I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 482, a person who wants to tissue undercover will be punished

Shangyuan Nairies did not appear in front of everyone.

Although he is now the highest status of the whole country, but now he should temporarily shoulder the responsibility of a navy, it is not good to appear.

The trivial things of the country are handed over to Xiaonan and Ninja coalitions.

The Shangyuan Na will be done, that is, quietly lurking, slowly manipulating the world, amazing people in the world.

the other side.

Under the persuasion of Unechebra, Caicada agreed to join the tissue, and the entire hundred beasts will become a peripheral armed for tissue.

In order to avoid the turmoil of the world, the things defeated by Hukenei and Baoren Mission were delighted, and continued to maintain his four emperors.

Anyway, except for the tissue ...

It seems that there is no one to take away Thara's four emperors.

In the entire hundred beasts, the new statement is that their pirates Governor Mado have reached a strategic alliance with the gods of God and the country.

Consideration ...

And the country is naturally dedicated to God.

The three disasters of the Beasts, which are very understanding of their own big brothers. The power of this invading the country is very powerful. The strength of the new allies will definitely be comparable to other four colorders.

Compared to the stream of black charcoal ...

The Ninja coalition army and the organization are really too much!

As the exchange between allies, the whirlpiece was sent to the island of the ghost to join the hundred beasts, which took place in the position of Unexpello.

It is just that it is necessary to become a whirlpole that is golden nine tail, and only the image is just on the image, or it is very suitable for staying in the hundred beasts.

After the war announcement.

And the country slowly entered the right track.

As the highest ruler on the name of the whole and the country, it is a contact point that appears in the original Nairi every day.

As a leader in the true sense of the entire country, Xiaonan began to quickly organize ninja to establish a hospital and orphanage of the hospital and orphans in the country, gathered in the country. Orphans.

Subsequently, under the command of Xiaonan, the Ninja has established Ninja School and Samurai School, requiring a school-age student exam, whether civilians or nobles are here.


Among them, the warriors who gave birth to the organization domineering!

This kind of thing is a bit uncomfortable ...

Even if the previous light moon family, it seems to have never done this.

General, big name, aristocrat, warrior, these inheritance almost have never changed, and civilians can only rely on the gnome of the nobles.

In addition, the entire and the country rapidly start differentiation, most civilians have begun to re-migrate, nine miles, flowers, white dances, bells and other regions as people, the Si Meizi area has become a training ground.

Mid Mado built in the weapon factory in the country, all facilities were relocated to the rabbit bowl, just near the rabbit well prisoner quarry.

As for prisoners in the rabbit well ...

Because most of the prisoners are the martial martial arts, they don't change their destiny because they are priests who are loyal.

Even their destiny may have more tragic, because these people can no longer see the hope of the Return and the country of the country.

For them, fate is tragic ...

For civilians of the entire and country, the country under the dominance of the group is much stronger than the light moon family and the black charcoal.

Even if it is very good to the light moon family, even the Yue Yuekang, who has always supported the light moon, has to admit this, but unfortunately he will not change his loyalty, so it is also put in the rabbit well.

Yue Yue Kang family is so miserable ... Don't say other people.

He has all put into the rabbit well.

Only Churchic Lang and Xiao Zi (light moon day and) were so hard, because the Bolang gave it, becomes a warrior who woven the woven, I hope to leave Xiaoyi's life.

This condition ...

After a circle with the whirlpool, two people saw Xiao Zi, and the two people had strong demands!

"How can you let such a lovely girl to dig!"

The flower of the flowers, the table, and the table is very dissatisfied: "This is the flower of the whole and the country, I have to take the material ... Cough and cough ... Moreover, her father has not done anything particularly wrong Win! "

"Indeed it is…"

The face of the loess wrinkled, Shen Sheng: "But we are now occupying the country, and we are destined to be enemies."

"If you trouble, you still kill it!"

The four generations of Lei Yai Ai is a bit violent: "No matter what to say, you can't leave such a big hidden danger, this is a trouble for us ..."

"It doesn't matter, you decided."

Handcuffs are bored with their own big fan.

The decision must be in the hands of Xiaonan, but there is another person who can make a decision.

His name is Naja.

In the end, the Boran left the little purple.

In the guess, the guess, the time is a bit strange, and I don't know if Xiao Zi's mother will send the peach to the future. Which time ...

After Shangyuan Na, after thinking, after a while, the Qikkaki was called the flag, Mikaki, which was passed on to him a few tricks to deal with the military and small purple.

Flower capital.

Biolla is a bit fortunate that he saved the little purple. It is planned to hide it, continue to undercover the old things under the black charcoal big snake ...

These members of this ...

It seems that it is not harmonious than the big snake in the black charcoal.

Late night.

The Chiro secretly convened a batch of his own warriors. As a result, this batch of warrs was just being smashed by Ninja. This is really let the tutorial's mentality collapsed!

This group of bass ...

It turned out to be used as a bait!

In a group of ninja's surroundings, the talento looks hard to hold their own knife, and the little purple is behind his body, and his face is faintly desperate.

"do not worry."

The Ninja captain, who is responsible for action, looks at them, and sighs and sighs: "We will not kill you, even send the dark to protect you ..."

Flagkarcasi looked at the face of the epicla lant, and the sound of the sound: "As the price of you can live, you have to borrow the signboard of the Laun Month National Little Princess, and provide us with the heart of the warrior ..."

After saying it here, the flag-like Kasira has pulled his own care, and he continued to say: "If you can't provide us with the fall of the rebel beauty, then your two rebel parts are not necessary to live."

After that, the flagmarks thought of someone, and opened: "Yes, before you die, we will tell the whole and the country.

We will tell the whole country, I originally planned to give up the investigation of the wandering warriors, it is you selling them, just to make the Langyue family's little princess live ... "

This means ...

I really can't say bad!

Single to see a message, you know that it is from the hands of the upper.

It is just that the original naval is in the country of the country to do the navy's undercover. How can he tolerate other people under his hand?

Even the Shang Shang also prepared a follow-up means ...

The entire light moon family will become the family that is the most embarrailful family!

Once this is passed out, you will don't think that the country is still based on the country, no matter what the warrior is not good!

Light moon ...

Do you really have to go?

Flagkarti looked at the painful Parang, a word: "You don't have any other choice, you can only continue to attract the warrior for us ... Otherwise, you will die immediately, the light moon is soon Will name the public! "

Speaking here, the flagmarks continue to say: "Don't provide those false information, as long as there is one, the little princess you want to protect will suffer, you should be more clear than me?"


Parang also never seen the flagmati such as a bad person, he looked at the flag-like Kakasi full of angry: "Is this the ethics of these ninja?"

"The moon can't change anything, and the people of the country have made their choices, only these stubborn guys, there is no qualification to say that we?"

The flagmarks have opened their palms, watching the tutorials, and the eyes slowly become a bit heavy. "There is another thing, I will tell you this ...

That is to let you know, how much innocent people are sacrificing now for the light moon family, and how many innocent people will be buried by the name of the light moon!

Parang, knowing that he is doing the wrong thing in harming the companion, but can't stop going to do it, where can you, how much will you? "

"... really ..."

Parang originally wants to marry the flag-like Kakasi, but he suddenly remembered that he would act in accordance with the flag of the flag-Mikcasi in order to protect the little purple.

Indeed, how much is he cleaned!

At this moment, the Church finally regretted!

Originally, I can do a undercover like it before, I didn't expect this time, I was already playing, and even forced to survive.

If he wants to let the little purple, you must have been selling those warrs who are willing to die for the light moon;

If he and Xiao Zi are so self-exhausted, the TXT will claim that he will sell the warrior for the princess of the light moon. The light moon family will be swept away with the country of the country ... The warriors who have just taken away by the Ninja Triars are the evidence!


Xiao Zi suddenly pulled out the scorpion in his hand, his face did not fall, and his face gradually revealed!

"If it is only for the name of the light moon family, then you don't have to do this ... The choice of the father is my choice!"

In that year, her father's Liangyu Yutian will dance in the big snake in the building of the big snake, and is called a fool ...

that time…

The light moon family is almost famous, and even the only scarent is still followed. How is she willing to die more people in order to be famous!

"Hey, look at you!"

Flagkartai smashed his forehead, thinking about the original navigation to give him a way, and the opening continued: "What should I say at this time?"

If you refuse to continue looking for a rebellion, we may feel troubles in finding a rebellion, so I decided to kill and the people ... "

After the flag, Mikaki said, sighed a picture: "Oh, it's right, the people in the rabbit well, especially the scarent Jiuxi will be dismissed, because of your sake ..."

This words, it's really like a big oppression ...

These words are not as good as people, because all are the original navigation to him.

Even if small violet may do, Shangyuan Nair is also guess.

This guy, whether there is no matter where it goes, will you always control the fate of others?

Parang did not know the behind-the-scenes, he just finished Kasi's words, and smashed his knife!

At this moment, he really couldn't help but kill the flag-like Kaki!

Little purple held his palm of his scorpion, finally slowly put down, her face was a little dead, Shen Sheng: "What do you want?"

Xiao Zi looked at the flag woodkasi. The tears in the eyelids gradually flowed: "You let us live in the hell of the soul, is this punishment for the light moon?"