Yue Fi didn't expect himself to enter the hospital, open his eyes and see Tang Yue, and apologize: "Sorry, trouble you."

Tang Yue: "You are polite, the body is important."

"I am here, you can go back to rest." Yue Fei Road.

Tang Yue: "You don't have to worry, Gu has always been arranged, I am outside, what is needed, you told me."

Since it is the arrangement of Gu Wei, the fidel is also inconvenient to say anything: "That, trouble you."

Tang Yue: "I am not in trouble."

Tang Yue quits the ward, Yue Fei wants to think, give Gu Yala.

Faches: Thank you today.

After waiting for a while, Gu Wei did not reply, and the Fiji remembered that now is now close to the early morning, Gu Wei should have a rest.

When you sleep until you sleep, the phone that is resting on the pillow suddenly shook it.

Yue Fi is awake, open the phone, and find that Gu Wei returned to the information.

Gu Wei: Well, there is something to treat Tang Yue.

Actually didn't have a rest? Some of the fidel is surprised.

Fei Fi: Ok, it's very late, you have a break.

After waiting for a while, Gu Wei didn't return, it seems that this time is really rest.

The fidel put the phone back to the pillow, tossing for one night, he is also sleepy.


The next day, the fidel returned to Nanwan Xiangshi, and he was returned to him, and he knew that there is a aunt with cooking. At Chen Ayi, I changed the stomach and tonic nourishing of the pattern every day. After a week, Fi Fi finally recovered.

At this time, I came back this evening, and the fidel called him, and he discussed back to the school. His roommate just told him that this week had a courses. He didn't go to the test.

Gu Wei naturally did not have opinion, just reminded him that two people's dinner have been arranged to make the Yuefi vacant time.

"Oh, then I told my parents in advance." Yue Fi said to call back, but he was raised by Gu Wei.

"Your father, my mother, I have already played in advance, you don't have to play again, I will remember to leave time, I will let Tang Yue go to your school to pick you up." Gu Yidao.

The fidel puts down the phone and nodded. Although some unexpected Gu Wei will take the initiative to contact their parents, think about the changes in the identity of the two now, but he is too seen.

"Do we need it to give a little in advance? When you have a question, you can't answer it." Fei fi actively cooperates.

Gu Wei: "No, you just don't say that it is forced to be forced by me."

"Well?" Yuefi heard a little, noted the play of Gu Wei, and he reacted that the other party was joking, with a smile, "Not forced, it should be a collimal."

Gu Wei fell to the stairs leading to the second floor: "Well, you don't have to talk, I can cope it."

Seeing, Feiyu knows that there are two people today's dialogue is ended, so they have no topics.

Gu Wei saw that he didn't have other problems, he looked back and returned to the second floor.

This house is too big, unless I deliberately in the first floor living room, I will not necessarily see the next time in a few days, it can be said that it is similar to the relationship between friendship than the friendship room.

The dinner table is aunt to give Yuefi porridge. Yue Fi just originally wanted to ask if he didn't eat it, but he didn't seem to have this meaning. dinner.

I don't know if Gu Wei is eating. It is never dinner. This week, he didn't see him in this house, but the family cooking and cooking, it will not be avoided Let yourself? ……really weird.

If you don't want, the fidel doesn't want to, the approach takes place in front of him is his most headache.

It turned back to the school in the sky, and the test in Friday, he still hugged the Buddha for three days.

"what are you doing?"

In the dormitory, the three rooms surrounded by the fidel, watching the books of the store, notebook and pen, three faces.

Ferry: "... review."

"It seems that I am really not awake, you don't have this kind of dying thing before." Roommate Zhao Ziyue shook his head.

Ferry: "?"

"Forgot you, do you have a first-haired beam cone, a week's results?" Zhao Zhiyi's face is not taking the expression.

The other two roommates work together: "I have three doors at the end!"

Ferry: "..."

Zhao Zhi: "Do you review time? It's better to play games with me, or go to run the ball to exercise."

Fischeng snorted: "...... I have to be shameful in this period."

Zhao Zhi: "" Is it in the case of two more than two treasures? "

...... Fame looked back and smiled: "Well."

Three roommates are awe with: "Heroes, come on."

I ate a meal in Nanwan inquire, suddenly returning to the life of a Japanese causing rice, and the fidel is inevitable to have a little difference. There is no appetite at dinner. After the next get out of class, Yuefi did not go to the cafeteria, directly returned to the dormitory, and continued to fight with knowledge.

Finally, when he consciously reviewed a sense of rhythm, the ringtone rang, Tang Yue calm.

The fidel will pick up the phone in one hand and still explain the question.


"Mr. Yue, I will give you a meal, but the booth does not let me go, can you take it?"

"Dinner?" Fei Fi frowned, "I didn't let you go to feed."

Tang Yue: "It is Gu Hi, don't you just don't do it? Still want to raise."

"Gu Wei?" Fei Fi is surprised, "Then you will wait, I will find you."

Flying the fideway, I saw Tang Yue who stood on the door at a glance.

He approaches Tang Yue: "How do Gu always let you give me a meal? You didn't listen wrong?"

Tang Yue: "How can you go out that day, he deliberately told you, but also specially invited aunt to Nanwanxiang County to take care of your diet. Today he told me back to school, I think he should be worried about you are The school is not good, this is not, I let the aunt do a good job, send it to you. "

Yue Fii will pass the letter to the lunch box in his hand: "You thank you for your time, you don't have to send it later, I can eat it in Monday to Friday."

Tang Yue: "How can this?"

Vietnamese interrupt him: "Really ..."

Tang Yue quietly waited for him to continue.

"Are you misunderstanding? Gu always only tells you that I am coming to school, so that you can't contact me, I don't let you buy meals."

Tang Yue: "It is impossible."

Fei Fei: "Then you said that you have made you specialize in me to give me a meal. What do you need to do? Do you not know what?" What is it? " It's always likely to suddenly like him?

Tang Yue was asked to have a face: "I will of course be clear! Gu total think this week, of course, because the two people must meet this week, your body can't have any problems."

The atmosphere has a moment of solidification.

"Cough and cough ..."

After listening to his explanation, the fidel is sloppy, and he is pulled by his mouth.

"You have reasonable."

"I have received the food, let's go back."

Tang Yue's words were there, Yue Fi convinced, he closed the meal, turned and planned to return to the dormitory.

"How do you cough, wear more clothes, be careful not to catch a cold." Tang Yue is concerned behind.

Flying fidel hooks him.

"Reassured, I am healthy and healthy at the weekend."

In the dormitory, the roommate saw the luxury lunch box he came back, the soul of the gossip, and he went up.

"Who? Specially give you a meal."

Yue Fi suddenly: "I am not a stomach disease in my past, my family is delivered."

"Oh -" The roommate don time, and it was scattered.

Facial fi opens the lunch box, it is a taste that has been familiar with the past week. The stomach that has been silent suddenly has a feeling of hunger.

After taste the fresh seafood porridge, the fidel opens the phone and gives Gu Yizhang.

No matter what Gu Wei is because of why, Tang Yue gives himself a night, he should thank him.

Fei Fi: Thank you, my dinner. image

For a long time, Gu Wei replies: [positioning]


Gu Wei: The house near your school, three meals can be eaten in advance and cooking aunt, and it is convenient to stay.

Fisher eyes bright.

Looking back at your eyes or watching a live broadcast or playing a game, you will get back to him.

Fi Fi: I have lived in the past tomorrow.

Gu Wei: Yes.

I want to think about it, the fidel supplement explains: I want to be quiet and prepared, the dormitory is a bit noisy [smile]

When he is fighting the word and Gu Wei to vomit roommates to play games, the news of Gu Wei has returned.

Gu Wei: What is needed to say to Tang Yue?

...... It's another sentence, the fidel reflects that you shouldn't have more mouthfuls, after all, Gu Wei is definitely very busy, where there is time and he .

Delete the words, Yue Fi is decently driven: Ok, thank you.

It is necessary to grasp the inch of the two, and some challenges are still challenged to Vietnam.