I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 485 Standing behind the martial arts

It is very flat to sneak back.

It was originally very flat to catch the fish island, that is, I want to defeat my mortar ghosts, so as to let the white beard pirates dispatched what trouble.

Just wait until I rushed back to the fishman, quietly visited a few places, I found that the mortal ghosts made a lot of things to the fish people, solved many troubles of the fish people, so that it was very flat to reduce the ghosts. The hostility.


I thought that I used white beard to sheltered on the fish island, I hope to persuade the martillamon ghosts to go to the White Beard, I will give crime, gain the forgiveness of white beard.

Even after this end, I didn't think about the location of the fish island, even intended to defend the fish island with ghosts.

to be frank…

It is very flat to speak the behavior of qi.

Unfortunately, the era is different.

Cartry ghosts can never have to accept any white bearded, and his life is in the end of life, what is the relationship with him, what is the relationship with him?

Really thought that he is a fish ...

Ghosts can be a ninja!

A man who is born in the Water country, the rest of the life will be the core member of the tissue, the Ninja of the Code!

"I am sorry ..."

After listening to it, I have a smile on the face of the martial arts, it seems that there is no apology sincerity, just look at it and smiled: "I am the king of the World Government, how can I and white beard? What is the collusion of the thief? "


A very flat eyebrow wrinkled, couldn't help but look at the ghosts, the face revealed a little confusion, he seems to look at an idiot that did not have a brain: "You guys ... will not really distinguish between the Qiu Qi Wuhai Location and white beards ... Which is more important? "

The mortal ghosts are still hanging, slowly, "Wang Xia Qi Wuhai is more important ... For me, I can let me free from the chasing of the World Government ..."


I watched my fist, Shen Sheng: "The banner of the old man, once made anyone dare to the island!"

"My hands in my hands can also make people dare to fish people."

The macaroni suddenly held his own muscle knife in his hand, waving the mildew knife, and his mouth slowly came out: "If you want to ask, you will go well."

The smile of the martillary ghosts hidden, the sound is a bit cold: "War, let alone the country named fish Island, I have never got a little ... You thought I should be for this island, to another person Did you down? "


A very flat face showed a surprise.

At this moment, he did not believe in the mortal ghost.

This guy is obviously a person who is very concerned about the fishman. Any hundred pirates and slave boats invading the fish island will not let go. How can I say this?


A very flat point turned sharply, his palm was a little spread, looked at the martillamon, and the voice suddenly became solemn: "Since you are not willing to go, it is necessary to bring you to the old man. ! "

I was very flat to rush down toward the mortal ghost, and a fist set gathered very flat, and smashed the body of the ghosts!

" !"

"Ha ... I want to use my fist to fight my muscles?"

The martillamon ghost is not afraid, laughing, waving the muscles knives in his hand welcome, and a slight smashing the water is very flat!

This sniper is directly forced to withdraw a step!

After retreating, then you have to refund!

The muscomatmatmat in the hands of the musp in the hands of the musp is constantly moving to the very flat body, and the sniper that picks up a way is almost instant.

The houses on the street are instantly smashed!

At very flat, I immediately put the palm of the palm of the palm, and quickly gathered into a water ball, throwing up towards the martillamon!

"Fishman's karate · Wu Yan Tong!"

However, it is very flat, but it is the same move!

The mortar ghost is a single hand, and the mouth is laughing and the mouth is said: "Fish people have a safe power ... Do you think I will not master?"

For the ghosts of the mortar, he can look for the power of your own, the fishman's karate, this body is incomparable to him.

the most important is…

There is the existence of Chakra in the ghost body, some attacked against the terrain, he can be unscrupulous through Chakra Show!

Next, the two people's water polo shock hit together!

When it was very flat, the mortal ghosts rushed over from countless water droplets, waving the muscles towards his shoulders!

"Sure enough, it is a sword ..."

At very flat, I was surprised, and I took this knife after a hurry!

When I was very glad in my heart, I suddenly broke the cloth on his sight!


Looking at the muspy of the stunning: "Is this ... Is this ... Is there a knife with devil fruit?"

The next second, I feel very flatly, I felt the changes in my body. He made a flying a muscles and fetched: "Don't be, the physical strength and domineering are actually sucked away by it ..."

A very flat eyes stared at the mortar ghost, the face gradually became a little ugly, they only handed a few tricks ...

But it is very flat that there is no advantage!

Now I saw the muscle of the muscle, the knife that learned to be domineering and physical strength, and the heart gradually became somewhat.

This battle did not even think about it. It's no wonder that someone can replace his position because this guy's strength is very strong!

The stem of the muspic smell in the hand, feel the domineering of the muscles, smiles in the mouth, laughing: "My ... ... very flat ... No, or it really like In your body's domineering ... "

The muscle does prefer to take the domineering of the fish.

It is unfortunate that the fishman family can't find a few convulsions, and this guy is undoubtedly the strongest person of the fishman.

"Do you actually make a knife?"

At very flat, the musplic muscle in the hand of the martial arts, pinched his fist: "It is difficult to take this guy today ..."

"Why do you want to go?"

The martillamon ghosts and sneered, and the foot is going on the ground, waving the muscles and watches the muscles: "Since coming ... then don't want to leave!"

Water flowers fly in the air!

The two equally powerful fish people, in the island under this deep sea, the body of the body!

Their battle movement soon alarmed the King of Fish Man Island Nitton.

Just when the soldiers in the Long Palace came, everyone did not know what they did. One of them was a martial arts, and now she guards their king's seven Wuhai; the other person is very flat, and she has protected their guards. team leader…

This battle ...

They don't know how to do it.

What's more, this battle is not they can intervene.

"Mr. Ghost, very flat!"

After the King of Nitton, Wang from Long Palace, I saw that the two were still fighting, waving their trident in their middle, and the two were divided into two, try to interrupt them between them. fighting!

At very flat, I wished to look at the opposite stem ghosts. In this battle, he almost completely occupied the disadvantages!

The martial tartar is still calm, and even the smile before fighting, he smoothes the muscles, as if there is no matter what happened.

The result of this battle did not produce ...

But whoever wins who is negative!

"All right."

The mortal ghost looked up and looked at it. He looked at the mouth: "Look at the copy you have protected from the fish island, barely put you once ... If the next time I dare to open the sky, it is not today's result."

"Ghost, do you really refuse to tell me to the old man?"

At very flattening, my face showed anxious: "Ghost, don't use things, fish island and old people are not enemies, we ..."

"Do you make sure this opportunity does it require this opportunity?"

The angle of the martial tartles still hangs the smile. He slowly took a clipper, gently wrapped his throat, and the wind was lightly open: "If you want to die, I am now Can be all you ... "

"Very flat!"

The King Ni Ten hurriedly came down, interrupted to continue to speak very flat, turned to the mortar ghost: "Mr. Ghost, go to rest ... Here follow-up, I will send soldiers."

"Then it is better."

The martial martial arts is still holding a smile, his eyes fall in a very angry, laughing: "When we hope, we can share the winning ..."


It is very flat to bite the teeth.

To be honest, he really doesn't want to fight with ghosts.

Because they are rare strong in the fish people, and very flat to the martial arts ghosts in the fish people, there is some admiring ... and the helmet of the martial artist is a strange knife to restrain his strength.

In fact, it is unclear that it is ...

The fishman's karate, he is actually very gram with the power of the martial arts, and he is just a steric ghost of the use of body and knife.

Fish people have some restraint of water, which can easily guide the water, so the ghosts are still restrained in this battle.

In short ...

This battle is barely ended.

After the mortar ghosts left, Niton Wang Cai is a relief, and he looked at the side: "Let's go, let's go back to the palace first ..."


I nodded very much, and I watched the back of the mortar.

This guy is clear that it has always been protecting the fish island, why this guy is unwilling to resolve the hatred with white beard, which is clear that this is a two full beauty. ...

A very flat brow wrinkled, he faintly remembered Yischi Sasuo, who had been in the Mobi Dik, who once mentioned a thing in Mobi Dick ...

Behind the guy of the citilla ghost ...

Standing a person who makes Unecho Sasuke fear!

The young man who is not afraid of the White Beard Edward New Gate, every time the man behind the martillamon, but not too arrogant.

Even when Portkas D. Ece is mentioned, Unechebra will also stop him. It seems that I am afraid that Ace is saying anything.

Because that person ...

Can the chanmon ghosts do not dare to contact the White Beard One Piece?