I Can Speak with Animals and Demons

Foreign languages are hard.

My name is Akira Wado.

Twenty years old, third year college student.

Now I'm taking a summer break from college and traveling to a foreign country.

For this day, I saved more money by working more hours and more days.

The journey is wonderful.

When you travel, you can learn about scenery, people, experiences, and culture that you cannot see in Japan. The more such an unusual experience you have, the more you expand your values. The journey gives me time to face myself, deepen my thoughts and strengthen myself.

When I was in elementary school, I still can't forget how touched I was once when my parents took me abroad.

Unfortunately, I was really bad at English and other foreign languages, but my friend said, "I can handle it! He said," So I decided to believe it.

Still, I studied English somewhat, but my mind is full of anxiety. Is there a pronunciation? Is it okay to put it this way?

It's a strange land, and I don't even know him. Still, I walked around with the basic notes and maps of the English conversation.

And by the time I managed to tilt the day, I was able to check in at the hotel.

He rolled into bed with a slight excitement for a different construction from Japan.

"Ha, uh, I'm tired already. I didn't know you'd be so tired just getting to the hotel."

I fell asleep and fell asleep.


When I woke up the time was already around twenty o'clock. According to the guidebook, hotels here list that meals are not tasty instead of cheap.

Yes, because it was a foreign country, I thought I should eat out here.

Fortunately, there's a delicious shop nearby, so I'll pack my bags and head outside.

Using awkward English, I asked the hotel person to tell me the recommended store from the guidebook.

Everything is in a difficult place to understand, but the food is very delicious and there are specialty dishes.

I listened to him many times before going to the store.

The area is dark, the light is only street lights and shop light. A completely different building from Japan. The windows, the doors, the plants on which they are placed, the way they look, the more you can lift them up, the less you can tell. Even taller blacks and whites walk refreshed in a variety of clothes. I move forward with one hand with a note, impressed by the sight.

Proceed as per the note written by the hotel person. Up the stairs, turn the corners. Gradually, the appearance of people was reduced and I became anxious, but that was something that had been said beforehand, so I continued to believe and try to move on.

Then there was a store with the same photos as the guidebook. The notes and signs of the hotel people are identical.

"Damn, I wish the guidebook was a little more detailed. I would never have made it without a note."

I quickly inflated my expectations and entered the store.

× × ×

"Uh, I drank too much."

At night, I manage to walk the night lane nauseously.

There was a good amount when I asked for it at my disposal. But the liquor and food were delicious, and I stuck with it too much.

But it was delicious and the atmosphere was good. Other foreign guests spoke freely.

I slowly walked out thinking I'd go again.

On the way home. Two men of good stature walked in front side by side in a narrow alley.

Especially the way the skinhead man walks is a disheartening one, he is beneath and somewhere behind him he drifts a sad aura. Another man seems to be encouraging a very depressed skinhead when he hears his voice.

Was there anything depressing about it?

I have no idea, but I decided to give the man a word of encouragement because he has such a sad aura.


I said, "Fight! I said."

At that moment, the skinhead man punched me in the face with a retrospective anger.


I blew my skinhead punch to the face.

Thin from the beginning, I blew it like it was funny, and finally, I hit my head hard on something hard.

At that moment, my vision darkens after it feels like something important is coming out of my entire body.

Is that it?... Me, was I hit? Why would you do that?

I can't keep my head on the sudden events.

Yeah, I can't get anything up, and I'm cold about it.

And I can't even think about it anymore.