I can raise a beast

Chapter 1 Cultivation of Divine Beasts

"Ding binds to upgrade the system in one second."

"Master Ding has gone through experience plus 1."

"Host Ding has incredible experience plus 30."

"Ding suspects that he has come to the fantasy world and the experience is increased by 700. If the doubt is completely correct, you are in the fantasy world."

"Why does it hurt so badly?" Lin Fengchen was speechless, aching all over, almost unable to stand up

Lin Fengchen was stunned, what the hell was going on with him, he really went through?It's really complicated in my heart.

An unfamiliar world of cultivation makes him very uncomfortable. Why did he come here?

This is not the time to cross. Lin Fengchen has a successful career. He returned from studying abroad and stayed at a high-level company. He was dating a few beauties. It was the pinnacle of life. But did he cross this time?

"Ding system upgrade gains a lot of experience, instantly upgrade in one second!" The animal cultivation system prompted.

Are the two systems connected to each other?Lin Fengchen has a question, but he will know later, this massive experience makes him very concerned.

Lin Fengchen walked out of Lin Mansion and came to a training platform where there were many warriors.

Just when the selection of two warriors was defeated, Lin Fengchen gave the memory according to the system and put on a posture of cultivation.

"Yo Lin Family Crap Young Master is not willing to be practicing? You are so smiling."

With a sarcasm in his ears, Lin Fengchen frowned and looked up to see that it was the Li family brothers.

The Li family brothers looked familiar, and after a while, the memory appeared, Lin Fengchen could not practice, and they were punched and kicked every day.

This made Lin Fengchen especially surprised, there is such a thing?

The beasts of this world have disappeared for thousands of years. In recent years, there have been little traces. The world's cultivation is to pursue the beasts. Only the real strong in the world can fight the beasts. Because of the beasts can they lead to the heaven and hell. Leading to a higher realm is also driving the world crazy.

Lin Fengchen was very excited and shocked. He didn't expect that he would encounter a series of good things when he traveled. This was the pinnacle of his life.

You can develop into a beast, Lin Fengchen thought of a good title, beast king!

Or call someone more crazy, let's talk about this later, let's see how to raise a beast!

However, there are two prerequisites for the cultivation of a beast. It requires 100,000 gold coins. Lin Fengchen's eyes widened. This money is difficult. He doesn't know where to get it unless he goes to the bank.

Over the years, he was injured countless times by their Li brothers.

"Master Lin Family Waste, you can't cultivate for so many years, so don't force yourself. It's simply embarrassing."

"Is there any repair? I don't think so."

"What does my cultivation base do to you?" Lin Fengchen retorted.

"I'm so courageous, I dare to talk back. Is it itchy recently?" Li Linmu asked angrily, staring at Lin Fengchen fiercely.

"Brother, we interrupted his dog legs this time, see if he dare to talk back in the future." Li Linmu's brother laughed.

Means to get two systems?Lin Fengchen became excited. He had read many novels about crossing, and the acquisition system was all basic operations.

But now he has got two systems, how he feels now is too beautiful.

If you can develop a beast, what status will Lin Fengchen be in the future? At least he will be a god. That's the material to be a god.

"Okay, you guys have a try." Lin Fengchen said with a smile, just in time to try the cultivation base.

"What?" The Li family brothers were stunned. He is not so arrogant usually. Is his mind flooded today?

"Master Ding understands the triple wave of shock waves, a punch can stimulate the triple wave of shock waves, and the martial arts of the yellow rank inferior can be refined to a small degree."

Lin Fengchen tried it immediately, and as expected, the triple wave attacked, and a wall immediately fell to the ground. Wow, this felt too powerful.

"Master Ding uses triple wave experience plus 500."

Lin Fengchen was very excited, although there was some sadness after crossing, but now he is still very excited.

But where is he now?Lin Fengchen has passed through, but the memory of this body is gone, and it is still a headache to recall.

Lin Fengchen in this world has an identity and status, the second son of the big family Lin family, because he can't practice, he is constantly bullied by others, and he lives very poorly, humble like an ant.

"Don't worry, brother, I will have a very good life in the future. I will never let anyone look down on me. Your business is my business."

The system has improved a bit, spending 1,000 experience to treat the body's injuries, Lin Fengchen's wounds can heal at a speed that is visible to the naked eye, wow, it is amazing.

"Ding the host inspires fighting spirit, congratulations to the host for obtaining the system of cultivating divine beasts, and immediately embarking on the road to becoming a god!"

Another interface appeared in Lin Fengchen's mind. He was even more confused for a while, and suddenly saw countless ancient Chinese beasts, dragons, phoenixes, white tigers, and basalts, as well as many unnamed beasts.

Lin Fengchen couldn't laugh or cry when he crossed the peak of his life.

Lin Fengchen had an urge to die. The towering buildings of the past were gone and replaced by ancient palace buildings.

After being sad for a while, Lin Fengchen felt that he shouldn't be sad. If there is a system, then study the system carefully.

The system still looks pretty good, but Lin Fengchen sighed just now, and his experience has risen steadily. He has 4000 experience after seeing himself.

"Ding lament the system is surprised to gain experience plus 500."

"The host can gain experience by doing anything. Experience points are obtained randomly, and martial skills can be obtained randomly."

Can you gain experience by doing anything?Lin Fengchen knows how to walk, think, and experience everything when he does anything.

No wonder Lin Fengchen had been gaining experience before, and it turned out to be this way.

Can you gain experience in everything? Isn't it easy to upgrade?

Lin Fengchen saw the system panel. How could it be like playing an online game? It felt really different.

Host: Lin Fengchen

Experience value: 6000

Cultivation: Wushu Tier 5 (waiting for the host to activate)

Lin Fengchen felt a little agitated in his heart. Before he activated his cultivation base, he already felt the spiritual energy gathered in his hands, as if there was gas flowing through his body, dare to feel very refreshing.

"I have a repair order? I feel full of energy." Lin Fengchen punched the wall, and the wall was immediately broken.

This world is divided into lower-rank martial artists and spirit masters, because it is very difficult to become a true spirit master, and many martial artists have difficulty breaking through.

It is extremely difficult to break through from the Wuzong to the soul master. There are many warriors in one journey, but there is no one in a million to become a soul master. If you become a soul master, you are a soul master, a soul master, a great soul master...

Wow so awesome?Wouldn't it be even more powerful if the fifth-order martial artist's cultivation base was activated?This feels so amazing.

Another prerequisite is to defeat two warriors, stimulate the master's cultivation base, and complete the two prerequisites to gain massive experience.