I Favor the Villainess

0. Summary immediately preceding Chapter XI

● Chapter I Admissions Edition

Company animal OL Bridge Zero was reincarnated as Ray-Taylor, a heroine in the world of his beloved maiden game Revolution.

Ray's reckoning, a homosexual, was not the princes to be attacked, but Claire-François, the villain warrant lady.

Ray not for Claire's bullying, but rather joyfully accepting.

She enjoys an interracial reincarnation while being recognized by three princes, Rod, Yu and Sein, or shrugged by her roommate, Misha.

Ray also succeeds in "talking" to Claire's father, Dollar, to fit into her maid's seat.

Together with his colleague Lene, Ray begins his struggle to avoid the fall of Claire, who eventually comes, as he has happy days to take care of Claire.

● Chapter II College Knights Edition

Ray joins Claire, Misha, and the three princes in joining an autonomous organization within the Royal College called the Knights of the College.

After the inaugural festival, Ray deepened his ties with Claire a little, but Claire still hasn't dered.

● Chapter III: The Civilian Movement, ed.

The luck of the movement, known as the Civilian Movement, which speaks of the equality of all citizens, grew markedly in the school.

The movement gets more intense in the wake of a courtyard incident in which a certain nobleman handled civilians.

Behind the movement was the Ortho brothers and sisters' darkness, which was swept away between the Nah Empire.

Claire and Ray prevented a raid on noble children in the college, but the Ortho family becomes a crisis of family break-up.

The Ortho family's plea for help, appealed by Ray and Claire as compensation for the case resolution, was also heard by the King, who would be opposed to Chancellor Saras-Lilium, and the Ortho family was deported from the country.

It was Claire who experienced a painful breakup with the Lehnes, but opens her mind just a little to Ray.

● Chapter Four: Balance of Love, ed.

Manaria-Souce, the first princess of the Kingdom of Suse, came as an international student.

She is Claire's first love opponent and comes trying to put a crack between Claire and Ray.

Manaria denies Ray's idea that "as long as Claire is happy, she doesn't mind being just a maid".

Defeat Ray with overwhelming force.

Claire and Ray were in crisis from a minor mistake, but after a rematch with Manaria over the balance of love, the distance between them approached suddenly.

Claire started delving into Ray, and Ray became honest about wanting to be Claire's partner.

● Chapter V Vacancy Edition

During the vacation, the two decided to return to the port town of Eucleod, where Claire's villa and Ray's home are located.

Ray invited Claire, whose father's dollar told her what a nobleman should look like, to her parents' house.

Ray is welcome in his hometown.

Among them was the figure of Louis, an adventurer who puts his thoughts to Ray.

Sprout Claire.

Claire sees the difference between the lives of nobles and the lives of civilians, even though she is asked and welcomed into Ray's home.

It was two people trying to enjoy a vacation, but a ghost ship appears on the shores of Eucled and the town is cut off from the outside world by a fog of magic.

A ghost ship offensive team is organized to resolve the situation, and Claire and Ray participate in it as well.

The mastermind in the Haunted Ship case was Louis, who took his mother's life hostage.

Claire wants to eliminate the tragedy caused by poverty and becomes committed to the problem of civilian poverty.

Ray wanted to support Claire like that.

● Chapter VI Church Edition

It was Claire who began to tackle the problem of civilian poverty, but the thread is hard to find.

Ray and Claire visit the Cathedral in an attempt to find out how the Spirit Church works, which is reaching out to the civilian population.

So the two meet Cardinal Lily.

She had the same homosexuality as Ray, and Ray was to be admired from the beginning.

While the three of us are in love bananas, it's also clear about Ray's past.

In return for teaching how the church works, Claire and Ray will participate in the service dance.

The fact that the combined reveals that Yu was a woman.

Ray takes action because Yu can live as he is, and because of Misha's love achievement, which is her best friend.

He was Ray, who succeeded in making Yu proclaim herself a woman in the production of the service dance, but he is held accountable and tied up.

It was the deprivation of the Royal College Book and his assignment as the King's SecretaryGeneral that was told by King Rosseille, who was sent out of the house.

● Chapter VII: Royal Palace Edition

Within the kingdom were flights of doubts about Sain's birth and rumors about Sassal Volcano.

In the meantime, Ray embarked on a picket of rogue aristocrats with the life of Roseille.

Claire and Lily were also together trying to extract from the lower nobles Rod was investigating and use judicial deals to expose fraud to potato ceremonies.

That has achieved some results, but it has not led to the picking of the dollars and suras at the heart.

But the Rays come into contact with the Resistance to grab a clue to the unrighteous intimacy between Suras and the former Queen, and cram into Suras once King's Sovereignty.

Suras threatens that if he ruins himself, the François family won't just do it, and Ray also makes a deal once by succumbing to Suras' threats.

Suras released an assassin for mouth sealing, including a black mask that appeared in the Civilian Movement edition, but manages to repel this.

My deal with Suras was an upper side thing.

There is also the activity of Ralea, the submissive demons, who succeed in hunting down Suras for the crime of attracting externalities, but are forced to struggle by Lily, who was manipulated in character by implication.

Before we see the battle settled, Sassar volcano erupts.

This was earlier than Ray assumed.

The Kingdom of Bauer falls to the worst from an unexpected eruption.

It was none other than Claire who encouraged Ray to suddenly lose his self and gave him precise instructions to rebuild his kingdom.

Ray renews his determination to support Claire, but what arrived there was the news that Rod, the first heir to the throne, was not known where he was.

● Chapter VIII Revolutionary Edition

The Kingdom of Bauer was facing a crisis as a result of the eruption of the Sassal volcano.

Civilians' lives were gradually threatened by soaring prices due to crop failures and the buying up of merchants who took advantage of it.

In the meantime, nobles, starting with the dollar, show the nobles the move to do politics alone while remaining in the king's seat.

Moreover, the launch of a tax hike policy to combat the eruption spread dissatisfaction among the civilian population at once.

The flow eventually leads to the great flow of revolution.

As the demonstrations of the civilians unfold, Claire is heard all the truth from Ray to here.

Everything was happening on the palm of the dollar.

He was debated by the civilian population by becoming the representative of the wrongdoing nobility himself, and was trying to end aristocratic politics.

Ray also rode the dollar's plan and had been plotting to keep Claire out of it.

I know everything, Claire, but she goes into actions that don't even come to Ray's mind.

She chose to scatter as a nobleman.

Ray is denied begging Claire to reconsider, and is struck by despair.

But he is put alive by the rushed manaria and decides to get Claire back again.

On the day of the execution he welcomes, Ray tells Claire his first sincere Wagamama.

I want you to live for me.

Claire breaks into Ray's tears and promises to live with her.

Thanks to the work of their friends, Ray and Claire survived the rough wave of the era of revolution and were finally united.

● Chapter IX: New Life Edition

A year and a little after the revolution, Ray and Claire lived peacefully with May and Alea.

There have been incidents such as Mae's quadcaster and Allea turning out to be unsuitable, but the four have generally lived a smooth and full life.

Even as teachers, Ray and Claire welcomed new students, including Lana, Eve and Yoel, and it was thought that such a life would last forever.

But Bauer has asked Claire to become an exchange student for the Empire.

Its content was like asking Claire to act as a hostage.

Claire responds to that demand by suppressing Ray, who tries to reject him dramatically.

Claire tells Ray that she was desperate to see if she would leave herself again.

He said he'd come with me.

The Rays decided to go to the Empire with the twins crying that they didn't want to be left alone.

● Chapter X: Incorporation of the Imperial College

The Rays, who came to the Nah Empire, began their lives as students at the Imperial College, where they meet the Empress Filine.

I struggle badly to interact with her, but I can't get that opportunity.

Having had a chance to break it off with her from the moment before, the Rays gradually become more intimate, and Filine begins to give Claire a hint of thought.

The Pope of the Spirit Church was to visit the Nah Empire, and the Rays were to hit the streets to exterminate demons for that reason.

In it, he is attacked by a being called the Demon Nation, and saved by Lily, who rushed to the point of danger.

Lily gave me knowledge of the Demons and how to deal with them, and Rays prepared for the threat.