Chapter 327: Heavenly Child

Su Shengjing carried Su Jiu and sat down beside Han Xiao. Han Siye immediately tugged at his sleeve. “Daddy, I want to switch seats with you.”

Han Xiao knew that his son wanted to sit with Little Jiu, so he deliberately said, “Why? I’m not going to switch.”

“I want to switch! The adults sit with the adults, while the children sit with the children. That’s how you do it!”

“Tsk! I won’t switch with you. What are you going to do?” Han Xiao mischievously raised his eyebrows, making his son’s eyes widen in anger.

At this moment, Xiao Yang and his son entered the bus.

Xiao Yang held Xiao Wei’s hand as they got onto the bus. When he saw the four people on the bus, especially Su Jiu, his eyes lit up. “Little Jiu, long time no see. Did you miss Uncle?”

Su Jiu was speechless.

Why are they all asking this? What kind of strange uncles are they?

Han Xiao leisurely glanced at Xiao Yang and said, “I’ve already asked Little Jiu just now. She said that she didn’t. Just give up.”

“Ah, why? I missed Little Jiu very much. Our Xiao Wei missed her too,” Xiao Yang said while patting Xiao Wei’s hair.

Xiao Wei was still wearing a meticulously buttoned-up white shirt and suspenders. His eyes were gentle. He looked like a little gentleman. When he heard his father’s words, he looked at the little girl and seemed a little embarrassed. He stuck close to his father.

It had been many days since he last saw Little Jiu, but she was still adorable!

Su Jiu had yet to recover from her motion sickness. She did not have the energy to deal with the adults and children. So she gave them a short greeting. “Hello, Uncle, Big Brother.”

Then, she leaned into Su Shengjing’s arms and found a comfortable position before closing her eyes.

Xiao Yang noticed that the little girl did not look too well, so he worriedly asked, “What’s wrong with Little Jiu? Is she sick?”

Su Shengjing wrapped his coat around Su Jiu. “Just a little airsick. It’s alright. She’ll be fine after a short rest.”

Upon hearing this, Xiao Wei hurriedly said to Xiao Yang, “Daddy, I think we have medicine for motion sickness. Can we give it to Little Jiu?”

“Yes, I brought some car sickness pills with me. They’re also effective for motion sickness.” Xiao Yang took out a small, white medicine bottle from his backpack and handed it to Su Shengjing. “Take two of these pills, Mr. Su. One for a kid like Little Jiu. I think it’s quite effective. You should try it.”

“Thanks.” Su Shengjing took the bottle.

Xiao Wei took out an unopened bottle of mineral water. He asked his father to open the bottle cap, then passed the bottle to Su Jiu. It was a very thoughtful act.

He took two steps forward and worriedly looked at the little girl in Su Shengjing’s arms. “Little Jiu, this medicine isn’t bitter. You won’t feel uncomfortable after taking it.”

Su Jiu opened her eyes and looked at Xiao Wei’s beautiful face. She could not help but sigh. Ah, what kind of a heavenly child is this?

He is too nice!

“Thank you, Big Brother.” Su Jiu sat up straight and drank the mineral water before taking a pill.

She did not know whether it was a psychological effect or the medicine was quickly taking effect, but she suddenly felt less nauseous.

Han Siye looked at her and then at Xiao Wei. Not wanting to be outdone, he took out fruits, soft candies, and potato chips from his small bag and handed them to Su Jiu. Then, he coolly said, “Here, these are for you!”

Han Xiao’s lips twitched.

He had just told his son to be a gentleman, yet the kid was still arrogant. Truly, such a child can’t be taught. He has no friends because of this attitude.

However, as this was his son, Han Xiao could only try his best to save the situation. He squeezed out a smile and said to Su Jiu, “Little Jiu, he specially bought these for you. He spent a long time picking them out. He didn’t eat any of them and kept them all for you.”