Yue Fijia is in this city, so I haven't lived in the dormitory on the weekend.

In the original book, the Fi Fife is also a faceful person in B City. He is a long family, and there is an Omega sister and an alpha brother.

In comparers, although the eldest son, he is often ignored during the family.

But he is not distinguished from a small life, in addition to learning the grades, there is not good, others are going to fight, and boyfriends are only willing to find alpha.

Therefore, when the fidel returns home, when you speak your own news, the more you don't believe it, the more you don't believe it.

"When you chasing the people, I thought you would wait for you to get married. What is going on now?" Yue Dad asked him.

Fei Fei: "He marked an Omega."

At this time, the dinner table is silent.

The younger brother Yuelo is comforted: "Brother, well."

In view of his greenery, a family did not ask his class in the evening. After finishing the meal, let him go to the building.

Feifei thought that it was able to have no worries from this, but did not expect the next evening, and the more dad came back to a bad news.

"One thing, I can't hit you."

Brothers and sisters stopped the tableware and looked at him.

"The company's fund chain has been broken for more than a month."

The sister is in the eye, and the sound is frightened: "Our family is going to bankrupt?"

The more dad saw her, nodded in pain.

Yue Ling immediately reddish eyes.

Fiyu stunned, he seems to miss anything.

Vietnamel: "Dad, there are some lucky money here ..."

Yue Mom: "Xiao Luo, silly child, how is your lucky money?"

Yuelo: "What should I do? Dad, have other ways?"

Yue Dad: "I didn't know how to open, but yesterday ..."

He looked at the fidel.

"I think a night, I still feel that I can try only this method."

Yuelo: "What is the method?"

"Your aunt said, Gu Jia is giving two sons to wake up the marriage."

As we all know, Gu E 2 is a beta, it is impossible to inherit the house.

He has just fallen, and the Break is crying. "Dad, I am not married!"

The more dad suddenly opened to soothe: "People don't want Omega."

The more spiritual crying suddenly couldn't over.

"Gu family's only requirement, blind date object must be beta."

Suddenly, the eyes on the dinner table have focused on the silence of fidel.

Ferry: "..."

Only him know, this truly blind date is not Gu Er, but Gu Jia Lao Sanwang, Gu Jia orthodox Alpha Heir.

"I am going." Fei Fei promised. I can't let my family bankrupt ... After all, he just passed, and he could not accept the fall of rivers.

In fact, the more and more than half of the dad, the company encounters difficulties, if you can go online with Gu Jia, not only smoothly, but also have a greater development, if you can't get online, you will not go Subcommittee. But he knows that it is true that Fei Fi will definitely not promise, can only fool him like this to give him a blind date.

Although Gu Er is not an orthodox heir, but it is a family of Gu's family, and it is not a good thing in the future. It is the best object he thinks about Yue Fi.

Nowadays, the fidel and simply break up, not the best time.

What is good results in Beta and Alpha together, he can't look at the fidel.

"Xiao Fei, Gu Er is really good. Tomorrow evening, Fu Yue Hotel, I let your mother give you a formal dress, you can grasp." Yue Dad is gratified.

Fei Fi: "Know, but if he can't see me?"

From the past, the fidel will not ask this question, he feels that he is the world's first excellent, can't see his people are eye.

Yue Dad: "Nothing, try your best, you easily, if you don't fit together, you are not a bad thing."

The fidel has helpless, how is this easy? Not to say that home is bankrupt?

He didn't remember this plot in the original book, just remember that the Yuejia parents were forced to marry the giants.

Nowadays, there is such a hard work behind the older parents to force the fidel to marriage.

The next day, in order to leave a good impression of the other party, the more my mother urged the fidel to go out, and the fidel is not in a hurry, and the leisurely spent half an hour in the nearby business district, he walked toward Fu Yue Hotel.

He knows that in order to test the blind date, Gu Wei will deliberately arrive late, so it is not anxious.

Sure enough, more than about 20 minutes, the service life leads to the predetermined position, and there is no one in the table.

Fi Fi is freely selected to fall, and turn his head to look at the night view of the window.

This high-grade restaurant is often coming, but it is a waiter. He has also said that he will have to come over with his colleagues. Experience the feeling of service.

Nowadays, the yin is in the past, the cowhide blows.

Just when he got outside the sky, the opposite empty position finally landed, and the fidel came back to God, and the turning should look at it.

So handsome ...

But it is just a moment, he quickly hangs down, stabilizes the heart, dry coughing: "Recruitment?"

The people in the suit, the eyebrows are sharp, watching Yuefi's eyes and cold, heard him calling themselves, and told it.

The Fi Fi's long phase is handsome in the school, but the lines are not exquisite, the contour is not as deep, but can only say that it seems to be comfortable.

At this moment, I don't care about Gu Wei's cold, and it is very pleasing to the menu: "What do you eat? Let's take it while eating."

Gu Wei took the table's hand softly buckled two times, finally the opening: "You point."

Fi Fi is not he, do two steaks and wine, and deliver the menu to the waiter.

"My name is Yuefi, my father and I said to be the same as Gu Er Shahong, I don't know why it will be Zang three less?" Yue Fi smiled and asked him.

Gu Wei's eyebrows: "Do you know me?"

Fei Fei nose: "I have seen it in Financial News."

Gu Wei: "If you see, people who really want to get married are me, my second brother is just a scorpion."

Fei Fi: "Can you ask why you are looking for Beta as a partner?"

Gu Wei: "Beta is more expensive."

You are really frank.

"In fact, I want to make a pen to do with you." Fei Fei chose a single knife straight, and the other party obviously didn't like it.

Gu Wei lifted the next chin and indicated that he continued.

Fei Fi: "You are anxious to marry, but don't want to be tired of marriage, so than Omega, I prefer to choose Beta, and I am willing to promise you, except for the reward, I don't want anything."

Gu Wei looked at him in his heart, but the face was not displayed. There is no doubt that the other party knows that his marriage is to inherit the family. He must get married, but he is not willing to be bound by a marriage, so he wants a partner with an agreement. After marriage, he cannot interfere with his life.

Therefore, it is better to choose Beta more secure, now he thinks that Beta is very suitable for choice of beta.

"Yes." Gu Wei got up, he was got up and looked at Yuefi. "After my assistance will contact you, you need to sign a protocol before marriage, what questions you have to say."

After that, Gu Wei turned and left the restaurant, leaving Yip Fei in the same place.

that's it? Do you even have a phone call?

It is clever at this time that the service is born with a steak.

Fi Fi raise hand: "There are two places to put this."