I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 565 - "His Goal"

When the Godfather said that, Ainsley instantly looked up to see where the Godfather was. 

Right away, she found the guy flying in her direction, and the baby didn't hesitate to lead the Godfather back to the mansion. 

"Elh, pwease help me overlook the twaining!" Ainsley shouted at Elliana as she rushed to the mansion, leaving Elliana and the troops behind. 

Of course, no one asked about the baby's actions since they all thought that she had an important meeting or something. 

At the same time, the Godfather followed after Ainsley, yet didn't think that a certain toddler spirit would suddenly leap and pounce on him. 

[DAVEEEEE! YOU'RE BACK!] Zev had snots all over his face as he wailed and cried. 

The little spirit spread his arms wide and was about to cling onto the Godfather's neck when the Godfather dodged him and stared dagger at the poor toddler. 

[Go away, bastard! This Lord has important news for the little lass!] 


The Godfather smacked Zev and sent him flying before rushing to Ainsley's bedroom to discuss the issue. 

He didn't even look back at the poor toddler flying in the air…

Not even Ainsley knew that Zev was kicked away, though. 

Just like that, the Godfather went to Ainsley's room, and the baby was already waiting there. She patted her bed and spoke in a serious tone. 

[How is it, Godfather? What news do you have?] 

[Hum. It's quite serious. Listen, Lil lass.] The Godfather sat on the chair next to Ainsley's bed before starting his speech. 

[From the information this lord gathered, the real Martin isn't dead yet, but the government imprisons him.] 

[Ah...so the real Martin isn't dead yet, Godfather?] Ainsley secretly sighed in relief. 

That's good! There's still hope! 

[Yeah, he's not dead, but one of the spirits that saw the scene told this lord that they brought him to the capital.] 

[The capital...that's where they imprison him?] 

[Yes. And since it's the capital, the government's influence is overwhelming, even more so than the mafia society. If you want to save the real Martin…] 

[It will be hard, right?] Ainsley lowered her head and sighed. 

She knew that she couldn't just barge into the government's area to look for the real Martin. 

They didn't even know the exact building or location where the government imprisoned Martin. 

[This lord doesn't advise you to go to the capital only to get the real Martin back. At this rate, they might already try to get some information from the real Martin…] 

The Godfather let out a long sigh. 

[You know that even if Martin is loyal, there are many ways to get his information without forcing him to spill the beans.] 


[And the fake Martin already copied the real Martin's memories. They already got all the information needed.] 

[That's right.] Ainsley bit her lips. Recalling the fake Martin that she saw now, he truly resembled the real Martin. 

If they already perfectly duplicate the real Martin's memory, the fake Martin would have informed his people any important news related to the Sloan Family. 

[You see, Lil lass, maybe the government only kept the real Martin back for his special abilities or something.] 

That's a possibility. 

Hearing all of this, Ainsley didn't know what to say. 

Is it really better for the real Martin to survive as a hostage? 

Even the real Martin himself...might not want to be alive. He might prefer to die with honour rather than becoming the hole that harmed the Sloan Family. 

[Hhhhh….so this is all the government's doing, huh…] Ainsley decided not to think about the real Martin for the time being. 

No matter what, she couldn't save him now. Not in the near future either.

The Godfather noticed Ainsley's intention to shift the topic, and he turned a blind eye to the baby's guilt. 

[Yup, this is all the government's doing. This Lord even suspects the fake Martin is someone from the Golden Scale, the group that the government recently created to deal with new mafia families.] 

When Ainsley heard the words 'Golden Scale', she almost fell from the bed. 

[What? That fake Martin might be someone from the Golden Scale??] 

[Yeah. Since the government is involved here, the Golden Scale must be involved too. Not too long ago, the Golden Scale attacked us in secret, right?] 


[It might be related to the real Martin's incident too. Lil Lass, do you remember what the oldie said about the Golden Scale members?] 

[What Grandpa Yofan said? Emmmm, they assigned one team for each target family?] 

[That. The Golden Scale team that attacked us back then must be the same as the fake Martin's team.] 

[So...the fake Martin is a part of the team that attacked us...his friends are ruining our territories while he infiltrated our family as a spy?] 

When Ainsley mentioned that, her face was already as dark as the bottom of the pot. 

[You guessed it right. Though this lord doesn't know the fake Martin's goal when he infiltrated our family.] 

[Oh, yeah...his goal…] Ainsley gritted her teeth and sighed. She couldn't help but clench her fists a few times, trying to guess Martin's real goal, but she couldn't think of anything. 

[Maybe he wanted to get close to us and then suddenly assassinated me? He's already my bodyguard. It's easy to do that.] 

Even by now, that guy was outside, guarding the door. 

If he wanted to kill Ainsley when she let down her guard, it would be extremely easy. 

However, the Godfather shook his head. 

[That guy doesn't have any offensive ability that he can use to kill you. Relying on a knife, a gun or poison alone isn't reliable, don't you think so?] 

Then...what is his goal? 

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