After receiving his sudden call, Gu Wei responded very calm: "Reasons."

Fei Fi: "My parents want to see you."

Gu Wei did not refuse: "Yes."

"Would you like me to pick you up?" I thought that Gu Wei hesitated, I didn't expect him to promise him so quickly, so fidel proposing very intimately.

Gu Wei did not admire: "No, you can send the address to Tang Yue."

"Okay." Was rejected, and the fidel is not frustrated, the heart is, it is conveyed.

I know that Gu Jia's young master will come to the home to eat at home. After all, it is the first time. Yue Dad called the other two children in Yuejia, and the family sat in the living room in the living room, waiting for Yuefi future partner arrival. .

Wait for 7 o'clock, I found that the door is still not moving, it is already hungry, it is not very hungry: "Brother, where do you want to ask?"

Vietnamese is brushing a mobile phone to play games, he is looking up, seeing a family all looking at himself, after knowing the way: "Oh."

Soon, there was an end, and the fidel was watching the eyes of the family, asked: "Is it fast?"

Gu Wei: "Slight, Tang Yue, where is it?"

The Vietnamese I heard the sound of Tang Yue, and there is an intersection. "

Fei Fei: "Okay, I will pick you up."

After the hangup, the Fei Fei looked at his family in the sofa: "Let's go, I will pick them at the door."

I didn't wait to go out of the living room, and then I heard that my father suddenly opened: "Hey, I am a little tired, I will go to the door."

Yue Mom: "I am also, I went to the kitchen to see."

Vietnamel and Yue Ling: "Let's go to the door with Dad."

Yue Fi was originally thinking that he came out to pick up the word, the last result was a big banyan tree in the gate of the door.

Just when Vietnamese wants to take them, when people go back to the living room, they are now in the distance.

Waiting for people.

The pressure of the three pairs of eyes, the fidel is suddenly nervous.

It's not really married, not his true companion, is not his real family, what is he is tight?

Yang smile, Yue Fi is walking two steps, keeping the car slowly close.

Tang Yue came down from the driver's seat, opened the rear seat, and Gu Wei fell out from the car.

Fei Fi is standing in the same place, suddenly does not open a step.

Tonight, Gu Wei's wear is not officially officially official, and the green long windbreaker makes him look casual and easy to get close.

Repair the thigh, wide shoulders, the fidel looks at him, the nose seems to haunt a faint wilderness, he suddenly felt that his scorpion was burnt.


The sound of the low, the sound of the ears sounded, and the Yuefi had no reaction in an instant. This is Gu Wei called himself.

"Ah, look at ... , this is my family."

Vietnamese turns, introduced Gu Wei.

"This is my father, my brother, Vietnamese, my sister, Yue Ling."

"Hello, my father, I have long been coming to visit you, I am gone." Gu Wei polite and gentleman, completely did not have a cold in front of the fidel.

The more dad is in astaining point: "I came in and chatted."

Gu Wei followed the Dad in front, the fidel is behind, and the sleeve is accommodated by Vietlo.

"Brother, don't you be a beta? How is this ..." Yue Luo confused.

Fei Fei: "What?"

"How is an alpha?" Yue spirit is curious.

"How do you know that he is alpha?" Asked Vietnamese.

Yue Luo Hei he: "Don't you know if you have a message?"

Almost forgot this set of fidel: "... Oh, I seem to forget, this is not the second less, it is Zhejiang."

Gu 3 less? Gu Jia orthodox heirs?

Vietnamei and the Break two faces shocked: "But you are a beta!"

Vietnamese thinks about what reason is suitable for explaining an alpha and a beta to get married: "Well, we are true love."

Yuelo reminded him: "Do you forget simple things?"

Fiyu is not as good as it: "How is it more than him?"

The more spiritual looks at Yuelo, see him seems to be convinced, immediately advised: "Alpha is the same."

Yuelo: "? I feel that it is broken!"

Fei Fi: "You are still worried about me? Waiting for when you test the first grade of the school and then teach me again."

Speaking of the results, the two instantly, and a somewoman slag can clearly.

Due to the fideways, Yue Lou is pushing down the Lower Voli: "What is the relationship between our grades and my brother to form a partner with Alpha?"

Yuelo: "There is no relationship, but the big brother will not listen to us, we say no more."

Yue Ling: "Well, Mom and Dad will not agree."

Yueluo and Yue Ling just entered the living room, I felt that a person passed quickly from them, and she walked to Gu Yizhou.

"Uncle, I met for the first time, I have prepared some gifts, I hope you can like it." Gu Yidao.

Tang Yue put the gift on the table.

"The younger brother sister is also." Gu Wei looked at the two brothers who were standing at the door.

Vietnamel and Yue Ling played a sprite: "Thank you for your big brother."

After returning to the coldness of the Yuejia Parents, Yue Lou is pulling Yuelo's hand: "Brother, you feel no, just see our eyes ... I It seems to be thrown into the grassland and the lion face. "

Yuelo was also wrinkled: "Well, just at that moment, I feel that I seem to be in the deep desert."

Yue Ling: "... I am a little fear ..."

They are talking whispers, and the fidel returns to see it, shouting them: "Standing there to do a wall flower? Come and sit."

Yuelo and Yue Ling: "... well."

The two sitting on the sofa on the side of the fi, as if there is only the safest here.

"Gu three less, do you really decide to make a partner with Xiao Fe?" Yue Dad apparently recognized the true identity of the other party at the beginning.

"Yes, he is the most special person I have seen." Gu Wei did not accidentally recognized himself, replied calmly, and reached out and pinched the fiph of the fi, smiled at him.

Fii is spent with him, and I can't help but be amazed in my heart. I don't lie.

"Xiaii is only a beta, and it is said that I have never thought about find an Omega?" Yue Dad is a bit.

"I have an oath of my companion can only be Beta, so Xiao Fei is just right." Gu Wei's answer took place.

The more dad is very unexpected: "Why? Alpha and Omega are involved, we all understand."

Gu Wei said amazing: "Gu's family has a biotechnology company being developing this kind of drug, I think we can't succumb to the harbor in the gene."

The more dad suddenly dumb, and the living room was quiet, and it was obvious that people who heard this news were a little incompetent.

For a while, the more dad will then ask: "This research is licensed?"

Gu Wei nodd: "Do not compliance, is a high-level entrusted project, and has been planned to announce to the public tonight. If you open your TV, you should be able to see reports."

Only fidel in the scene is not surprised, because the book is mentioned.

At the same time, Gu Wei looked at the fidel.

Touching his gaze, the fidel stunned, then the reaction was reacted, and the TV was opened very well.

"According to the latest news, the official has entrusted the most advanced and most professional biotechnology team in China, which is expected to develop drugs that demonstrate Alpha and Omega from gene-free drugs in two years, let us wait and see."

At this point, the news broadcast station is scrolling this message.

After reading the news, the more dad finally believed in Gu Wei.

"This is too crazy, the voice against the opposition is definitely not small." Yue Dad is slightly tight, after all, if this is success, it will cause the life of ABO to the sky.

Facial fidel is not very concerned, because this study failed.

I don't know that the author is impossible to make this research success, otherwise this story will become a realistic direction rather than romance to the novel.

He is now in this novel writing tenet is that everything is blushing, all in love.

In the book, Gu Wei, as a super cow, at the same time, the boss of two men, it is not that high high is not as good, but in the original master, it is inevitable to have some intersection with Yin Xinchen.

A banquet, the original book, the fidel is removing the positives inhibitors of Gu Wei and Yin Xinchen, I want Yin Xinchen being marked by Gu Wei.

However, Gu Wei hates the feeling of pheromone control, and it is even more unacceptable to use pheromone control to make him marked an Omega.

So after this, even if you have a blind date, he also didn't stay, and the thunder's trip will completely completely complete the fi, forced the flying family to leave, completely trench.

On the one, Gu Wei is answering the doubt of Dad: "It is really opposed, but the support of the support is not small."

"Okay, don't make things at home, come over and eat."

Yue Dad didn't have a chance to say anything, more my mother has reminded the table.

Fei Fi also interrupted them: "Go eat."

He is not interested in this story.


On one night, I still have a happy life. Anyway, Vietnamese fidel thinks that the more dad, the more my mother is still very satisfied with Gu Wei.

"Tomorrow is on time." When the fidel sent Gu Wei, the face hanged a smile, and the gift is still in the scene to cooperate with the other party tomorrow.

Gu Wei looked back at him, but he was paused after the fidel.


Yue Fi thought that he immediately took into the car and left, but did not expect Gu Wei suddenly leaned around him. He stopped at the very close position from him. After toned, he returned to stand up.

The wilderness is again lingering again.

"Your family is behind."

Leave the last sentence, Gu Wei is sitting in the car.

Flying back, Yue Dad is covering the eyes of Yue Ling, and the face hangs a satisfactory smile, the more my mother rushes his thumb, the more brothers have no expression.

Ferry: "..." It seems that tonight is not bad.