In the real world, Yuefi has been in order to work in the world. It has been in a row of nights, and the sleep time is less than three hours. After the two worships are unfortunately dying, they will wear a book.

At first, the fidel is still very happy to have the second life, but the stomach disease and the increasing spirit of recurrence of recurrence have made Vietnamese realize that the consequences of his in realities seem to be brought into the world. .

So the fidel has opened its own health everyday.

After the feet, he took the bed at ten o'clock, and fell asleep in the keyboard of the roommate. At 6 o'clock in the second day, I got up on time, and my roommate was often sent to bed. He quickly packed up, and immediately prepared to buy breakfast.

While healthy work, you should also have a healthy diet.

At 6 o'clock in the morning, the people who have breakfast at the canteen are less, even in this Abo world, the contemporary college students can't sleep in the morning, still doing this.

Of course, there is no exclusion of students who have pursued healthy people have been looking for a good location, breathing the early morning fresh air, smile, and eat breakfast while watching the news on the wall.

The fidel drops in the corner, soon solved the breakfast, then slowly returned to the dormitory.

When I arrived in front of the dormitory, my mobile phone rang.

Vietnamese fidel picks up, simple?

hang up.

But just hang up the phone, the fidel is headed up, and I saw someone who stands downstairs in the dormitory.

"Xiao Fei, I have brought you breakfast." Similarito one hand, raised the bag on his hand, the end is the sunshine.

The fidel is blinking, raising his mouth, keeps keeping, walking to him: "No, I have eaten."

Simply obviously do not believe: "I know you are still angry."

Fei Fi: "We have broken up."

Simply: "Then I will recruit you."

Fei Fi stun: "?"

Can you still do this?

Simply: "I don't like Yin Xinchen. If I can dominate my people, but I can't help my heart."

The fidel is close to the eye, how is the script that is simply?

"I won't accept a boyfriend that may be derailed secondary time." The voice of the Fi Fif is very cold.

Some excitement: "But when we intend to interact, you know that I am alpha, you still have to contact me."

Fi Fif is reversed: "Then you still say that you will not be marked with other people, the result?"

Jane also closed his mouth, this matter he really losses.

"Fei Fi, do you really love me?" Simply a deep eyes reflected in the indifferent face of the Fi Fif.

Fei Fi: "Once." Once the fidel love, the love, the love was ligated, only paranoid, harmful. And now the fidel, just want to change the original book ending, alone.

Simply tight lips: "Well, I will not bother you again."

Alpha's self-esteem makes him unable to breathe the tail, with his conditions, it is worth more intimate and better, better Beta and Omega, why bother to retain a sentence to a dochened Beta.

"I hope you don't regret it." The last sentence is simply turned away.

Fei Fi is biased, he didn't look at him again, and turned to the dormitory of the dormitory at the same time.

The distance between the two is getting farther.

Fi Fi kicked off the door of the dormitory, can't prevent it, a bunch of students who took a book and the meal card came out from the open door. Several people who were crowded in the front also hit a blew.

"Ah, it seems to be late."

"What do you eat in the morning?"

"Is there a clearance last night?"


When I want to cover, I am ringing in my ear, and the people have flocked, and the Fei Fei is standing in the same place, silent and looking at the sustain in the duty room.

The accommodation is coming out of the duty room: "I don't know why I am blocked at the door. I don't think that the door is broken."

She turned on the door and opened from inside: "Xiaofei, you don't come in?"


I can't call the accommodation, the aunt who has just seen the scene from the end.

Fi Fi raise his hand, holding his face, returning to the dormitory with the fastest speed.

His one is destroyed today!

Zhao Zhi brushed up the campus forum as usual, and the result is a bit of gossip.

The topic of Similan Yue Fi Branch, juited from the campus forum.

"I didn't expect simple and actually to save Yue Fei, and both of them are really good."

"Suddenly feel simple and pitiful ... he is not intentional."

"What is going on upstairs, Is Yin Xinchen deliberate?"

"Vietnamese is too ruthless."

"The upstairs straight A cancer is late? Ording is derailed, and the leg is a lame."

"The Fi Fi is handsome!"

"Alpha is not usually."


In the forum, the ABO standing is clear.

Zhao Zhiye opened the bed, and saw the fidel in the balcony than the strange posture.

"Ferry, what are you doing?"

The fidel has a circle in the chest: "Too too long, together?" "... can't."

Zhao Zhi looked at the other two closed bed blinds, there was no lesson in the morning, he still slept again!

On the way to class in the afternoon, Yue Fei obviously felt that there were more people around him, but no one was bother him, he could only block those curious eyes, concentrate on the class.

"I thought that the Fi will cry and seek to leave him, and then let Yin Xinchen die."

"He is really a broken hand? Isn't he chasing it? I thought ..."

"It is simply chasing him from the dormitory, you don't want to break up."

"Hahahaha, Yue Fi is too giving us Beta."

"That kind will only listen to A from the lower body, Beta is still with Beta."

"You said that I will confess me with Yue Fi, will he accept me?"

"Please, people don't know how you may promise you."

"Can't stay in love at first sight."

"Today I went out the mirror?"? "


The whispering whispering in the corners of the classroom, the professor on the stage is uninterrupted, and the PPT is read at a glance.

Yue Fii listened to the border, it is a person who has seriously listening.

In the real world, in order to make money, Yue Fi does not have time to learn to work hard. If it is not an unexpected death to this world, Fei Fei is going to make a break in the next semester.

I didn't expect money to have not earned it, and people died.

Those credores must regret him too much, after he died, no one can pay for them.

I can only bless them to find the old man running in advance.

The fidel, the thick eyelashes, the butterfly is temporarily closed, with the teacher's slow pages, the butterfly wings are light, the sun is shot from the window, squatting on the open space before the table.

Classroom, classmates, teachers, podium, slides, microphones ... is a long-awaited time.

"Hey, what do you feel now?" Listening to the gossip of the college student, even the ABO is divided into three factions, Zhao Zhi is falling on the podium, and the body is left down and the fiph is. Asked.

Yue Yue Yang's mouth: "The feeling of happiness."

Zhao Zhi fiercely turned his head to see him: "?!"

The professor on the coincidence station wants to find someone to answer the question, and he has swept the eyes.

"The classmate of the neck, see the blackboard? Get up and answer the question."

Zhao Zhi stalls the body, slowly returns to the head, but the ass is twisted on the chair: "Teacher, I ..." He turned around!

I didn't wait for him, I took the Fei Fei to stand up and replied with confidence: "We should stand on the owner's position and consider profit or loss ..."

When he answered the fullness, the professor was barely.

"Yes, there is a class, what is your name?"

"Fei Fi."

"Well, the usual results will be added 10 points."

Next, Professor had three people, and asked several questions, they did not answer us.

"Thank you, brother." Zhao Zhisong tired.

The fidel hook is eyebrows, ask him: "What do you feel now?"

"The feeling of happiness." Zhao Zhi took a shocked chest.