I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 486, the shocking news (the third!)

Fish island, Dragon Palace.

NiTen was full of feet and smelled a large glass of wine and sighed: "Because ghosts like to drink juice, we can't drink alcohol."

"Well? Like to drink juice?"

A little eyes were slightly surprised, he couldn't help but remember the Yuxi Bozuo who likes to drink juice in the white beard.

The dark hair youth not only drinks juice, but also drink juice, even white beards can't drink alcohol, but also began to drink juice ...

It is said that the red-haired thief group, Bake Bakeman, recently, is also drinking juice, even forced oneself to enjoy the juice ...


Everyone only drinks orange juice.

This juice ...

Is there any problem?

At very flat, I apologize very much, and sighed a little. "For a short time, I will follow the old juice in the white beard of the thief ... Give me a glass of orange juice. Let's! "


The expression of Nitton King gradually silently.

Do you drink wine? Why do you have to drink juice? Even his daughter Bai Star princess just left the tower, her drink was converted from milk to juice ...

This is the drunge of the morta.

Fortunately, this guy is not as dark as a changer.

I was very sighing, and I took the lead in the mouth: "I will come back this time, I want to let the ghosts will lose sin to the white beard, solve the ghosts, the misunderstanding of the White Beard One Piece! But now it doesn't seem Hope. "

"The ghosts are very embarrassed."

Nitton Wang also sighed, shakes his head: "If you want him to bow, there is no possibility ..."

"No, maybe he is forced to have."

It is very flat to understand the thoughts.

Because of the other person behind the mortar, he didn't dare to contact the white beard of the thief group, perhaps he never came to him!

At very straightforward, I started to open the mortal, this kind of thing also made Niton's expression, you two, but just hit a!

It's just a very flattened, I will no longer mention it, turn to continue: "When I returned to the White Beard One Piece, see if I can persuade the old man ..."


After Niton, Nipon nodded, continued: "It's better to go with you, this may be explained clear ..."

"No, the goal of the White Beard One Piece is just ghosts."

I shook my head and re-caught it.

This white beard is against the battle of the Queen Seven Wuhai Cartry, in addition to punishing the canmon ghosts and pulls out the banner of white beards, by the way, the world government is ambush, Zhihe Sasuke and the second team are also colored ...

Will it also want to try the person behind the ghost?

Perhaps this can be said to speak, even if Yu Zhizuo help persuasion, white beard did not shake his determination, and even personally dispatched with White Beard One Pirates!

District of the district, seven Wuhai ...

It is indeed worthy of white beard personally dispatched.

After thinking about it, the face was faintly revealed. "For the fish island, I didn't expect the ghost and I embarked on the same way."

For the fish island, it has received the position of the Queen Seven Wuhai, and on the other hand, it has been working hard to maintain the relationship between the various strong pirates in the world.

Fortunately, the white beard against the fish is good, and there is never crushing the fish island.

Cartry ...

Has a more powerful person relies on fish people?

I am still not very comfortable, he doesn't think there is a person who is more suitable than the fish island asylum than the white beard.


Nipon looked very flat, some did not understand very flat, but they fell a glass of wine from the bottom: "In fact, it will be more than the ghosts, the fish island can continue to maintain peace, recently The island is also more and more stable ... "

When I said here, Niton said again: "Yesterday he solved the flying hundred pirates, and later the white star can also leave the high tower to play ..."

"White Star is finally available?"

A very flat face revealed a smile.

At very flat, I thought about the style of ghosts and words, smile and slowly converge, sighed a good way: "The guy is actually a cold and hot good man ... Now I don't know if he is walking. Is it? Yes ... "

He insisted on choosing white beard ...

Ghosts insist on the person behind it ...

Perhaps they have to wait until the person behind the ghosts, after the end of this war, only know who the choice is right.

However, it is very flat out to understand the understanding and respect of white beards, and still will not change their thoughts, because white beards are in the most difficult time in the fish people ...

Even if I have already chosen other people, I can't refute their benevolent white beard.

"Don't worry, Nitton king."

At very lightly, the juice in the cup, Shen Sheng: "This war didn't think so simple, ghosts were just the chess pieces in this vortex ... It seems that we can do it now, only waiting for the result!"

The sea.

White beards are all dispatched, ride the Mobi Dick, rushing to the fish island, and spread the whole sea.

It is said that this is to punish the unreasonable king's seven martial artmon ghosts, as well as the return to the ghosts of the martial arts!

Marin Fanto.

Navy's office.

During this time, the general is finally hurt, from the Shengdi Maroa, and then he started the life of the fish.

The Warring States of the Hall of the Navy, the Navy's generals, the gods of the Navy, the gods of the Navy, and the navalist cloth will sit here.

In addition to the arbitrary red dogs in the G1 branch, and the colors that slip out, the entire navy's high level is here.

They are all news that the Navy will respond to the news that the ghosts and king's seven martial art mutters are about to fight.

no matter what…

White Beard said the strongest four emperors and mortar ghosts, the war, the navy is definitely inevitable.

If you look forward to the wall ...

Navy can have no reputation!

"It's a terrible ..."

When the yellow goblin is slow, there is a cup of tea. From time to time, it will look at the information sent by the CP department. The face reveals a little strange smile: "The one who defeated my Unechebra is helpful, and even dispatched with white beard. ?"

When the yellow said Yischo, his face was not afraid, and there was no unwilling, as if the two failed did not matter to him ...

It's not something wrong.

The two meetings of Huang and Yizhao Sasuke are purely because his luck is not good. Every time they act as a defensive role, otherwise, with the ability to sparkle fruit, and Yisi Bozuo will definitely do it.

Moreover, the two defeats of the yellow ok are also sacrificed.

For the first time, when the yellow goblin blocked Uzecho, the civilians of the entire small island were all evacuated, including three Tianlong people; the second time, the yellow goblin blocked Upper, the Navy of the G1 branch also Surprofake.

On the words ...

Whether it is in the five old stars of the World Government, it is still in the Navy's part, and the two failures of the yellow okay are actually greater than.

And this guy that has been touching fish ...

At the critical time, it is very reinable!

After the Warring States Marshal heard the words of the yellow ok, coughing a few times, unknown to appease himself: "Bruisaleo, don't put the kind of thing in your heart, Yischi sauo help the little guy is good ..."

"No, not his luck ..."

The yellow goblin shook his head, smiled and said: "The strength of the little guy is indeed very strong ... It is not bad for white beards than youth ..."


Everyone can't help but look at the yellow.

Although they all know that the Huanghuo said it may be truthful, but if you sound, I always make them feel that the Huanghuo guy is using the power of boasting the enemy to put gold ...

After all, the white beard when you are, even if it is the Warring States, but also ...

"It's also good."

The crane will close your palm, softly sigh: "Yuszhi Sasuke after joining the white beard pirates, there is no doubt that is the world's strongest One Pirate, in this world, in addition to the Navy, no one can block They ... "

"Well, it's true."

The pharmacist nodded and looked at a letter in his hand. He quietly opened: "No, or it seems to be ... but they are not stopping."

The pharmacist took a reward order, handed it to the crane: "I don't know if the Song's predecessors remember the news that we got there from Nairo?"

"Well? The big torch of the country?"

The crane will take a strange land of the pharmacist, watching a yellow hair in the reward order, and frowned slightly.

Because people on the reward must not be odd.

It seems that Huangfa Youth is even somewhat silly smile.

Baorence, the pirates, the vortex, the rumor, and rewards 500 million peple.

The initial reward has reached more than 2 million, although the whirlpool is a new one, and it is only defeated a hundred pirates, and there is no evil, ...

But his identity ...

It is also amazing enough!

This can be the big supervision of the Baorence, second only to the position of the Piraces, even in three disasters!

"Is this a pirate of the pirate group?"

The crane will turn to a pocket, I can't help but ask: "Is this the relationship with what we have to say? Is it possible to reverse the situation?"

"do not know."

The pharmacist has slowly reached his palm, and the sink is open: "Not long ago, a CP squad was sacrificed in the country. They sent the information before they died to the Nairo colony. He urgently passed the information. come out…"

The pharmacist refers to the Huangfa Youth, whisper: "This name is the guy named whirlpool, is the descendant of the occupied and National Huiye ....

And if you think about it, the Baorence Festival is the four emperor, absolutely called the strong, such as Lin, and it is impossible to be a big supervision of a hundred pirates. "


The eyes of the crane will change, and there is a whisper: "At the beginning, there were similar guess, but they couldn't find anything."

"It's now found."

The pharmacist took the her own hand and said that his guess: "Their Covenant should be more secure than our imagination, when a white beard is more than a monster, the beast is more than a monster. A monster! "

When it comes to this, the pharmacist will continue to add: "There is still a rumor that cannot be determined. It is said that Yizhi Bozuo has also been a member of those who is in the country, but she didn't know why she had been abandoned."

The pharmacist slowly pushed his own glasses, looked at all in the scene, and the voice gradually got some, or he was shocked by himself.

"Yu Zhibo Sasuke Before and Country Before the invaders entered the sea, he was the teammates ... it is this whirlpool!"