After visiting all rooms, Yuefi returned to the first floor living room, and called the Mother called.

"Mom, I don't go home at night."

"... You really got a certificate?"

Fei Fi: "I will take a look at you?"

Yue Mom: "Okay."

Fei Fei: "... I will send you later. I should live here during this time."

Yue Mom: "Do you really do not help?"

"Waiting for me to graduate and then do." It is said that the wedding is said last night.

More my mother said that I can't say a concern: "You didn't make people cheated? Is that people really Gu Jia Master Gu Wei? Have you seen his ID card?"

Ferry is laughing: "Dad can't always be mistaken. What do you think in the whole day?"

Yue Mom: "I am not worried about you."

"Good mother, don't worry, I am good, you and Dad said." Yue Fi Road.

Yue Mom: "Okay."

Hanging up the phone, Yue Fi will send a marriage certificate to the more mothers.

After doing all this, the fi is backwards back to the sofa, looking at the high ceiling, launching a stay.

There is always no real feeling.

Just married a book in a book and a piece of paper, this is what he has never thought.

Life is really full of unlimited possibilities.


In the evening, Gu Wei returned to Nanwan Xiangshi, and he opened the door, he heard a fragrance of food.

When I went to the living room, I was sitting on the floor of the coffee table, and the crayfish was peeled with a movie while hand.

"You are back. Did you eat dinner?" Yue Fi greets him.

Gu Wei: "Not hungry, you eat, I still have to work."

Dedicated to the building, Yuefi didn't think soally.

In the middle of the night, in the bedroom, Gu Wei suddenly opened his eyes.

The keen five senses belonging to Alpha let him notice the people who are approaching the door.

At this time, in addition to him, only the beta.

Gu Wei did not get up and closed his eyes.

His door is not locked, he will see what this beta is going to do.

However, things that he imagined sneaking doors happened, and the fidel sounded his door directly.

"Gu total?"

Gu Wei opened his eyes.

"Gu total?"

The call outside the door is not broken.

Gu Wei kheard the bed.

The fidel is in front of Gu Weifang, and holds a fist in the stomach and holds the door in one hand.

Finally, the door was opened from it, and the fidel came up and saw Gu Wei from the darkness.

The eyes of Gu Wei are looking at, and the fidel is apologized.

"I may, I need to go to the hospital ..."

After that, Yue Fi wants to stand up, but he didn't expect to be black in front of him, directly down at the foot of Gu Ying.

Gu Wei was very unexpected, but he did not hesitate, immediately kneel down the people, see him with cold sweat, pale lips, knowing that Fei is not joking.

"Tang Yue, come over and drive to the hospital."

In order to facilitate the needs of Gu Wei, Tang Yue lives in a very close place, picks up the phone, and drives the car in the first time, and greeted the hospital in advance.

So he sent people to the past, everything was ready, and the seamless connection took the past.

"Gu total, I am here, you will go back to rest first."

Tang Yue looked at the silence of silence to wait for the doctor to check the results of the doctor's examination.

Gu Wei looked at him, did not speak, Tang Yue also did not open it.

Soon, the doctor came out, went to Gu Wei, said: "The patient is gastro, plus hypoglycemia, is relatively weak, people have woke up, this is a little bit. His main body is not good, pay attention to Supplement nutrition, regular diet, develop a good work habit, eat less irritating food. "

Gu Wei immediately remembered the spicy crayfish that I saw when I came back: "Well."

Tang Yue is tone, nothing is good.

"You take care here, and report it at any time." After that, Gu Wei got up.

Tang Yue: "I will send you back."

Gu Wei: "No, the car key is given to me."

Tang Yue is handing over the car key.