"What are you doing here?" Gu Wei brows, a little dissatisfaction with the fideways.

Fei Fi listened to his unhappiness, but not understood: "Ah, I am here to find Tang Assistant."

I thought that Fei Fei came back to find her own Gu Wei, Tang Yuezheng stood behind him, and his face hangs apologized smile: "Gu's summary, Mr. Yue said to meet the agreement."

"You are the assistant, just, I just have to ask you to find you." Yue Fi heard the person's call, smashed the body, crossed Gu Wei to see him, then straight to the body, "Gu Shao, you The assistant gets off work? If there is anything, we will go first. "

Gu Wei did not move in place.

Tang Yue looked at his back in his back, and how did you dare to talk to the big devil? !

I haven't signed the agreement, and Gu Wei did not say that the agreement did not sign.

Job is another assistant, Gu Wei means that another work is handed over to Qiao Sila, Tang Yue specializes in the agreement.

"Okay, Gu Quan." Tang Yue point should be taken.

After the arrival of his own boss, Tang Yue's gaze fell to Beta, which is about to become a partner of the old agreement.

"Yue Mr., I met for the first time, I am Tang Yue." Tang Yue smiled and polite.

Four fidel is in the same temperature and courteous smile: "Just known."

Tang Yue's face is smiling: "Mr. Yue has come earlier than agreed, let's talk about it."

Vietnamese refers to his slippers: "Do you want to change a place? I don't seem to be suitable for it."

Tang Yue: "Nothing, Feng Mao is a reducing industry, you don't have to see."

So Tang Yue walked in front of the Yuefi, the two were unimpeded into the building.

I just stopped the defender of the Fi Fi, standing on the door, and I didn't see the fidel.

Fii is a footsteps of the building.

"Tang assistant, we went to the cafe in the intersection, I invite you."

Tang Yue looked back to his eyes, but did not ask: "Okay." After all, he is a complimentary partner, and the face is still to be given.

In the cafe, the two sits opposite.

Tang Yue took out the contract from the bag: "Have you seen the electronic file? If you have any questions or modified opinions, you can say that Gu has to discuss."

Fei Fi: "My requirements are three points, one is that my father's current capital chain has problems. I hope that Gu will help the company to get the difficulties; the second is that I don't provide a physical service; the third is the wedding, I will do it after I graduate. After all, I am still a student, thinking is low. "

The smile arc hanging on Tang Yue is unchanged: "There is no problem in the first point. The second three points I need to ask questions."

Fiki nod: "You please show it."

Tang Yue got outside to the outside.

The fidel is drinking oral coffee, looking at the people who have come and go to the car.

When I called Gu Wei, when he refers to the physical service, despite the mobile phone, Tang Yue can imagine the eyes of Gu Wei instantly cold.

"Tell him, you can." Toned, Gu Wei again, "gave my mobile number to him."

Tang Yue: "Okay."

Going back to Fei Fi, Tang Yue turned to Gu Wei, while half a half is dissatisfied: "When you just take care, you can do something and he said."

Fi Fi: "This, yesterday he said let you contact me, I thought he was deliberate to explain you, so I didn't ask."

Tang Yue was hung: "This is really my responsibility, you think like this."

The proficity laughed.

Tang Yue: "If there is anything that is nothing, I will bring it back to the modification, and I will send it to you before finalization."

Fei Fi: "Hard to you."

Tang Yue: "No, this is my job. There are still things in the company, then I will go back first. Mr. You are busy."

Faches: "Coffee is finished and then go."

Tang Yue put his hand: "Don't drink, you will see you again."

Fei fi is not retained.

From the café, Fei Fei did not go home directly, but found a park and sat down on the roadside bench.

The park in Work Day is not lively, and occasionally there is a woman who is pushing to the stroller, or the old man whose hair is white is slow.

This is a living world.

The fidel is so tone, and he has come to this world for half a month.

It turns out that he is thin, his parents are divorced. He is growing with his father. After the father owes the giant debt, he is missing, and he picks up all the debts in his family.

This world is now too easy. He has a happy family, and a relative family, a stable life ...

Until now, Fei Fi can't believe it.

Will he actually be the world of this world, the world outside the book is a dream?

When he thought about it, a familiar voice sounded and interrupted his thoughts.

"Xiaofei? Are you waiting for me here?"

Fideli is coming up, and people are not as simple as possible.

Why is it so clever?

"My family is nearby, you know that I often come here, but I will come over, you ..."

Not always finished, the fidel interrupted him.

"You should not be in the school today?" The person should have suddenly appear here, the accident is a fidel, and he doesn't remember that this is simple here, otherwise he will definitely not Come!

I heard the words, but it was simply realized that I was unable to face: "Do you know that I can't sneak here today? If you can't forget our past, why must you break up?"

Fei Fi has not come to his brain circuit, simply suddenly the top step, lift one hand and put it on the back of his rear chair, take him.

"Are you tormenting me, or torture yourself?"

"?" Fei Fi pushes him, "talking, don't move your hands."

This man does not get a false script, and the self-satisfaction is not followed by the basic law?