eyebrow slowly slowly slowly, and her mood was slowly relaxed.

"Really ..."

After the last step, I went to Xiaoshan, and I suddenly revealed a lot of laughs: "Because I haven't seen it for a long time?"

Although they only have a year ...

But this time has happened a lot.

When the time is not too long, in this unfamiliar world, when the Nairi will see Xiao Nan again, I can't help but feel the feeling.

Nairou. "

Xiaonan's voice falls in the ear of the original Needle.

Compared with the feeling of the original navigation, Xiao Nan didn't think too much, because she stayed in the endurance time, I was worried about my disciples.


Shangyuan Needs to say something.

I took a few steps in the small south. I habitually reached out to help him to organize a scattered collar. Some doubts are open: "Are you not the favorite uniform? How do you don't worry here? This dress seems to be a little smaller. "

"Hey ... maybe I am still in the long body ..."

The expression of Shangyuan Na will be slightly hesitant. After all, he is really less convenient in this world, and even all of them don't wear Xiangyun black robes.

In addition to Unexpected Boosaine ...

After all, the first batch of members who follow him into this world now, now have their own identity, certainly can't be discovered by others to be a group.

The original Nairou lowned and looked at the small south of the collar. The familiar memories were gradually recovered. He finally reached out his arm and hugged the shoulders of Xiaonan.

"I haven't seen you for a long time, teacher."


Xiaonan calmed up his hand and took his back, whispered: "I have never left so long ... How long can you stay here?"

"long time."

Shangyuan Na's mouth can't help but show a smile.

This time, Shangyuan Nair is indeed a long time, although his identity is a spy from the Navy to the country.

This is really ...

Can't bother again.

No, or, this matter is originally arranged.

As the new ruler of the country, the original Navy is part-time part-time, the contact of the Navy, the World Government's CP organization in the country of the country.

That is to say ...

The CP agents and naval spies of the entire country are now directly exposed to the original Nairi, although they ownly escape the palm of the original Na.


Go to grasp the enemy and send it to the door ...

In both cases, there is still a big difference.

It is also a bit complicated in this matter. Everything is behind the original navigation and the national drama, some of the sequelae stayed.

One month ago.

And the country has occurred.

The black charcoal snake was killed by Unechebra. The whole and the country fell into Thara's control. It should be that the weapons factory began to export to overseas exports ...

However, in the rectior of the original Na, the Dark World Trade Leado Flam Ming Ge and Thaed Dominant Trade have stopped for a month.

This month, Kaido worried about the threat of Unexpello, and did not find the trouble of Don Mingguo, restart their trade.

The problem is here.

Dofran Mingge's trade is related to the World Government.

The World Government wants to get the seaweed weapon, all from the Dofontech, this kind of middleman who likes to earn a difference, but because trade temporarily stop ...

The sea stone is actually shipped!

Even when the delivery is coming, it is dead!

The World Government cannot obtain an urgent sea stone stone in the hands of Duran Mingge, and unable to intervene and do things, even how much even.

Since the sea of ​​sea produced in the country is very important to the manufacture of the Navy and manufacturing weapons, in this case, the Navy SWORD troops and CP agents were forced to all dispatched, and they would like to find the intelligence of the country.

The pharmacist is a staff member of the current Navy. It is generally nothing to have to be over, and even most of the decisions are doing.


The pharmacist proposes from the original Naji SWORD troops, using the original Baroque Try to search the information, sneak into and the country.

This decision, the high level of the Navy does not agree.

In addition, in order to complete the task as soon as possible, the pharmacist of the CP agent is just received, and the CP agent and the original Nair Fortress will collect the information of the country, and the supply of stone weapons will be restored as soon as possible.

No accidents ...

This matter is estimated to drag a short time.

The world government is in a hurry, and it is impossible to order the Navy to attack the country, because the warship can't arrive here, they don't dare to go to the Cai Mo ...

This is too dangerous!


The Navy and the World Government can only put it on the body of the original naval and CP agents, even if they can't promote the resumption of sea-owned stone trade, I hope to find a time to restore the sea weapons of the sea.

In addition to the pharmacist, the Navy did not think ...

The spies they sent have been sitting at the highest position in the country.