I can't be so dirty when I came to Hokage

I can't be so poor chapter 1 when I came to Nash.

brief introduction

Protagon name: Jianyue dancer.

Hobbies: Eat, Harmony, Harmony, Harmony ...

Experience the world: Naruto - steel alchemist FA - Death - Saint Seiya Pluto myth

1 Ninja school period

Chapter 1 Separates Preshabage Assistant

"Suzu Bell -"

The watching dance clothes wake up by the alarm clock looked at the time to sit down slowly.

Time is 7 o'clock in the morning.

Yesterday, for today's day, I was specially fixed.

Today is a wooden leaf for 37 years, on the morning of the morning, that is, the first day of the Jianyue dancer to the ninja school. _

" -! From today, I will go to the ninja school again!"

Jianyue dancer is a traveler.

At the earth ... but it is a house man.

Then in five years ago, the wooden leaf was in the past 32 years, Jianyue dancers hanged in sleep ...

It may be because of something such as the general universe .. When the moon dance dress is born ... The mother of ordinary people is difficult to die.

At the same time, the father who is fighting in the battlefield is also dead ...

So, this cheap parent, the dance clothes have never seen it.

Before three years old, the dancer was spent in the orphanage, and in the last two years, I returned to the house where the cheap parents lived before.

As a traveler .... The dance coat is also a golden finger with his own. That is the system - pollution sewage assistant.

"Hey - the day of the Ninja School, as a ninja, must adapt to all situations, so please go to school in vacuo today!"

"Task reward: 5 points energy."

The dance dress looks at the daily refreshing task, not unexpected, after all, how many daily tasks of the system are this.

She hasn't been worn for a long time, she hasn't been worn for a long time .. Well .. She didn't buy this kind of thing ....

In this way, the dance clothes ran down the bed to get their clothes before the clothes I came.

As for why naked?

That is not simple, of course, it is naked!

Looking at the black length of the mirror, Loli, the dance clothes nodded.

"Well .... is a little small ... I have to grow ... I can play it."

It's hard to turn into a woman, the dance dress wants to try with others ... What is it? Of course, now too small ... especially the following seam ... so, wait a minute, let's say it. .

[Black miniskirt water]

Level: D

Role 1: Automatic cleaning.

Role 2: Unlimited regeneration: No matter how many times, it will slowly recover.

Role 3: Absolute field: difference! A little bit! I can see it at a point!

Role 4: Super defense: Defense for a deadly position reaches the broken B-class! However, the unmatched position is the same as the ordinary position .... The boss of fighting ... The feeling of hidden feelings ....

[Black stockings]

Level: D

Role 1: Automatic cleaning

Role 2: Unlimited regeneration: break a hole in a hole ... um ... If there is any white liquid more praise.

These two are all driven by the novice gift bag. At the time, they opened the two clothes and a large road color [Chakrai]. However, this two clothes may not have only one of the above functions, as well as hidden capabilities, such as ... will grow up with the length of the dancer.

Dress after dressing clothes looking at the black silk black saille smile smile in the mirror.

Then jump two times in place.

I saw it, but it was just to the silent saille, no matter how it jumped, it didn't come out!

"Yes, it is this effect! So ... get started, go to school! Hey."

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Chapter 2 Wooden Dredgy

Separation of stains.

Name: Jianyue dancer

Power: 11 (Earth's normal adult is generally 10 to bear one of 20 points)

Agile: 13 (the normal adults of the earth are generally 10 to bear one breakthrough 20 points)

Physique: 12 (the normal adults of the earth are generally 10, one breakthrough 20 points)

Spirit: 15 (the normal adults of the earth are generally 10 points to break through 20 points)

Soil strength: 72 (universal energy, as long as you have enough pollution, energy will be used, can replace any other energy use.)

Chakra: 233 (down tolerance is 1000, medlar 10000, endure, 100000, film level is 1000000.1 point residual force is equal to 10 chart)

Separate energy: 2333 (can be exchanged for a variety of capabilities, items, weapons, etc.)

Talent Capability: Ou Pai is the power: AA (European Paledo's large strength, AA's Ou Press can play AA's ability. Effect, AA level of cultivation speed.)

Leave the front dancer and looked at your property panel, then pushed the door to endure the school.

As for the 233 and 2333, the dance clothes do not vomit.

As for the European, the power is power ...

The dance clothes don't know what to say ....