"There is an Omega estrus!"

"Hey! Is there a warning?"

"The alarm, I heard that the alpha passively triggered the alpha, the alpha, which was next to Omega."

"Hey ... Is Omega Emiotics this year still put it in place?"

"Hey, which classroom, I will not go there, I have learned it."

"That, do you know who you don't know how to estrus, who is Alpha?"


"Yin Xinchen and Simple."




These two names come out, and the omitted number of rows of rows.

People who have 6 classes know that simple and fidel are rare alpha and beta couples. After the big one, the two feelings have always been very good, but also the class of class 6, no one thinks there. Embarrassing situation.

It is estimated that you will be angry when you don't care.

After a short silence, the class suddenly joined a man with a head of a green background avatar.

"Love, I wish you, don't you."


"Divide, break up?" For a long time, there is finally a person who is courageous to pick up the fidel in the group.


A word, Yuefi recovered a single identity.

After passing the double declaration, the fidel is satisfied with the mobile phone, and in the nest, close your eyes, make up.

The current fidel is not a real franchise. He suddenly wore his colleague before a week before, he walked for seven days, and finally waited until the male and male owner O was estrus forced to mark this key situation. 's arrival

Thank you, he finally recovered the single identity.

Although simply as a man is a high quality A, in this Abo world, Fei Fi cannot accept a boyfriend that needs to be worried about the other party.

Let the male A and the male master o will be so happy and happy, he will never appear to add them in front of them.

Hold your fist, the more the fifmers entered the dream, and the beautiful life after the dream is imagined, there is money and is idle, as long as you don't die, he can eat it in the book.

However, after a week, on the way to the dormitory under get out of class, Yue Fi met the brief and Yin Xinchen, who took his hand and came to him.

The combination of seven days is hot, the time is just right, the two is just from the bed? The fi fi is a step, and it will take a step back.

The book is Yue Fue is waiting for two people waiting for two days outside the building. I didn't expect that he didn't find it now. These two people took the initiative to find it.

"Xiaofei, I ..." Similaritically looked at the scorpion of the fidel, full of depression.

If you really regret it, don't pull Yin Xinchen's hand? Fi Fi has turned over white eyes in your heart.

"Don't say more, we have broken up, bless you two." Fei Fi lifted his hands and looked at the banner, and didn't want to be entangled with them for more minutes.

He remembers the original, Fei Fei as a flyer, dragging the same as a broken hand after this, and makes the sky, and finally tilting Yin Xinchen, and finally touched the male second-year-old, and the lower is extremely miserable.

Today's Fei will not do that stupid thing, plus him is not emotional, naturally, it is, the farther, the better, the two people.

Simply dumb, "Xiao Fei, I am sorry for you."

Files are quickly hoped: "Will not, it is worth it."

Yin Xinchen took his hand from simple and hand: "I didn't expect that day ... is my fault, fidile, simply like you, I will return him, just an accident, I will transfer to school "

Ferry: "..."

Do you have many friends?

"No, I am dirty." If you can't understand the people, he does not mind that the voices are translated into a beautiful language.

In this way, the opposite face is turned into green.

In this sentence, Yuefi turned and went to the land, and stepped into the dormitory building.

Walking slowly, he is afraid of being hit ...

Just entering the dormitory, the three roommates in the same bed looked at him.

"are you OK?"

They have just witnessed the full journey of the two-to-one.

Fipi nose, I feel inexplicable: "It's not good."

"Alpha and Beta are really unsuitable, this time, even if you learn, you will find a more suitable partner." Roommate comforts.

Fi Fi put down the bag, took out a thermos, and drunk the water in the cup.

"I am fine, as the saying goes, I have to live, I have to have a point in my head."

Three roommates: "..."

Unlike high-power electrical dorms, there is a common kitchenette every floor here, and the fidel is put down the insulation cup. Question: "Do you have dinner? I went to class, stew, stew It should be almost the same now. "

"I haven't eaten yet." Answer with the voice of the same sound.

This week, I didn't know if I was stimulated, I turned to torture them. Every day, I cooked porridge soup every day, I will kill them.

"That is eaten together." The Fi Fi is hanging on a good laugh.

He cooked very much.


In the evening, six eyes looked at the fidel to move out the foot bucket. He heard a sigh of sigh after driving in the foot, and finally couldn't help but ask questions for a long time.

"Recently health?"

The fidel brushes, the mobile phone is unhearthed: "Well, anti-stroke."