However, when I launched the brief, I saw a inexplicable figure that was not far away, and he stunned, and that is not Yin Xinchen?

It is still still staring at Vietnamese, I don't know what I have witnessed.

Ferry: "... Yin Xinchen!"

The shadow is fast disappears in the distance, the fidel frown, wait, Yin Xinchen is not misunderstood?

"You still have to chase it?" Fei Fi is a silly brief.

Simply twisted, Yin Xinchen's back is already awkward, he returned to the fidel: "Chasing who? You can't have me in your eyes? Why do you care about others?"

Yue Fiwu: "Yin Xinchen is someone else?"

"Why do you care about him even more than?" Just ask him, "Who is your boyfriend?"

Vietnamese looks at him.

Simple amendment: "Former boyfriend!"

Fei Fi: "You know that we have broken up, Alpha and Beta will not have a good ending together, I sincerely bless you."

When he came out, it suddenly suddenly silently took a moment, but he did not put the fidel.

"You used to be like this." It's like you don't know him. "You always say that Beta and Alpha have Omega, you are going to communicate with me, you don't live, but you look at you now ...... "

Yue Fei will look back at him without retreat: "I am a letter."

The fidel in the book is higher than the sky, but all this has changed after his alpha has a self-cultivation and an Omega hassle. The later fidel will die in the future, and it is unprecedented by the contest. If you can make a lifetime, you will make it, and the bias is also turned and the pity is fidiler Yin Xinchen.

More I love you, and finally can't agree with each other.

Beta can't smell the information, but the book describes the feelings of Yuefi.

[As long as Yin Xin Chen appears, there is no me in the eyes. He is bullied, he will violent, he cries, he will feel distressed ... people who affect all his emotions, no longer me.

Simply betrayed, smashing the belief of fidel, all of his insistence, the moment in every Yin Xinchen seems so ridiculous.

Simply dumb, good time: "I would rather you say that you don't love me."

Fifi cold face: "This feeling of betrayal is you."

... Simply unfair: "When did you become so ruthless."

Ferry: "It can be more ruthless."

After finishing, the fidel is greeted and does not fight, turn it directly to leave.

It is a slag that he hates his colleague and talks about the drama. The back of Yuefi leaves is slightly stretched. If it is simply chasing it, he really can't help people.


Tang Yue quickly issued the revised marriage agreement to the Yuefi mailbox, and the fidel is slightly looked at the eyes. After printing out, I will send him back.

So, the next day, Yuefi received a call from Tang Yue.

"Mr. Yue, please go to the West River Road at 9:00 tomorrow morning, and pay the marriage certificate with Gu Pei."

Faches: "Is it so fast?"

Tang Yue: "Do you have any concerns?"

Yue Yue thought it, it is estimated that it will only be happy after you know, and it will not be opposed.

"Nothing, tomorrow will tomorrow, what do I bring?"

Tang Yue informally told the precautions after hanging up the phone.

Fiya opens the door, come downstairs, and now there is only a mother at home.

Fei Fi: "Mom, I am married tomorrow."

The more my mother who is watching TV series didn't listen to: "Oh, you are getting married tomorrow, remember to go early."

Ferry: "?"

Yue Mom: "..."

"What? Are you getting married, and who is tied?" The more my mother saw him.

Fei Fi: "Who can I still?"

The more my mother is stunned.

Just thinking that the mother is not too fast tomorrow, it is not too fast, and the more my mother returns to God, and I have dial the phone to Yue Dad.

"Xiaofi and Gu Shang Cheng! I have to get married!" Yue mother's words laughed, the more my father said, and the more my mother looked up to Yuefi: "What time?"

Fei Fi: "... tomorrow."

"Oh, tomorrow." Yue mother got down, but immediately stopped, "tomorrow?"

The more dad of Dad leaks out from the mobile phone microphone.

"Tomorrow is so anxious? Xiao Gu is not to come home? Does he look for our home?" Yue Dad squarapened.

Fei Fi: "Is our home not need him to help? Wedding first."

The more you bombed: "What is the first to say, we don't let the family helping you so be bullied by them, marriage is a matter of joy, his family can't see us, we don't Drink, what is wedding, can not be. "

Fei Fi: "Then our family is going to be bankrupt?"

Yue Mom: "Bankruptcy is bankrupt, bankrupt, mother can't make you bullied."

Fiyu stunned.

The more dad's voice came from the mobile phone microphone.

"Xiao Fei, Dad is encouraged you and take into contact with Gu Quntong, although we need to help, but must be mutually beneficial, if they are not willing, we don't want to sell son."

Yue Mom: "It's all you, say anything about the company, give your son's psychological burden ..."

More my mother began to learn, the more dad.

Faches look at the more my mother, slowly blinking, laugh: "You don't want to come, he has to come to visit you, I refuse. I told him, let him come in the evening."

Yue Mom: "This is almost almost. I will say anything at night."

Yue Dad: "Your mother is right."

Back to the room, the fidel took out the phone to dialed the day Tang Yue to his own number.

Soon, the other party picked up.

"Gu total, eat it together at night."