When Fei fi returned home, the more mothers were sitting in the living room to watch TV. Seeing him back, but the more my mother bowed on the phone and then reappeared on the fidel.

"Small fi, come, sit." Yue mother smiled and said him.

I know what she cares, and the fidel is not hidden: "Gu Shao is impressed with me, saying that I will decide on both sides."

He is telling the truth, and then signing the agreement, the marriage of the two can be officially ordered.

The more my mother greeted my eyes: "Really??"

The more my father who just came down at the building, I immediately asked the big voice immediately: "It's? Are you and Gu Shao Cheng?"

Fi Fi raised his hand to press down, indicating that two people were calm: "It is necessary to get along time."

The harmonious: "I know, our Xiaifu is so like this ... so spirit, Gu Jia's kid will definitely fall in love with you."

Fei Fi: "?" After this, he was confident.

"Dad, Mom, I am a bit tired, go up and rest." Fi Fi finger up.

Yue Dad: "Go, sleep early, have to eat well in the past few days, the spirit will be good, we can do a good date."

Fei Fei: "... know it."

According to Yue Dad's statement, in order to prepare for the whole body, Yuefi should be invited at home for at least this week, waiting for two people to stabilize and go to school.

Fei Fei has promised to agree, when you can learn, the holiday is invisible.

On the next day, the Fifi is being sent by Zhou Gong in the nest, and the mobile phone will move.

Flyer is ignorant.

The mobile phone was very bone, finally shocked himself from the table to the table feet.

One hand protrovers from the quilt, salvage the phone on the ground.

"Hey?" The fidel is closed.

"Hello, is it Mr. Yue Fi? I am an assistant of Gu total, about your marriage agreement, do you want to talk directly? Or I send you a mailbox first?"

Fi Fi is fascine: "Okay."

After finishing, I hang up the phone directly.

Another assistant: "?"

Soon, the fidel mobile phone resumes vibration.

Yue Fei frowned: "Hey?"

Assistant: "Mr. Yue, I sent you a mailbox, you can play this phone to find me, I am free to answer your questions."

Ferry: "Um ..."

Hanging up the phone, I didn't open my eyes again to sleep again.

At this moment, the assistant is just following the fullness of Gu Wei to look at him.

Assistant: "Mr. Yue seems to be sleeping, I will contact him later."

Gu Wei stopped.

The assistant is in his heart: "I will go to his home to find someone."

Gu Wei: "No, wait for him to return to you."

Assistant: "Okay."

Yuejia, Fei Fei has been struggling, and after the hard work, he will leave the bed.

Yesterday I thought about the marriage of Gu's home too late, mistakenly, the original sleep time, it will be late in the morning.

The new day of health starts from getting up early.

The hand just hit the bedroom door, the more the furtain flashed in the picture of the phone in the morning.

It seems to have forgotten what.

Open the quilt to find your own mobile phone, turn out the call record, the fidel is blooming, and the past is directly.

The other party quickly picked up.

"Mr. Yue?"

"Ah, hello, is it an assistant?"

"Yes, my name is Tang Yue."

"Well, Tang Assistant, I am sorry that I have some hypoglycemia, get up in the morning is not very good."

"Nothing, do you have any questions about the agreement?"

"I want to ask you to come out, this kind of thing will be unclear through the phone."

"Okay, you are very convenient, see where you are right, I have been looking for you."

"Or you said that I will go to you at a time, I am more free ... not, more freedom."



In the time of Tang Yue, I met the time in the afternoon, I took a shower in the Yue Fi, before going to the building and prepared to eat.

Other people in the family should go to work, the school's school, only the more mothers alone in the garden.

"Get up."

See him to go downstairs, and the more my mother returned to the living room from the backyard, and the aunt in the house gave him some eaten.

"First take your belly, then have lunch later."

After drinking the sweet porridge of Auntie, he said: "I have to go out, I am not eating at home at noon."

Yue Mom: "Is it a date with Gu Jia?"

Ferry: "Well ... is it."

"Then you come to changing clothes, this clothes don't show up." You are excited.

Ferry: "?"

Welcome to the eyes of the mother, the Fi Fi is open: "I don't change the time, I will go out first."


The consequences of stepping on the slippers on the foot is that Fei Fei is standing at the door of Fengmao Building, being stopped.

"The dress is not suitable is not allowed to enter." The security of the Yuefi is ruthless.

Ferry: "... ... I went in to buy a suitable clothes to change it?"

Security: "You can't go in."

Fei Fi: "..." The waver is over.

He looked back at the people around him and found that it was a suit and a fresh white-collar worker in the building.

No way, it seems that I still have a call to change the Tang assistant.

Fei Fi is going to leave Fengmao, but see a group of people in the building to go to the door, and force people.

In front of this group, it was the Queang, who had seen it last night.

"Gu three less!"

Fei Fei is very unprepared, raising the hand and say hello.

When the indifference, Gu Wei suddenly stopped, followed by his people behind him, and fell on the Beta of the student in the door.

"You go back first." Leave this sentence, Gu Wei will go toward the fidet.

Others are very natural, and only one young man holding a tablet is stayed in place, and the face flashes a disturbance.