I can't be so dirty when I came to Hokage

I can't be so poor, I'm going to get into the shadow.

There are some gods in the ghost dance.

did not expect.

Now, it is already so many people ...

The protagonist, supporting role, counter, dragon set.

In short, a lot of piles.

I have visited a circle in the city, I have seen more than a dozen recognition.

And this is just the beginning, I will not know how much I will appear later ...

But now ...

I should go to the first world.

There is not enough air transport point, you can't rise at all, ...


It has wealth, reputation, forces, and the sea of ​​the whole world is Gorr D. Roger, one sentence before him, let people tend to go to the sea -

"Want my treasure, you can give you all words, go to it! I put all the treasures there!"

So all "Men" advanced toward the great route and chased dreams.

Big Piece Age - start!


That is ...

One Piece World.

Empty room.

Jianyue dancers looked at the three people in front of them.

The information given by the world will not have this world's future plot, nor does it indicate the name of the world, just gave the above paragraph.

And ... people entering this world plus four people.

The purpose is free, want to do anything free.

There is no task, or if you don't have anything.


After that, this world will become the world of the fantasy continent.


In this world, some people will come randomly into the fantasy continent.

These four people ...

There are two people who know themselves.


"Dating Big Battle" World Timea Mad 3.

Another "FATE" in the union Emiya.

The rest of them don't know.

Maybe there is a passive in the world, perhaps you haven't seen the protagonist in anime.

In short ...

Take a step to watch a step.