The next morning, Yuefi went out, the home garage also stopped a few idle cars, the fidel in the book will open, but today's fidel will not open, after all, he didn't have time to learn the car.

In order not to reveal, Yue Fi is in charge of his mother, he should exercise, and step on the bicycle. That bike is still an aunt, I occasionally.

Put the car near the subway station, and the fidel bought a ticket, and the security inspection was skilled, and found a corner to sit down on the subway.

It seems to be a driver. Yue Fei is brushing on the phone.

When I arrived at the agreed address, I saw Tang Yue waiting at the door.

"Tang Assistant?"

Seeing him, Tang Yue busy greeted: "How did you get this point?"

Fei Fi: "Oh, change the time."

Transfer? Tang Yue stunned, but did not study: "Gu always waiting for you, let's go in."

Fei Fi: "Okay."

Going to the lobby, Fei Fei immediately noticed Gu Wei, who was sitting and other people, compared with two pairs of couples, Gu Wei appeared extremely.

Gu Wei also noted that Vietnamese, got upright and got up and walked toward another direction.

Files are busy.

"where are we going?"

Gu Wei: "Register."

Unlike other people who queue in the lobby, Fi Fi is obviously probacular with Gu Weijin, and the staff is waiting for them.

"Gu, trouble, you and your partner are entry according to the instructions."

Fi Fi is sitting in front of Gu Wei, watching his fingers swim in front of the screen, and put it on the display of yourself.

It took half an hour, and all procedures were complete.

There is a staff in the middle to lead the Vietnamese to go to the other room alone, to prevent fraud and stressful situations.

"Even if you really want to investigate, it should also be investigated that there is no fraud of fraud, isn't it?" Gu Wei said with a versatile.

Fei Fi: "..." I didn't expect this to think that the three is so thick.

However, the whole fi is not talking, people let him do what to do, really doing the two words of "cooperation".

Leading the certificate, and a group leaving no nausea.

The gate, the fortune asked Gu Wei: "Say, don't I have to see someone else?"

Gu Wei: "Do you want to see?"

Vietnamese feels that he misunderstood: "... just want to prepare in advance, afraid of your business."

Gu Wei: "Tell you in advance will."

Fei Fi: "... Oh, then I will go back first."

"Where?" Gu Wei looked at his eyes with a faint unambiguous play.

Fei Fi: "Go home?"

Gu Wei: "After the collection, I will return to my home, your family will not doubt?"

Fei Fi: "Yes, then I ..."

"In the last two months, you live in Nanwan Xiangshi, with you after two months." Gu Wei decided.

Faches: "South Bayiang County is where you live?"

Gu Wei did not speak, Tang Yue, one side, busy: "Mr. Yue, yes, after all, you just get the certificate, or you need to live for a while to let the outside world."

Fifeworthry: "Two months?"

Tang Yue looked at his boss look, nodded: "Two months."

"Well, but my luggage is not clean." Fei Fi reluctantly agreed.

Tang Yue: "You can rest assured, there is anything in Nanwan inquire."

Fei Fi: "OK, I have a full-time driver, I want to talk to my family, but you just reminded me, let's get a certificate now, it seems that I will open it with my home."

When Gu Wei is completely capable of burning the Vietnamese Due, it is better.

Gu Wei nodd: "There is what you need to say to Tang Yue."

Tang Yue: "Mr. Yue, you can rest assured, tomorrow, the driver is in place."

Fei Fi: "Thank you, the car is there."

Tang Yue: "That ..."

If he didn't finish it, he was interrupted by Gu Wei: "Take him to my garage."

Tang Yue: "Okay."

Fiiyou eyebrows, some accidents: "Thank you for the summary."

Soon, the three were separated, and Gu Wei was taken away by another assistant. After returning to the company, Tang Yue took a fidel to South Wanquan.

"Gu always is really good to you." The car, Tang Yue chatted with the Fi Fifer, I want to try to take the relationship between myself and the other party, to facilitate the future work.

Fipi nose: "Gu is indeed a good boss."

"Do you take care of the boss?" Tang Yue had some accidents.

Fei Fi: "Otherwise?"

Think of the agreement between them, Tang Yue does not agree, but it can only attach: "Also."

Fei Fi: "This is also a colleague, although the work content is not too the same, there will be a lot of care."

Tang Yue, of course, will not float because of the one or two of Yuefi: "You are polite, I am trouble you have a lot of attention."

"Happy cooperation." Verbi laughed.

Tang Yu smiled and didn't respond.

The Fi Fif and Total is called cooperation, but he also listened to the general directive, and can't afford to cooperate.

Tang Yue suddenly felt that the fidel is not simple, it is still a college student, but it seems to always hide the front when talking to himself, and it is not afraid to face Gu Wei.

Usually, even the expressions of Gu Wei saw that he would not consciously bow his head, and the words speaking.

Only the fidel will not be very small, and the attitude is free to greet him.

And Gu Wei also contracted it.

For many years, the life will make Tang Yue understand that he is not perfunctory with Fi Fi.

So I learned that Gu Wei intends to let Yue Fei to live in Nanwan Xiangshi, Tang Yue is ready for all daily necessities.

After knowing his arrangement, Gu Wei only nodded.

The next day Tang Yue received a monthly salary, accidental discovery than a lot of money, asked the personality, it is a bonus of Gu Wei.

So Tang Yue understood, for the affairs of the fidel, the better the more we do.

Later, he thought, after all, Fei Fei is always completely inherited, and it is not too much.

The Gu will handed this to himself and explained his trust. He must not let Gu total disappointed.

Fi Fi, I don't know how to turn thousands of times in Tang Yue's heart, look at the scenery of the windows, and suddenly have a blurred plan.

Waiting for these two months, the big three school year is over, he wants to step for a year, and go to each place to take a look.

He farthest before death is only to the provincial capital, and now all obstacles do not exist. He has to live again. Life, let's play, if you can, it is best to talk about sweet love.

South Bay inquire is very fast.

Tang Yue took a fidet, and after all the introductions in the room were completed, he was ready to return.

"What are you talking to me again." Tang Yue hangs a decent service smile.

Fiki nod: "Not missing, thank you."

Tang Yue: "You are polite, this is what I should do. Today, take a break, I will take you to the car tomorrow."

Faches: "Yes, don't hurry."

Tang Yue left, the fidel is turned around in the room, and eventually stopped in front of the open bathroom door.

Gu Wei, this person is really boring.